Carson CrossFit, the 44th District and Nanette Barragan Fight Chronic Disease

(music) You all live in the 44th congressional district, I presume. There are 800,000 people in this district. Now, check this out, 800,000 people currently, 500,000 of them will die needlessly and prematurely due to chronic disease. And chronic disease’s best friend is soda pop. Then there’s the cost, then there’s the suffering, and it’s needless. And it’s your family, it’s your friends, it’s your neighbors, it’s those of you that don’t CrossFit. And you know something? It’s not good enough to, like, to hell with them, we’re CrossFitters, it’s not our problem, it is our problem. We’re role models in the community. We have friends and family that aren’t protecting themselves, you’ve got neighbors, you live here, this is your community. Take it back from soda pop. And soda pop’s best friend is Isadore Hall. I watched him take money from the American Beverage Association and then duck a critical vote in his own health committee on SB203, which would have just simply put on the can that this causes tooth decay, obesity, and diabetes. And the reason they want to put that on there is because it causes tooth decay, obesity and diabetes. And none of those are any good. In fact, it not only causes that but Alzheimer’s, a growing list of cancers, heart disease, stroke, and it is through all of those mechanisms that 560,000 people currently living are going to die prematurely. I need you to vote. I need you to vote. This is your community. Take it back from soda pop. Take it back. Don’t let Isadore Hall have this. But you know what, our health is so important. And we want people to know the impact. You have to tell them to come out and vote.

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  1. Soda is hideous stuff. But we should include many juices, juice cocktails and so called energy drinks on the list too. Many if not most of these beverages contain high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) which many scientists believe may be worse for the body than actual cane or beet sugar. The reason being that it is thought to have addictive qualities. It is manipulated and produced from corn a grain sweetener that is also used in some alcoholic beverages including American Rye whiskey. Is there a connection between grain sweeteners and alcoholism in some people? This needs more study.

    Worse is the fact that the corn sweetener in soda is rampant in the American diet. It is in thousands of processed foods because it's readily available and the price of corn is stabilized by the US tax payer. It is in ketchup, BBQ sauce, honey mustard, buns, bread, donuts, pies, cakes, pasties, cookies, candy and many many other processed foods. Even in treats you buy for your pets. The only difference between BBQ sauce and pancake syrup is the flavoring.

    Coach is spot on. I believe this junk is as dangerous and addictive as nicotine or alcohol and the public needs to know what they are consuming not just for themselves but what they are doing to their children. When they buy that cheeseburger kid's meal there is HFCS in the bun, the ketchup and the soda. In the chicken meal (ground, flaked, processed and frozen slurry) it's in the BBQ sauce and the soda or maybe the juice box. We are literally killing our children. (Sorry for the rant.)

  2. Let me get this straight… fight soda pop by doing crossfit????? How stupid can one person get??? Crossfit is not a healthy activity,I don t drink soda pop or sugary drinks,BUT the hell if I do crossfit,they can shove it up their moneymaker.

  3. Poor ifnorant bastards,if they only knew the damage they are doing to their joints and bones…..these crossfit idiots some times they die while doing their crossfit. These aren t healthy people.

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