A cat named Chuck is gone internet in hysteria after a video of the pet “micromanaging” its owner while he does some DIY work around his house went viral on social media.

In the video, shared on Tik Tok in early February by the cat’s owner, under the username Takenbyjeter, the cat can be seen following its owner, watching him closely while doing some practical work around the house and monitoring your every move.

The hilarious post comes with a caption reading: “The supervisor we didn’t know we needed. Take a closer look. Trying not to micromanage. Lend a helping paw. Missed a spot. Up there dad! Testing [the] quality of work. Complete micromanagement.” Followed by: “Chuck is giving daddy energy.”

cat micromanaging dad delights viewers
Chuck the cat micromanaging his human father.
taken by jeter via TikTok

According to the Rover pet wellness website, cats are curious by nature creatures due to their survival instincts.

In a post on his website, veterinarian Dr. Mikel Delgado explains that cats are both predators and prey in the animal kingdom, so they “must always be aware of what’s going on around them.” [because] They can’t afford to miss out on eating, but they also need to be careful of the dangers.”

Chuck’s owner said news week that they love to call him “Skunky” because he “looks like a skunk and is always up to ‘skunk’ stuff, aka trouble”, which is why they often call him “Chuck the Skunk”.

She added: “He’s just over a year old. He has endless energy and it’s so much fun watching him be himself. There really is never a dull moment!”

“I took him into a home with 2 older cats; 11 (Phil) and 12 (Nacho, RIP) years old at the time. Many told me not to get a kitten because it might ‘ruffle the feathers,’ especially at 12-years-old, but i took a chance and thought maybe i could help cheer them up.it definitely kept them entertained and actually latched on to the eldest and followed him around everywhere.

“He was so entertaining to watch that I started filming some of the fun things he would do. He can jump very high, does somersaults out of a back door window, and has even been trained to ‘shake’ his paw for treats. His favorite among the hobbies are long walks around the neighborhood (on a leash or in his stroller), sitting in our ‘Catio’, bird watching, pickpocketing, and being carried on people’s backs, yes, he jumps on our backs and we have to walk with him until he has reached his destination.

Takenbyjeter went on to say that it makes her so happy to see that these “moments” she posts can bring smiles and laughter to so many people and that she laughs at the comments and that everyone on Tik Tok is always on Chuck’s side, even if he is being naughty. .

She added: “Chuck has been a great addition to the family and I encourage everyone to get a cat…and just let them be a cat!”

The video quickly gained popularity on social media, attracting animal lovers from across the platform. So far it has received over 1 million views and 182,200 likes.

One user, Jldx716, commented, “He looks a bit like Ron Swanson.” And Allyson B Randolph said: “My black and white cat does this to any worker who comes into my house. I have to keep him away.” Randi Wharol quipped, “Kitty has white New Balance paws.”

Holly wrote: “Full blown micromanagement is great!” And Beetlejuice said, “That cat wants it done right the first time lol,” Amelia Nealey quipped, “The helping paw.” Lou Loparco added, “Chuck is the typical homeowner when the service guy comes to fix something.”

Another user, Teddy with Thumbs, commented: “Cats are keepers on duty.” And VidGarcia67 said: “Good workers are so hard to find!” Zamora quipped: “When the boss just won’t get over it.” And Crustaceanmary added: “She’s helping! My tux is a great supervisor too!”

Sandi Conterato wrote: “I love obsessive micromanagement.” And Kat said, “He was totally a handyman in his past life.”

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