He’s one of the most Iconic symbols of strength
and power at just 135 Pounds. Today we’re going to take a look at the legend
Bruce Lee. And more importantly I’m going to show you
guys how to start training like this guy. What’s up guys, Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM Look I don’t care who you are or what kind
of facebook page you have, if you put a picture of Bruce Lee up with one of his famous quotes, you’re damn near assured to get a lot of likes
and shares out of that. Why? One word guys, it’s Respect. Bruce Lee is one of the most Iconic athletes
of all time. And I say athlete, this is a guy that basically
represented all that there is that’s athletic. He had strength, he had power, he had agility,
he had quickness, right. And he did this all with a body weight of
just 135 pounds. And was able to achieve some feats of strength
that guys twice his size, cannot. So what I thought guys, was why don’t we dig
into Bruce Lee’s training a bit to look at some of his major principles. Because there’s really no singular workout
around of Bruce Lee’s because it’s all sort of shrouded in mystery. There’s a lot of pieces, but nothing that
spells it all out. that I believe is accurate. I think a lot of that stuff you see out there
is not accurate. It’s just a sort of people anecdotally putting
up blogs and videos. So what I want to do is look at his training
principles. Because that’s what he even said himself that
he relied on, so we can get some really solid foundational things for you guys to start
focusing on, to see what it’s like to start training like
an athlete. To start training like Bruce Lee. Ok, so let’s get that kick started right now. Ok, so let’s get the first principle here
underway and that is Using Tension to Your Advantage. Bruce Lee used to say that Tension Creates
Control it Doesn’t Prevent It. Now guys, if you remember the videos that
I’ve showed you here about our energy leaks. And how important it is to plug those energy
leaks when we’re trying to generate strength and power. Then you’ll know exactly what he was talking
about. Watch me do this clip here of a pushup, standard
pushup, right. The key here of being able to have more strength
in the pushup is to plug the energy leaks. Meaning you have to make sure that all of
your muscles are engaged, that there is tension throughout all of your muscles. People think that tension is a bad thing because
they look at it in that negative sense of the word but in weight training, tension is
a great thing. You want to tighten up your glutes. You want to tighten up your shoulders. You want to tighten up your low back. You want to tighten up your quads by straightening
your knees. That allows you to do some pretty amazing
things. As a matter of fact, Bruce Lee was known for
his finger and thumb pushups. So even if I tighten everything up here, now
I’m going to have a shot at being able to do those. Not as good as Bruce Lee of course but I’ve
got a shot because I’ve got much more efficient energy transfer from my toes all the way to
my fingertips by plugging up those leaks. Making sure my whole body is tense and therefore
making the power transfer up and down throughout my entire body without any loss. That’s the key guys. Next up, we’ve got to look at the ISO Tension
Principle. This is something that Bruce Lee used to incorporate
after exercises to do a few different things. As guys who watch our stuff here at ATHLEANX,
we know some of the values of time under tension, right. Extending sets, adding length of time that
the muscles are under tension is one of the best ways to make them grow. Bruce Lee knew that by incorporating extended
tension in the form of ISO Tension, is a great way to get those muscles to respond. You can see what I’m doing here, this would
be the exact move that he would do following his pushups. So basically as he used to note in his journals,
he would find some way to engage, not just the chest, that’s the key guys, because it
takes it to another level here. Again another principle of ATHLEANX, maximus
muscle interaction. Getting muscles that prefer to work together
to work together. So in this drill here, I’m engaging chest,
triceps, shoulders, Isometrically. Contracting as hard as I could. To not only creates more time under tension
but to also make those muscles work together. But also to create a very important mind muscle
connection. Alright reinforcing your control over your
muscles was key to Bruce Lee’s training. And it’s key to whatever you’re doing guys. If you’re trying to be an athlete, you can
obviously see how important that’s going to be. But even if you’re not, it’s going to be very
important for the ultimate development of your muscles. Number three, this is a great one guys. because
it underscores one of my biggest pet peeves. One of Bruce Lee’s as well, he said, Never
Lift a Weight you Actually Can’t Lift. Now this goes guys, back to his principle
of Tension. And wanting to have to muscles, be Tense,
right. And most of the time guys will make a mistake
of saying I want to get that weight from point A to point B. And not care how that weight
gets there. And that’s a big big problem. Especially if you’re trying to develop muscularity.. See what Bruce Lee used to do is he used to
enforce the fact that he was in control of the weight by adding certain things to his
exercises. He had a particular exercise that’s called
the Barbell Launch Curl that you can see me demonstrating here. Where he would basically curl this weight
up to the top and then launch his arms straight out in front of him. Now guys, I think I’ve read where he’s been
doing that or was doing that with over 110 pounds, 120 pounds. That is absolutely insane. That’s something that I am not going to be
demonstrating for you today. Because I can’t do it. But the fact of the matter is, he was in control
of that weight and he wanted to prove it. If he wanted to curl it, he could curl it. If he wanted to launch it out, he could launch
it out. If he wanted to hold it out there, he could
hold it out there. If he wanted to bring it back in, he’d bring
it back in. The fact is guys, his muscles were in control
of every single thing he did. And that’s something you should start to learn
from. Make sure that you’re not just letting your
ego push the weights and drive the weights that you’re using. Let your muscles do the talking, alright. Lift that weight up using the contraction,
the muscles you are intending to use. And again, bring the ones in together that
like to work together.. Chest, shoulders, triceps, bring them in and
let them work together. But make sure they’re doing the work and you’re
eliminating the momentum. And I’m telling you, not only would Bruce
be happy but I would be too. No discussion of Bruce Lee’s training would
be complete without addressing his Ab Training. As a matter of fact, this is a guy who is
known for having one of the most incredibly powerful and carved out mid sections. And it’s because of the high priority he placed
on them. Matter of fact he said, that you have no business
sparring unless you have Abs of steel. So this is another reflection guys, of what
we do here at ATHLEANX. I place an incredibly high importance on Ab
training. Realizing that the core is literally at the
core of everything we do. So much so that the guys that have our program
can tell you, when you get it you get an ability to create a new Ab workout every single day
at the touch of a button, through our Six Pack Promise. Because I believe in frequent Ab training
and it’s importance just as Bruce Lee did through his daily Ab workouts. Yes Daily. He used to pay attention to some aspect of
his training for his Abs every single day. Whether it be just through standard sit ups
or the more difficult version that I’m showing you here now. The Dragon Flag is no doubt one of the most
Iconic exercise examples of Bruce Lee’s Ab training. Alright but it’s also one of the hardest. So how are you going to get yourself from
doing whatever the level of exercise you’re doing now to this? You’re going to have to train. You’re going to have to train frequently. Because these Abs and core muscles are Postural
Muscles. They’re used to training and firing all day
long to keep you upright. Right, they’re involved in everything we do,
rotation, antirotation, controlling rotation, decelerating rotation. We want to make sure that we have these muscles
as strong as possible. And we’re going to get there guys by starting
to incorporate a more frequent attack plan on them. Again with the Dragon Flag though here is
you can see how it underscores yet again his importance he plays on controlling total body
tension. No matter what exercise he was doing. And in this exercise with the weight of gravity
forcing your legs down and you having to counteract that every inch and
every step of the way to prevent your low back from going into extension, that is a damn demanding exercise but another
example of just how powerful this guy was. But an inspiration for you guys on how powerful
you can be. If you start attacking your ab training the
right way. Finally one of the most overlooked aspects
of any training program but one that Bruce Lee did not, and that is the importance of recovery. Guys you know where I stand on this. Getting away from the gym can sometimes be
the best thing for your muscles because that is where repair and muscle growth occur. Here we break it down, away from the gym we
repair. Matter of fact, Bruce Lee knew this as he
said, If you’re going to make great demands on your muscles then you better be able to
repay that through proper nutrition, supplementation,
sleep and rest days. Notice rest days, meaning he would get away
from the gym. Now we talked about his dedication to Ab work,
but beyond that guys he was making sure that he was spending time away to allow his muscles
to recover. Another thing he did was focus on supplementation
and prioritize it. It showed in his journals how he used to focus
on protein supplementation, high quality protein supplementation to be
an adjunct to his proper diet and nutrition. And I say that to you guys all the time as
well. Don’t think that you’re going to go take supplements
and you can go have a bad diet or nutrition approach and think you’re going to get great
results. Right, supplements when you have a great nutrition
plan can really help to accelerate your results because you’re putting in place those final
pieces, that really can take you, it’s an exponential
leap that you can take from here to here when you have everything else in place. That’s something that he did, that’s something
recommend to you guys, explore if you feel you’re there. Secondly, cross training, right. He made sure that he wasn’t always pounding
away at strength training, but he was doing conditioning. And then strength training, and then swimming
and then jumping rope, and then his Ab work again, right. He would have a multi disciplinary approach
to his training. And that’s another thing that I really reinforce
here with ATHLEANX guys, that you can start to see that we sort of
like to train like athletes, right. And that’s what we say that Bruce Lee was. We have the same approach. We mix in our conditioning with our strength
training in such a way that we can maximize our volumes without leading to over training. Where we can build muscle and burn fat at
the same time without over training. Or we can follow a sensible eating plan that
you can actually follow. These are the important concepts. These are the things that he believed in. Finally he was a student guys. He thoroughly researched his own training
and nutrition effects. So as he would implement something, he would
learn from that. And I try to institute that guys with you,
each and every week with these videos. I try to give you examples of things that
you can incorporate and see your own results. Ok, I’m not trying to force down your throat,
things that I don’t think work, guys. Everything I ever suggest to you, I suggest to you based on my experience using
it with other guys,.And making sure that it’s safe and effective. And that’s again guys, leads us all back into,
all the way that Bruce Lee trains. Like an athlete. What I always preach every week . And that is, let’s get you guys doing the
same exact thing. If you want a step by step plan to do it, then head on over the ATHLEANX.COM right now
guys and grab my 90 day training program. All this stuff is covered, right. All these ideas and concepts that we went
through here with Bruce Lee are basically spelled out day by day in that program right
there. Because again, Bruce Lee was an athlete. I have a high respect for athletes and all
the demands that are placed on them to get to that next level. And that’s what I’ve always wanted to do for
you guys as well. Get you guys to that next level, no matter
what it is. Wherever you stand right now, I’m going to
get you to that next level by being your coach through my program. Through the nutrition, through the supplementation,
through the core work, through the strength training, through the conditioning to get
you guys to that next level. So if you haven’t already guys, head over
there, grab that program. And in the meantime, leave your comments below. I’m sure much respect for Bruce Lee, let’s
all hear it, right. The guy deserves it, he’s been gone for a
long time. But like I said, guarantee thumbs up and likes
on this guy anywhere on facebook because he earned his respect. Alright be back here soon with another video.

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