Calisthenics Leg Workout (Follow Along)

What’s up elite Thenx athletes. I’m Stefan Heria and welcome to another
video of Official Thenx. Today I’m gonna be taking you guys through a calisthenics leg workout you can do anywhere with
no equipment needed. (electronic music) There are many benefits
to training your legs like burning more calories as some of the biggest
muscles of your body make up your legs. But most importantly, building strong and powerful legs will help reduce injury
in your daily activities like running, bending
and lifting heavy loads. Many lower body exercises are compound exercises that elicit the help
of other muscle groups to work together to complete the exercise, like your abdominal muscles
or your back muscles. If your goal is to build
a well-balanced physique you should definitely
incorporate leg workouts into your workout regimen. For today’s workout, we’re gonna be using the Thenx App, and if you don’t have it you can download it in the Apple Appstore or Google Playstore. Once you have the app downloaded go to YouTube Workouts, click today’s workout, calisthenics leg workout follow along, click start workout, and lets’ begin. The first exercise is 50 lunges. (electronic music) All right. When doing this exercise
you wanna make sure that you reach 90 degree
angles at your knees, your knees also don’t pass your toes, you keep your core tight, chest up, and back straight. Generally, I’m gonna be taking
about a 30 second break. You guys should take as
much time as you need. But if you feel good, let’s go on to the next exercise: jump squats, 40 times. And remember, if you
ever run into an exercise you don’t know how to do, simply click on the move
and watch the video. Let’s get right into it. (electronic music) All right guys, when doing this exercise you wanna make sure that your heels are firmly planted on the floor at the bottom of each squat, and your hips reach at least parallel. This exercise is more taxing on the
cardiovascular system so if you need to take
that full or longer break, go ahead and take it now, but I’m gonna move on
to the next exercise. And we have, 30 Bulgarian split squats, 15 on each leg. Let’s do it. (electronic music) All right, this is a great exercise because it isolates each leg and works on your balance and control. In the beginning you might find yourself struggling with the balance component
of this exercise, but you could start off by using assistance like a wall or chair for support. So with that said let’s move
in to the next exercise. We have 20 step ups, 10 times on each leg. Let’s go for it. (electronic music) All right. If you don’t have a box, you could always use a chair or a bench. Just make sure it’s stable. And you can always place it against a wall for extra stability. So now let’s move on to the last exercise, we have 10 box jumps. Let’s go for it. (electronic music) All right, when doing this exercise make sure that you choose
a stable surface and height that you feel you can do comfortably but still challenges
you to keep progressing. So that’s the last exercise of round one. You wanna do two more rounds before pressing complete workout to finish this routine. Thank you guys so much for watching. If you like this video or
it helped you in any way, definitely smash that like button and share this video with a friend. And comment down below what you want the next video to be about. And if you want more workouts like this, head to become a member, and get full access to all our programs, technique guides and daily workouts that are gonna have you in
the best shape of your life. Download the Thenx App in the Appstore to take these workouts with you everywhere and join the millions
of other Thenx athletes changing their lives today. Remember, we post every
Sunday, 8pm USA Eastern Time, and if you comment within
the first 30 minutes of any upload, you always have a chance
to win some Thenx gear. Again, thank you guys
so much for watching. And I’ll see you next Sunday. (electronic music) (electronic music) (electronic music)

100 Replies to “Calisthenics Leg Workout (Follow Along)”

  1. Last time I make Box Jumps my feet socks against the wall of the Box and after that my

    Cinnamon socks against the edge and it hurt a lot 🙂

  2. Do you also hate the feeling before a leg workout but then you love yourself afterwards? It's such a great feeling if you fought through it. Awesome workout by the way!🔥🔥

  3. I'd like to see static streches that people should do after these exercices at the end of these videos or a seperated one. Sometimes i find myself streching muscles that i didn't use or streching in a wrong way.

  4. Hey chris if you see this i want to tell you something if i download your app and start working out by your app for 1 month Will it help me lose my belly im asking you this because i was downloadind 30 Day workout apps and it didnt work

  5. 5:30 in the beginning you might find yourself struggling with the balance component of this exercise, but you can start off with assistance using a wall or a chair
    i used both and still collapsed

  6. Yo I have a really bad Ingrown in both my big toes, I need things that I don't need to press on my toes, what's the best things?

  7. So at the end of the video, with the advert for Thenx gear, the women have to wear tighter clothes? Don't get me wrong, I LOVE this channel. I was just a little surprised. As a woman, I wear a sports bra, t-shirt, and loose, but slim at the ankle, yoga pants. I don't need a tight half top and skin-tight leggings thank you very much. So there, naaah!

  8. Can you make a leg day workout that would benefit someone who plays basketball, soccer, American football, and runs track?

    I need more explosiveness and endurance

  9. quit smoking and started eating healthy ( following the OMAD fasting ) for 21 days so far lost 1.9 Kg currently im at 101 kg and my goal is 83 – 85 Kg . i wanna get in shape like you guys , you are so inspiring =) (im saying that and this is the third video i watch of your channel) . keep doing you , i believe many people appriciate you . much love from tunisia north africa and don't wish me luck I GOT THIS ! will update if someone wanna know ^^

  10. How can I get the music which is used in this video plz………
    It's osum to listen. …
    Plz help me …..
    I want to listen it again and again. ……

  11. Wouldn't mind seeing Team Semi on this channel as a guest. A good circuit video. He's a beast. I asked him if he thought about it and he said pin his channel.

  12. Bro what happened to the mobile app? You used to be able to listen to the ThenX music in it, but now the music is gone. What gives?

  13. OOOH gracias hace tiempo que no veo una rutina reciente de calidad para piernas. "Si no es así avísenme"

  14. Been watching a lot of videos lately but it hard to do some of the workouts cause my hands and arms are the only a part of me that’s disabled but that ain’t gonna stop me fam btw I’m 23 and think of me as a raptor lol 😂😂

  15. Any chance you guys can do variation forms video for people who are injured but need to workout to strengthen the areas. My lower back is botched but im told to workout to strengthen the area to support it. Its either this or surgery, but im not injured enough to be forced into surgery so i want to try my best to work out first.

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