Cara Melatih “Retrieve With Dumbbell” Part 1 (Intro)

hi, what we just saw is a retrieve with dumbbell routine which is available at the igp or ipo national championship Indonesia in 2014 in Yogyakarta yesterday this retrieve routine is a routine that is very crucial in the assessment influence the graduation assessment a lot in the obedience phase on igp Why? due to many factors in each of these routines that the jury concerns in giving a reduction in value including basic position then there’s speed going when taking dumbbells then how to take the dumbbell speed when returning to the handler by carrying a dumbbell then stop right in front of the handler don’t play dumbbells or chew we usually call it chewing then how to remove the dumbbell and back to finish position there are at least 8 main ratings contained in this retrieve routine keep in mind also in this retrieve routine if the dog returns to the handler without carrying the dumbbell then the rating is 0 means it in igp 1 the rating is 10 points, then it’s all gone, in igp 2 and igp 3 the assessment is 15 points and that’s all gone also if the dog does not release the dumbbell when the handler gives the command out 3 times then all the routines in phase obedience disqualified so friends need to know how important training is for this retrieve routine I won’t elaborate too much about assessment contained in this routine but at least I am reminding friends how crucial and important this routine is that’s why we train dogs on igp can be said to be far more difficult than that just training the dog to pick up goods and return because this is a lot of judgments that must be considered before entering into the tutorial how I train dogs to doing this routine, in this video I will explain first about what are the judgments found in this routine therefore I give this video a title intro I strongly recommend to friends who want to learn how to practice this routine so that you watch this video in the correct order because it will later become totorial with quite a lot of series, starting from this intro then start from the way take the dumbbell hold the dumbbell then the flat retrieve routine, how to train it then how to train retrieve over a hurdle then retrieve over a scaling wall so this will be a very long video of course I will share little by little so also for friends who just joined it never hurts don’t forget to subscribe like, and share as much as possible so we can all learn about dog training especially on the igp program also thanks to friends who have subscribed hope it remains useful retrieve routines have 3 stages the first retrieve on flat retrieve over a hurdle and retrieve over a scaling wall this time I will give an explanation of the assessment towards my own dog, my deceased competition dog namely CLEO at the ipo 3 national championship in 2014 in Jogja some time ago I will give this judgment not the judgment of the judge concerned at that time but more than my eyes see from the repetition of the video that we recorded and what value would I give if I were a judge at that time of course this assessment is a little tighter because the event is a national championship event if the event is just a test, maybe not as tight as this we start from retrieve on flat This is what is meant by basic position where the handler must place the dog in a position straight beside his left foot You shouldn’t cut the position of the handler too much when throwing a dumbbell or moments before being ordered to take a dumbbell in this video it appears that a little CLEO more in front of me or cut me and his butt did not fully touch the ground it is because CLEO is indeed a little hectic and so great for hastily want to take the dumbbell and me at that time already fix it often in practice it looks pretty good but we didn’t know that in the exam things can happen again reduce this value because CLEO makes mistakes that seem simple but because this is a national championship then I am a judge will reduce 0.5 point or half point from basic position so before throwing dumbbells or dogs take dumbbells assessment has been given so friends must pay attention to this basic position well also keep in mind, when handler throwing dumbbells before being given an order, the dog has run take a dumbbell then automatically will be reduced by 4 points this is very important because I have experienced it with other dogs on the 1st ipo exam then we see speed or the speed displayed CLEO for me this is excellent so there is no reduction in value there so is the way he takes dumbbells then speed when he returned to the handler bringing a dumbbell is also pretty good there are only a few my judgment is, he becomes a little slow when about 2 meters reach the handler he began to reduce his speed and when he stops, what is fatal is touching handler body for this error I as a judge will deduct 1 point from this stage for the next step, releasing a dumbbell there was an error made by CLEO also by myself as the handler So the mistake made by CLEO is when I asked for the dumbbell he moved slightly backwards and the mistake I made was asking the dog too quickly to let go of the dumbbell because in the regulations written that there must be a gap of about 2 or 3 seconds before doing another routine so suppose the dog has come to me with a dumbbell I have to wait around 1,2,3 then out what I’m doing is asking too fast the dumbbell then at this stage the value deduction is 1 point then for the next stage is the finish position mistakes made by me is the same as before which is too fast to give heel orders where should I wait about 2 or 3 seconds recently give heel orders for this error because this is a national championship event then I will reduce 0.5 point total point in the routine this retrieve on flat on igp 3 is 15 points while the reduction that I gave is as much as 3 points so the total value obtained is 12 points and is ranked good now we see the appearance of cleo in the retrieve over a hurdle routine same as the routine retrieve on flat cleo basic position a little more more advanced than me so it’s already 0.5 points automatically will be reduced well, to go jumping stage speed that is done the stage of jumping and speed is perfect there is no reduction in value because he did not touch this 1 meter board but CLEO there touches the board tread its front legs when passing the hurdle like this which was in the video earlier although in fact he did not intend to prop it up his body or legs on the board but still will be reduced by 0.5 point it’s the same as me wearing glasses when I do the heeling routine when my glasses drop down I will fix it with my hands like this well here the jury does not want to know, will still give reduction of 0.5 or 1 point because I considered helping dogs with my body language for dogs focus on the handler so friends must understand why is there so much reduction in value even though it seems trivial for its stages take a dumbbell, jump back and stop sitting in front of me and release the dumbbell there is no reduction in value at all because it’s very perfect in my eyes and for the finish position stage as before I made a mistake again by giving heel orders too quickly so that there will be a reduction in value there and the position of the cleo who carried out the order was not precise or slightly tilted it already reduces the value by as much 1 point so the total point in the retrieve over a hurdle routine on igp 3 this is 15 points while the reduction that I have given is as much as 2 points so the total value is 13 points and is ranked as high good then we see again the last routine is retrieve over a scaling wall again the reduction in value occurs in the basic position where we both see the position of CLEO sitting too far ahead of my position so 0.5 points have been reduced for the stages of going climbing, taking a dumbbell climb back, stop in front of the handler and the dumbbell release stage looks perfect, then there is no reduction in value given and in the end for this stage of finishing position, it is the very significant value reduction if the assessment in this routine is calculated overall 15 points then the error happened to that stage is very reduce the value quite a lot but because how to evaluate this routine is slightly different from other routines then the jury can only reduce as much a maximum of 5 points only because of the routine retrieve over a hurdle and scaling wall it’s actually divided so 3 ratings that is when you go get the dumbbell it is 5 points take the dumbbell 5 points and the return is 5 points so this error was made in back stage the value is a maximum of 5 and judges may only reduce a maximum of 5 points I give 3 x heel commands to CLEO where the rules say if handler gives additional orders the second, for example heel then given an additional 2 times the heel it will be reduced by 2.5 points and CLEO looks slow and not straight not precision alias tilting then I will be the judge in this national championship event will reduce him by 3 points total points in the retrieve over a scaling wall routine is as much as 15 points while the point that I have reduced is 3.5 points so the total value obtained is 11.5 points here the jury must not give a value of 11.5 points there can’t be 0.5 he has to raise 0.5 or refine 0.5 this becomes the subjectivity of the jury concerned if I become a judge in this video then I will see as a whole this scaling wall routine does look good but… in my eyes as a jury, the most fatal mistake was heel 3 x slow and untidy then i will reduce the 0.5 point to 11 points so it’s not raising 0.5 actually reduce 0.5 and that is the right of a jury friends can now imagine how difficult this retrieve routine is so it’s not just a dumbbell, take it and come back not like that, the evaluation is very detailed At a glance, Cleo performed on these 3 routines except the last one, there is a 3x heel but after I give a more detailed explanation friends can see 3 points missing on the retrieve on flat 2 points missing on retrieve over a hurdle 4 points are lost on retrieve over a scaling wall so 9 points in total are lost in these 3 routines if we assume all the obedience phase is perfect no defects even though it’s actually not possible so the value that I got was 91 points out of a total of 100 points lost those 9 points just because of the trivial things very meaningful for those of us who are in an exam or competition This assessment is of course an event based assessment because this event is a national championship, I will give it as a judge tighter assessment of course it’s different from assessment on the exam on the exam maybe more or less only 4 points or thereabouts that I will reduce but in the national championship it has to be more detailed but if this is a world championship event of course it will be tighter and more values ​​will be eliminated because at the world championship event, around 100 to 150 top dogs who competes and the jury must really can see in detail one by one and this is not an easy job good friends this is an explanation of the assessment of the retrieve with dumbbell routine found in igp I hope my friends understand the explanation that I have explain briefly earlier so for friends who just joined, please subscribe, like, share as much as possible also for friends who have already joined already subscribed, thank you stay on this video because of the video tutorial regarding how to practice retrieves will be a pretty long tutorial because there are stages I do not know how many series will be but clear the steps or sequences are actually already in my training program I just forgot how many stages may be useful keep practicing, keep up the spirit, move forward Indonesian dogsport

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