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[TAP FOR SOUND] It’s Matt Santagapita, Santa Knows Best
and for this episode of our #BusinessOfTheWeek. we’re down here at BPM fitness.
We’re going to check out what Colin’s up to. So Colin, let’s just jump into it.
What is BPM Fitness? So BPM Fitness is a gym primarily,
but we are downtown London’s holistic fitness studio. We were founded by Eddy Phimphrachanh,
who also founded Thaifoon Restaurant and Lavish. So we basically provide this atmosphere
where people can come in and within 45 minutes they get their warm-up in,
their workout and the cool down. What’s the difference between
regular fitness and holistic fitness? Great question. I think anybody who’s in the holistic community will have
a different answer to what that means for them. So holistic fitness to me
is about the whole person. It’s not just about losing weight
or even it’s not just about getting fit. But it’s really about using fitness as a means
to improve somebody’s overall experience with life and with themselves. So then what makes BPM Fitness different
than other fitness studios? For one our size.
So as you can see, we’re a fairly small gym. We promote health and all aspects of your life,
so mental health, emotional health and physical health. So what programs do you offer here? At BPM fitness, we do group training primarily
as well as personal training. So within our group training classes we operate
boot camps, yoga, movement and mobility workshops. In that group setting, they can feel connected with a community, a lot of people exercising alongside them. We also offer personal training if somebody needs
that refined kind of customized program development We can do that as well
to get people a little bit closer to their goals. So who are you?
Who’s Colin? I’ve battled with that for a long time
throughout my life. I have a background in massage therapy
as well as kinesiology and personal training as well. So tell me about your journey
and why you got into fitness. Yeah, so I got into fitness actually a pretty young age.
I was around 16 years old, I was constantly bullied, so I wanted to kind of change my body, you know?
I wanted to feel strong, I had an experience where my father passed away
at a young age and he was not a very healthy man, so it really inspired me to change my health and look at fitness more in terms of how can I live
a healthy, long and happy and strong life as opposed to just bodybuilding
to mask over my insecurities. From there, I kind of started dabbling into
emotional health and emotional well-being because I was feeling so good from exercise. Now I inspire others to look after their own
physical, mental and emotional well-being. Matt: Alright, so Colin, let’s hit the gym, do some stuff.
Colin: Let’s do it. Alright so we’re gonna do the ring pushup.
So for this one you’re gonna have the ring by your sides, so the forearms are gonna go to the inside of the rings
and then you’re gonna just slowly lower yourself down in the bottom of a push-up position. Keep those rings nice and close to you,
keep the elbows in tight and then you can lower yourself down
and use those muscles to bring yourself up and that is the ring pushup! Alright, so next we’re gonna do a box jump. The most important thing with a box jump
is to land with your feet fully on the box. So safety first, kids! So as you jump you want to make sure that
your heels are fully on the box. Matt: If I fall on my face, do I get a prize?
Colin: Try not to fall on your face. Alright…
[Pump up music swells] Colin: Beautiful! It’s fun! Wee! Look at you go!
Matt: Not something you do every day but yeah, I mean you feel it, you feel it in the legs Colin: Oh take your poison. Insert catchphrase here. Nice! There you go! You got two posts on the other side
so you can just leave there turn around, come on back. Matt Santagapita, Santa Knows Best,
and for this #BusinessOfTheWeek interview, we’re down here at BPM Fitness with Colin,
learning a little bit more about what they’re doing here. Matt: Colin, thanks for having us!
Colin: Thank you! Thanks guys for coming out! For more, check out SantaKnowsBest.ca/BusinessOfTheWeek!

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