BREAKTHRU Fitness Testimonial – Best Gym in Pasadena

– What’s up, guys? Dave here from iOgrapher. I’m so excited to share with you today a little video that a good
friend of mine named Phil Dozois. He owns an amazing health
club here in Pasadena called Breakthru Fitness. In fact, it’s one of the best in L.A. They’re constantly winning awards. They have award-winning teachers there. It’s just a great place to work out. It’s changed my life dramatically. But he used the iOgrapher a few years ago and has just kept using it,
and I never really looked into what he was doing with it all. But he’s just made this amazing video, and I just wanted to share it with you. So let’s take a look at
how Breakthru Fitness uses the iOgrapher. (upbeat music) – I think the best thing about
the iOgrapher that I like, is the multiple uses that
I can get from one product. So obviously, I have
the, you know, the case and I shoot a lot of my video, all of my fitness tips,
all of my workout videos, I utilize that, because I
can attach the microphone. I can use a lens, which is,
again, just the simplicity of being able to pop my
phone in and clip on a lens makes the product really
really good for me. The other multiple uses we
have is, at our front desk, we use it to hold our iPads for check-in. Instead of creating a permanent station, we’re able to clip it
into the front and move it and charge it, so we really like that. And then, in our cycling classes, instead of having a whole, sort of setup for just an iPhone, we can clip it right to the
bike, it’s super stable. I can move it around a little
bit, so that I can see it. It just makes the whole teaching
experience a lot better. So I’ve been using iOgrapher
for a number of years, and it just helps me, as an entrepreneur and a business owner, make better film. Hi, this is Phil, and
welcome to Breakthru Fitness. Het guys, Phil from
Breakthru Fitness here. Hey guys, Phil from Breakthru Fitness– Hey guys, Phil from
Breakthru, we’re gonna– Hey guys, Phil from Breakthru Fitness– Hey guys, this is Phil
from Breakthru Fitness– Hey guys, Phil from
Breakthru Fitness, so– Here’s your training tip– Here’s your fit tip– Welcome to Breakthru
Fitnes, my name is Phil, and here’s your fit tip of the day. – So that’s the video. Wasn’t that a tremendous video? It just makes me so happy
to see our products in use in just different ways. And I’m just thrilled that
they did this video for us. How do you use your iOgrapher? Are you doing anything
incredibly different than it’s made for? I mean, I’d love to know
about all these things. Leave us a comment below, let us know what you’re
doing with the iOgrapher. And now let’s stay tuned to see who won the Vmic Mini contest we
had in the Vmic Mini review. Here we go, and good luck. We’ll see you next time. (upbeat music) – [Dave] Okay, let’s see who’s gonna win the Saramonic Vmic Mini. So, I go up here and I
copy the link to the video, and then we’re gonna go to
right here, the comment picker. And if you haven’t seen the
comment picker, it’s pretty fun. So, I’ll just press that,
and I’m gonna go in here, and we’re gonna press
Command + V, and here it is. It’s gonna get rid of duplicate users, and we’re gonna get the
comments, so there we go. And good luck, we’ve
got 59 unique comments, and now I click on Start the Raffle, and pick a random winner, so here we go. Good luck! And it’s looking around
for different names. What if it picks me? ‘Cause I just saw iOgrapher, that’s funny. And we’re gonna have a winner,
it’s Stephen Bordenkircher. Bordenkircher? Sounds greater. Bordenkircher (laughs) Stephen, congratulations,
you are our winner, and we’re excited to get
you the Saramonic Vmic Mini. Please get in contact with
us at [email protected] We will hook you up. Congratulations! Everyone else, we’ll be
back for some more giveaways in the next video. Take care.

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  1. I have use the iographer for my ipadpro 9.7 on my Joby Gorilla Pod, GoPro Jaws Flex Clamp, tri-pod and a monopod. Im always finding different ways to use it.

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