Bodybuilding Exercises : Bodybuilding: Standing Zottman Dumbbell Curls

What I’ll be performing here is the standing
zottman dumbbell curls. Again, just like all traditional dumbbell curls, but instead what
you’re going to do that’s different, is you’re going to turn your wrists inward and your
palms facing down when you’re going towards the downward motion. After, at the bottom,
you want to switch it back, curl it up, and then again, twist your wrists with the palms
facing downwards and bring it down. You want to continue this motion about eight to ten
reps and you want to do about three to about four sets of this exercise. You want to get
a good pump and continue this motion as long as you can until you get a good pump. And
that’s how you do the zottman standing bicep curl.

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  1. @Slufsbastian He's not too cut up so he looks off season, but his gut is still a bit too big (possible insulin abuse). Even for a natural, no lat development. It's not likely he's natural, but he's still behind the competition.

  2. He gives no explanation as to "why" one should do this exercise. It is because he doesn't know why. He is uneducated. He is an embarrassment to all good instructors. Doing the eccentric portion of the movement in a fully pronated position doesn't really make sense. If you wanted to emphasize your brachioradialis, you should do the eccentric part of the lift with a neutral wrist position. DO NOT FOLLOW this guy's advice. He is clueless, and you will learn nothing.

  3. @IIGREENDAYBFMVII Even if he was "ripped" (which he is NOT), how does his percentage of body fat have any correlation whatsoever to his level of education, or ability to articulate what he knows? The answer, dumbass, is that there is NO correlation.

  4. @GeneralParadigm
    Yeah I've been using zottman curl more than any curls, and it fells incredible. Needs practice for the perfect form, else you'll risk wrist injury. esp with heavy weights. Perfect exercise for biceps, triceps and for strengthening the wrist. A big salute to Mr. George Zottman for his great exercise =D

  5. FINALLY found out what this exercise was. Heard it was one Bruce Lee's faves a long time ago and was reminded of it reading an article on Vince Gironda's 8×8.

  6. @tarbis Fine exercise, but you dont use your triceps in this one… your biceps works eccentric when lowering the weight.

  7. this exercise was more popular in the 50's, 60's and 70's. It worked all the flexions of the elbow and was one of the main exercises bodybuilders use to build their bicep. if you ever do them, you'll see why.

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  11. Yeah, because while you're talking and demonstrating, you want to be lifting the weights to your full potential. Of course he's using light weights for demonstration. Pick a weight that is tough for you to hit 8 rips and this one is a killer. A nice variation on the standard bicep curl that works several muscle groups in one exercise.

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