BOSU Ball Exercises – Calgary Gyms Workout of the Week #3

Shane: Hi. Welcome again to the work out of
the week. I’m Shane, your friendly neighbour personal trainer. What we got here today is
we got a BOSU Ball. Now BOSU Ball means both sides up. It’s a half semi-circle half-moon
ball. Great for stability. What we’re going to do is we’re going to do two exercises
here; one for the leg, one for the legs and core. Now what’s going to happen is we’re
going to lunge on, lunge off. Some Bosu Balls tend to slip on the surface of the rift. You
can put a weight in front of it to make sure it doesn’t slide, but if you’re stepping
on top of it there’ll be no movement in the ball whatsoever. The lunge that we’re
going to is as you step on it, flat foot drop down, kick off. Take that leg all the way
back and away you go. Now this is a great muscular endurance exercise. Total body, total
lower body work. Great rep work about twenty. Then switch the legs as you step, try to keep
90 and 90. Now that’s kind of a rule of thumb to keep a nice, safe distance. You can’t
change the angle o f your lunge. Best thing to do is talk to your trainer and
see what works best for you. From there, we’re going to do a BOSU Ball get-up get-down. Start
yourself nice and close. Sitting onto the ball. As you sit, extend the core out. Come
back up and pop yourself up. Down you go, hold, and come back up. Now, if you pop yourself
out and you’re experiencing any pain in your lower back, possibly too advanced for
you, so what you could do is you could just have a seat, work with a basic crunch, hands
in or hands out. Work yourself up from there. Then if need be you can add the get-up get-down.
Thanks for watching the workout of the week and we’ll see you next week. I’m Shane.

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