Can’t put a price on health

Alright guys, this is coach Adrian. And this is the Brute Shoot, today were going
to talk about, Why is CrossFit so expensive. This is a question that I get all the time,
I’ll be sitting right here at this front desk. People walk in the door, we have a brief and
usually friendly conversation. That goes something like, “Hey, have you ever
tried CrossFit before?” “Nope, never did it before but I heard about
it or I saw it on TV or my buddies do it” or whatever. “I haven’t done anything in years and I need
to get in better shape. We’ll usually talk about what CrossFit is,
I show them around the gym a little bit. And then all of a sudden when it is time to
make the decision if they want to go forward with becoming a member at our gym we talk
about the pricing. And a lot of times it makes people’s Jaws
drop. “Bro, that’s really expensive” and the reason
that you naturally think CrossFit is expensive. Is simple. It is because you’re used maybe globo gym
approach where, it is like a 10$ a month membership and you may walk into a CrossFit gym and
you may notice that it’s 100$. Or, maybe it is 150$ and depending on what
area of the country you live in and what city it could be closer to 200$, and maybe even
300$. And I know what some of you are thinking right
now even as you hear this. You’re like “Oh my gosh, like I couldn’t afford
that!, thats way to much money.” Did you know that the average cable bill is
103$ a month and I ask you that not to spite you in anyway but to just consider that you’re
willing to invest over 100$ a month in something that sucks hours away from the quality of
your life. By sitting still and watching a screen on
the wall or maybe on a desk. Right? But you’re not willing to spend the equal
amount to come be a part of a gym, change your life forever and be able to live a longer
and more full life. Now, Crossfit comes with a lot of things and
i’ll explain to you guys why it’s so expensive. So, one is; you get an opportunity to train
at a gym that is–in most cases a high quality space. Where you can, obviously train, eventually
call your own home and be able to learn things on a daily basis. If you guys take a look at even the space
that we have created here at Wasatch Crossfit. It is something that has been an evolutionary
process, we started small and grew into this space. So it wasn’t always this way. So when you pay for a gym you’re paying for
the building itself, right. I have to, or someone has to pay money to
afford this space to have it. That’s cost one. Cost two, is you’re actually coached. SO you guys are probably familiar with the
approach of coming into the gym looking lost and not knowing what to do with yourself. So that means, with all this space most people
would be completely clueless on where to start. From a CrossFit perspective you come in and
you’re apart of this class type atmosphere where maybe you’re in a small group of six
athletes or maybe you’re in a larger group of class to 20 to 30 athletes. But the point is, that you’re always being
led. From warm-up to cool down, and even in the
programming. And for those of you who haven’t been working
out very much, when i say programming I mean the work out is provided for you. So you know exactly what you are going to
do, when you’re going to do it, how much weight you should be doing, what movements you should
be doing, and even how to scale that for your ability level. So in this gym we’ve got people that walk
in with all abilities and all variabilities that need to be considered. And we’re talking age, sex, physical athletic
background in regards to division 1 athletes, and then people that come in this gym and
find it at the age of 50, that have never participated in a sport in their entire life. And with that considered we’ve got a lot of
things like injuries and personal ailments that we have to cater too. And that’s my job as a coach, to do that. That is our job as a coaching staff to do
that. So that is another thing that you pay for
in regards to the service of a CrossFit gym. The next thing, and I would argue that this
is the most valuable thing. Is the community, so when you guys make the
investment to become a member at any kind of CrossFit gym, you get this unique bond
and unique connection with the environment around you and a lot of that obviously is
considered in the relationships that you create. Not only with the coaching staff but with
your peers. We have people that come into this gym that
are extremely extroverted and have no problem with social interaction all the time. However, we’ve also got the exact opposite,
where its like we got the newbie that walks in they gym and they stand in the corner and
they’re kind of like this. Of course you make them introduce yourself,
cause that’s my job , is to make you a little uncomfortable and have a good time. And before you know it they’re like the social
butterfly in the gym. They’re leaning on other people for advice,
they’re sharing stories with someone else about how success has started to come into
their life now so strongly now that they found this new pursuit of CrossFit. So thats probably the unique thing. And I would also tell you guys that when you
sign up for a CrossFit gym, you don’t even have to enjoy working out. But, if you enjoy the people that you surround
yourself with; that will be enough motivation to continue to come back to the gym and show
up on a regular basis. Another thing is very simple, and it is something
that is often overlooked and thats accountability. So with the coaching, with the solid investment
that you are making financially, you’re very rare to have days where you just don’t want
to show up to the gym, right? I mean if you feel like that 125 or that 150$
that you’re investing in your health per month is a bit of a stretch. You’d be really foolish– not to show up and
get you most money out of it. Correct? So… the Big point is, it’s enough to make
you feel like you have skin in the game, the investment is there to not only provide you
with all the things that I mentioned before but to also the fact that the investment is
clearly coming out of your pocket and you should do the most that you can in order to
get the most out of it. So, big picture..Why is CrossFit so expensive…its
really not and when you think about your health and the way that it can deteriorate over time
due to the lack of physical activity, the lack of education on nutrition. Which most CrossFit gym’s like ours provide
as a service due to the fee that you pay us. It can change your life forever, it can give
you a more full life and definitely a more fulfilling life.

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