CAR.O.L Stationary HIIT Bike Review [2019]

all right hi guys when I introduce you
to a bike a stationary bike called Carol Carol a I because it’s powered by
artificial intelligence and it’s a bike that is meant for high-intensity
interval training or hip strain as you might have heard and the advantage of
this bike is that you can do your workout in approximately eight minutes
which is not that much shorter than other hit workouts but the interesting
part of Carol is that the actual work did you put in meaning the amount where
you have high intensity is only two times twenty seconds so that’s 40
seconds of work with some warm-up some recovery and some cool down afterwards
so only 40 seconds of work but based on the scientific scientific evidence
that’s behind Carol the impact meaning they’d be health benefits and the
benefits in terms of performance are the same as if you go for a 45-minute run or
do other types of exercises that might take you much longer so then I start to
20-second intense workout as they call it two times 20 seconds sprints and in
the beginning you warm up for two minutes and then very low intensity at
about 10 watts or so now the interesting part is or the purpose of of Carol
really is to empty your muscles glycogen stores in those two times 20 seconds and
that really is what is the whole benefit of that bike to empty those glycogen
stores through Supra maximum intensity type of workout so much
intense about higher intensity then he would typically get them so right now
and pedaling and I have barely any resistance whatsoever so it’s very light
but once I finished my warmup and I have to start the sprint the
resistance increases within a second it’s really quick and then you feel like
you’re paddling in in month now the cool thing is because you’re the intensity is
so short your heart rate goes up so slow or with such a delay and becomes really
quick that you don’t sweat so you can do this in a suit in the office time in my
home office right now and you can do this without even sweat at very low pace
and in a about half a minute it’s not like a go but only we’re 20 seconds keep
that amount so we got 10 seconds in a bit the screen is gonna turn red
indicating for me that I have to run for my life that way oh that was the first fret Herod went up
to about 160 165 no recovering for three minutes again pedaling slow 10
to 12 watts and in two and a half minutes we go
again and again see this see this stuff because you cannot sustain them and
that’s how to put for very long but then again it’s only 20 seconds so by using
camera three times 40 seconds a week you can also improve your vo2 max and that’s
the reason why I’m doing this because I want to improve my CrossFit performance
in some days off the idea is to sprinkle these bike rights into my routine to
improve my overall performance and in fact on days where I don’t have time to
go workout because I don’t have an hour or one and a half that it takes me I
always had a few minutes to get those writing in with 15 seconds this is gonna
stir up I won’t lie yeah that was hard that drew assistance ramps up the last
in terms of seconds it’s proved well that’s what it takes to empty of
glycogen reserves so you can see on the blue line of the red line that’s the
first sprint in the second sprint and as you can tell the red one the second one
was much lower than the first one simply because well next we’re already getting
tired that’s what it lets care about they’re gonna trust what you doing my
safety right and here the results so I didn’t beat my score from yesterday
which was 1191 watts today had 1138 put it was still okay I’m I heard it was
lower than yesterday and I feel pretty good about

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