Bodybuilder vs. Powerlifter Strength Warriorz 2k19 (eng. sub)

Ladies and gentlemen, A 9-minute limit and four exercises in a row. We’ll start with
a 180kg squat for 10 reps. Followed by a 130kg bench press. Also for 10 reps And when the chest, shoulders and legs are already burning Deadlift 200kg for 10 reps Then when there’s no more oxygen Lactate everywhere And all you want to do is to sleep We’ll add a little bit of push pressing 80kg for 15 reps Does that sound good? Dear Swiss I asked you If that’s gooood?! Where are you up there?! Alright then On the left side 24 years old Marcel from Heidenheim With 8 years training experience And with a 1RM Squat over 300kg On my right From Slowakia Only 19 years old And already a 1RM of 270kg Deadlift I’ll predict him a bright future He wants to prove you that his agedoesn’t matter Rene! Are you ready!? Then let’s start the countdown 5 4 3 2 1 GO!!! Is there someone who bench presses more than 200kg? No more oxygen saturation Can you finish it? Common! 15 reps 10 reps left for Marcel And 15 for Rene Will he be able to catch up? 5 reps left for Rene And 3 for Marcel He wants to finish it 1 2 It’s ok I’m sweating more than the athletes Great battle! A round of applause first They had an amazing performance And in the end, just because of 2 reps A huge comeback of Rene But the winner today is Marcel Congratulations!!!

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  1. I have an idea for the channel, an international duel, choose someone from one country and another and put the exercises, that they record themselves doing the tests and send them to you for editing and thus open as another tournament, greetings from Mexico

  2. This would take off just like Strength Wars (I think a lot of people miss it) if there was English spoken or at least subtitles.

  3. This seems unfair when the crew behind You have to change weights from squats to bench press. This should be prepared earlier, so the only factor that means is the strenght of competetors not few guys behind.

  4. Welcome back Strength Wars in the new version! Many thanks to Danielle Pauli and the crew who restarted it! Best strength show on YouTube and great motivational material for all who enjoy lifting!

  5. He Tim bring doch mal parr Strongmann Disziplinen mit rein in die Battles! Z.b Atlas Stones auf reps oder Deadlifts mit der achse würde das ganze noch mal etwas mehr interessanter machen.😁😊

  6. Sehr starke Leistung 🔥
    Von beiden aber Marcel ist halt ne klasse für sich.
    Wenn er uns im Gym Besucht fehlen alle 20er und 25er im gym 😂

  7. Absolut geiles Format, habe mir auch erst alle Strenght Wars Folgen rein gezogen. Danke, dass ihr es in dem Format weiter macht. Aber nächstes mal bitte nicht umbauen und wenn nicht so lahmarschig, denn der 19 jährige Krieger war deswegen stark im Nachteil!

  8. Marcel vs Faceless. Marcel könnte wirklich ein ernstzunehmender Gegner sein. Technik, Kraft und Kondition sind ähnlich wie beim Faceless ausgeprägt.

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