Calves Workout For Mass: No More Chicken Legs! (Weak Point Training Ep. 1)

I would say my weakest muscle group next to
– I don’t know, maybe my triceps is probably my calves. For whatever reason, it’s so hard for me to
stay consistent with my calf workout, so I set up this calf workout where it’s not its
own workout it’s something you can do after you do shoulder day or chest day. It’s a little 15- minute workout routine,
four different exercises that you’re going to get a killer calf pump. I’ve got a few really outside-the-box tips
of how you can develop. So my calves definitely not one of the strengths
of my physique, but also not too shabby. I remember I used to be obsessed with working
out my calves when I played basketball because I thought there was correlation between having
really strong calves and jumping higher, so I think in high school my calves are probably
bigger than they are right now. But I’m going to definitely put in the work
on the calves try to bring up that weak point. And you know what? I don’t care that it’s a weak point. I love having weak points because it just
allows me to just have an insane level of motivation and drive trying to bring up that
weak point. I know back in the day, it used to be like
shoulders. I got obsessed with working on my shoulders
and now it’s one of my strengths. I’m hoping that a year from now, that guys
see my physique and they’re like, “Holy shit, that guy has some monster calves.” I want to motivate you guys to work on your
weak points, so let’s head to the gym and knock out this calves workout. Got the leg press calf raise. This is by far my favorite calf exercise,
so what you want to do with this one, the trick is you want to really push off on your
big toe on each foot. So a lot of guys are pushing off on the outside
of their foot. You want to push off right on your big toe,
so feet about shoulder width apart, slight, slight bend at the knees. Get a good flection in your ankle. It’s also really inspiring view because it
makes your calves really small at this angle. We’re going for a high rep here. You want to get anywhere from like 12 to 15
on this one. Get a good hold then I jump over here. Do straight-up isometric hold on this. Once again, go off your tippy toes. Keep reaching. Keep that mind-muscle connection. Just squeeze the shit out of your thigh. And that’s a wrap. So go on like 12 or 15 there. Try to go for a 30 second hold and you will
get a killer calf pump. Next up we’ve got the seated calf raise machine. Standard machine, pretty much every gym. Once again, you want to make sure you’re going
off your toes. I see a lot of guys do this and they’re off
the side of their foot. And if you just think about it, if you’re
pushing off right here, you’re only really feeling it right here. So the whole point is if you go off your big
toe, you want to feel it right in the center of your calf. So with this one keep in a good stable position,
going off my big toe and we’re going to do a little trick at the end. This gym is humid as fuck guys. The AC broke in this gym earlier this morning,
so I’m feeling dehydrated. So really just trying to channel my mind-muscle
connection right here in my calf. I did about ten then flexing and holding it
in the very top position. Try to go for 10 – 15 seconds here when you’re
fatigued, just hold it at the very top. Holy shit. And that’s that. So you go 10 to 12 reps. And make sure you go off your big toe. Hold it at the very top for 10 to 15 seconds
and let’s move on. All right guys. We’ve got the Smith machine calf raise kind
of mimics a donkey calf raise machine, which they do not have at this LA fitness. What I did here was I just put a little Reebok
step up. Just like every other calf exercise, we’re
going to focus on pushing off on our toes. So get to the edge of the box here and go
down, back up. Get a good pump. Go for 12 to 15. Try to keep your toes up for 5 – 10 seconds
on the last rep. That’s a wrap. I’m going to finish the workout with a little
dumb bell squat jump action. All right, last but not least, we’ve got some
dumbbell squat jumps. You’re probably thinking more of a quad, hip
flexor, hamstring exercise. But this exercise is killer on the calves
especially after you fatigue your calves with everything we just did. Another benefit is it’s one of the best exercises
for boosting your testosterone and your metabolism, so any time you can fire up those fast-twitch
muscle fibers, work on your speed, work on your vertical jump; it’s going to really take
you guys’ performance to the next level. So what we want to do to do here – I got two
dumbbells. I’ve got 7.5s here. They don’t let us bring in weights from the
weight room. I typically will go up to 15 – 120 on this,
but for the purposes of showing you guys, this will work. So kind of similar to – think if you’re doing
like a dumbbell squat. You’re just like this. The only difference is we’re going to shoot
up in the air. Jump up as high as we can. So in honor of Woody Harrelson, here we go. And you guys get the picture. It’s actually really intense. It’s kind of like a high intensity interval
training form of exercise. So try it out. Go for 10 to 12 reps at the end of your calf
workout. And for any guys looking to really maximize
your fat burning, get those six-pack abs, killer exercise. Showing you guys a little progress on where
I’m at with lean bulk. Arms are definitely getting bigger. I have been working my ass off on my bicep
peak. I’m going to show you guys what I’ve been
doing in some upcoming videos, but I feel like my arms are starting to get a lot more
full. Widening the shoulders. I’ve actually been able to put on about 7
pounds already during my lean bulk and almost at 200. I don’t think I’ve ever been 200 pounds in
my entire life. So I want to show you guys my new favorite
supplement. And how I figured out to start taking this
is the last couple months I’ve been training really hard. I have a really intense leg day. I have a chest day, full body workout day
where I just do all compound exercises and what I noticed the following day, my weight
was actually like three to four pounds less and I felt really drained and just lethargic
all day. So I was trying to get a lot of work done
and was just mentally and physically was worn down. I realized that my electrolytes were out of
balance, so I’ve been taking this electrolyte supplement right here and what I do is I take
this after I work out so I take about one scoop of this after I work out and I take
one scoop before bed, and what it does, it just rebalances your electrolytes. So when you work out really intensely, especially
when you do large muscle groups, like your chest, your back, your legs, your body gets
depleted of electrolytes. And especially I’m living in Florida right
now and it’s like 95 degrees still and on top of working out really intensely, just
sweating outside. You’re losing electrolytes if you drink a
lot of caffeine as well, so I was doing a killer combination of taking pre-workout with
a lot of caffeine, which depletes your body of electrolytes. I’m out in the humidity, so I’m sweating out
electrolytes, and then furthermore, I’m in the gym, busting my ass, losing electrolytes
even more. So the best thing that you could do is supplement
with this stuff. And I recommend this stuff over Gatorade,
just because it doesn’t have a lot of the fructose and the simple sugars. So this stuff is awesome and I notice the
next day I actually don’t drop weight because I’m not dehydrated and I feel really energetic
following an intense workout. So definitely awesome supplement. I think I picked this up for – how much did
I pay for this? I think like 8 or 9 dollars. It tastes really good. I just mix it in my water bottle, show you
guys one more time. And speaking of filling up those electrolytes,
the muscle group that I notice cramps up the most on me is calves whenever I’m working
out, probably because I skip calf day far too often. That wraps up the calf workout for mass. I’m completely out of breath. Let me know what type of workouts you guys
want to see. I don’t think we’ve done an abs workout on
the channel in a while. I don’t know. Whatever you guys want to work on – I’m just
trying to show you guys some really outside of the box ways to train, so leave it in the
comments below what you want to see.

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