A tiny dachshund taking on two huge hounds in a tug-of-war battle earns applause from the internet.

In it cute clip shared on TikTok by user MandyA (@mandya1226), her Great Dane Finnigan and her Old English Sheepdog Murphy are engaged in a game of tug of war, with each dog tugging on the end of a chew toy.

Refusing to be left out, his mini dachshund Ginger walks over and chews on the middle of the rope. Despite her small size, Ginger tugs aggressively on the chew toy, giving it her all.

A Dachshund playing tug of war
A file photo of a dachshund playing tug of war with a chew toy. Miniature dachshund Ginger refused to let her size stop her.
Luckat/iStock/Getty Images Plus

She’s so small that her little legs come off the ground, but she keeps hanging on as her brothers pull the rope from one side of her owner’s living room to the other.

In the video’s caption, MandyA describes Ginger as a “mini dachshund who thinks she’s too big.”

“These are my airheaded dogs,” he wrote alongside the post. “They’re all the best of friends!”

According to Leigh Siegfried, CEO and founder of the dog training center opportunity barkingit is common for small dogs to behave like “big dogs”, especially among certain breeds.

“As humans, we tend to view dogs based on what they are capable of,” he said. news week. “But all dogs, regardless of size, have a need to express their inner doggy.”

The dachshund’s name translates as “badger dog” in German. According to the American Kennel Club, the dachshund appeared in Germany in the 17th century and was bred to hunt badgers…in their den. “Trapped in tight tunnels, relying on his own wits, the Dachshund needed to be independent, fearless, and not a bit feisty,” the website writes.

A “standard” Dachshund, the original form, can weigh between 16 and 32 pounds on average, with its short legs ideal for digging. The mini variety, like Ginger, rarely weighs more than 11 pounds. Dachshunds may now be popular pets, but they haven’t lost those ferocious instincts.

“They still have that drive,” Siegfried said. “Dachshunds don’t think they’re a big dog, there’s just so much ‘dog’ in that little body.”

Animal lovers adored Ginger and her determination, and the tug-of-war battle received 1.8 million views.

“When you couldn’t decide between getting it small, medium, and large,” Sadie quipped.

“That’s a random array,” erinandjuan agreed. “I love that they include her,” commented Terra Regula.

“My money is on the little one,” said The Fox and Her Hounds. “Dachshund has big dog energy,” wrote user 5919386889091. “What a big sass in a small package,” Stormey Dreamer said.

“I’m pretty sure Ginger rules the house!” commented Elizabeth Nagle939.

news week contacted @mandya1226 to comment via TikTok.

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