Bosu Ball Exercises : Bosu Ball Exercises: Side Plank Lateral Raise

Hi, I’m going to demonstrate how to do a modified
side plank on your elbow and forearm, on the Bosu ball with a lateral raise combination.
So come on down to the ball, you want to take your forearm straight across the ball, you’re
going to be on your side. You’ve got a couple different variation’s here, you can either
bend your bottom knee or you can straighten your leg. You can either do heel to toe, or
you can stack your feet on top of each other. Stacking your feet on top of each other is
going to be a little bit more challenging, so just find where you’re comfortable. I’m
going to show you modified first, drop down to your knee, you’re on your forearm. Take
the hand down to the ball, you’re going to use a five pound weight, eight pound optional
if you want to go a little bit heavier, but five pounds will be plenty. Lift straight
up, bring the arm up, bring that arm down, you don’t want to rotate back into your movement.
So keep your forearm straight down on that ball, thumb up towards the ceiling, relax
the shoulder. Draw the arm down to the ball, lift the arm straight up. If you need to modify
this, tuck the elbow to your ribcage and just do an external rotation move. This is going
to work all the way across that shoulder, so it’s going to go exhale up, inhale down.
Taking it up a level, feet are straight out, relax the shoulder, lift it straight up. Now
when we get up to this position, you’re going to feel a lot more work in your obliques,
which is the side closest to the ball. Inhale and exhale. So things to think about: forearm
goes straight down on that ball, thumb up, 90 degree angle, shoulder needs to be strong,
lift the body up, hips are stacked on top of each other, if we were to take a rod it
should go from hip straight down to the other, don’t let your hip rotate back. Once you find
the stability, grab your weight, lift straight up and down. Try not to open up the chest,
we’re just drawing that arm up and down opening the chest could pull the shoulder back, and
put a lot of pressure in your lower back. If you want to make it more challenging, heel
to toe, or stack your feet, so just find that comfort zone, lock in your core, lift and
lower. We’re going to repeat six to eight repetitions, two to three sets. It’s a lot
of work in that oblique, so make sure you stretch it out, you can lean away from the
body and let that muscle stretch. Or you can take that arm overhead and do your side stretch
here, let that open up. Repeat another two to three sets. And that is how we do a modified
side plank with a lateral raise.

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  1. Try this with your feet stacked on another Bosu. Do a hip lower/lift and hold, rotate into the prone position and hold a full plank for as long as you can.

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