Branch Warren’s Back Workout at MetroFlex Gym

hey guys Branch Warren here iFBB pro
bodybuilder gasp athlete so we did our back workout today here at the
original Metroflex gym in Arlington Texas start off with some shrugs dont have good big
thick traps man you have a little skinny chicken neck you know so uh me
personally I don’t want to look like that so I’ve always trained traps uh you know I
think they aid you if you’re doing deadlifts things like that
they definitely aid you I also man you’re doing heavy squats man they help
you too because gives you this nice little cushion to support that bar man so
it’s not resting on your spine then from there we went to Incline the
supported t-bar row which is one of my favorite back exercises I’ve been doing
that exercise for 20-plus years I prefer it over normal t-bar rows because
it’s uh you can isolate your back and you’re still getting all the benefits of
doing a t-bar row without getting the lower back and everything else into it I actually did a set after my drop set
just because I was really I was feeling it my back got really pumped and uh you
know I don’t um I train by feel a lot of times I always have an idea of
what the workout is gonna be when I get to the gym but you know I adapt as I
go and I felt I wanted to do another set because I felt that last set so good
so I did a set went down to four plates and did 20 reps you know we went to one arm rows went
heavy you know 12 reps you know I don’t uh believe in
neglecting any muscle man I don’t want to have unequal development so that’s one thing
from a very young age I didn’t want to have great body part I wanted to have a
great physique most of the best body builders are known as great body
builders you think of Lee Haney you think wow he’s a
arguably one of the greatest of all time him and Ronnie they had great
physique you know the best legs of all time tom plattz but he didn’t have the
best physique of all time and so I was very much aware of that at a very
young age I knew that you needed to give equal time to everybody part I’ve been using basically these same machines
for 20-plus years you know some of them even longer and I came in here in 1992
that’s when I started training it in here as a kid so most of these machines were here
been here since but there are some new ones but they’ve all been here for a long time there we did the incline pull-downs
which is an isolation exercise typically that’s something I would do when I was
competing as I got close to a show you know that incline really gets that upper back
you can feel your lower lats everything if you do them right you don’t have to
go heavy you know only using maybe 100 pounds but you really get a contraction and squeeze
a good stretch we use 100 pounds you don’t need much weight you know it’s not
about that it’s about you know getting a good stretch coming all the way down to
your chest with the bar and really get a good squeeze and contraction you’ve got to learn how to contract those muscles for me like I mentioned
before you know learning how to feel my back when I trained it was the hardest
thing and probably the last thing I learned in bodybuilding you know I
started very young and those first couple years man I had a hard time feeling my
back you know usually I’d feel my arms I’d feel biceps my arms would
get blown out from gripping the bar and I never I never felt my back as I was
supposed to in the beginning once I finally developed that mind-muscle
connection into my back then I would get my back just as pumped as I could my quads
or a chest or anything else so takes a little time you got to really
concentrate on it the way I did it back in the day when I would do a row I
wouldn’t pull with my hands I don’t think about having a hook on my elbow
and just pulling with my elbows as soon as you pull with your hands you think
about that your biceps engage and then you’re gonna feel in your biceps so by
just thinking about pulling back with your elbows as soon as you just pull back from the elbows the lats engage from there we went to the probably the
oldest machine in the gym that seated a plate loaded row machine I don’t know
if you can see in the video man I think that thing has been broke everywhere a
machine can be broke it’s been welded back together more times I can remember
I’ve been at war with that thing for 27 years and we we both have a lot of scars
on us but we’re both still going man so probably my favorite piece for coming in
the whole gym it’s old and beat up but so am i but I still got a lot of gas
left in the tank you know by doing lot pull-downs at the
end we don’t go heavy go a lighter weight you know just really try to
isolate the lats and squeeze and finish the workout off thanks for watching be sure to
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