Cats are known for their mischievous personalities—and complete indifference at times—which can have hilarious consequences for their humans.

In a video caught on a home security camera, TikTok user @maddibangz captured the incredible moment her cat appeared to intentionally scare her boyfriend.

In the video, which has had more than 2.2 million views, a ginger cat can be seen waiting at the top of the stairs. As soon as he hears a noise, he checks to see who’s coming, then jumps up just as the OP’s boyfriend get to the top of the stairs, scaring him enough to make him let out a huge scream. The cat runs back downstairs, while the boyfriend can be seen clutching his chest in fright.

“Lmaoo now I know they be doing this on purpose,” commented one user on TikTok.

Ginger cat
A stock picture shows a ginger cat. A home security camera captured the hilarious moment a ginger cat intentionally scared its owner’s boyfriend.
Nils Jacobi/Getty Images

Although fending off a cat is a lot less scary that fighting off a dog intent on biting you, cat attacks can be formidable.

“Aggression is the second most common feline behavior problem seen by animal behaviorists,” according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Sometimes cat aggression can be hard to handle. In extreme cases attacks can draw blood, prompting owners to wear thick socks around the house and refuse to have house guests. If your cat is ruling your home life, the ASPCA recommends speaking to a veterinarian to ascertain whether a health issue may be causing your feline to misbehave. If they have a clean bill of health, the ASPCA suggests speaking to an animal behaviorist, who might be able to help you work with your cat for a more peaceful home life.

If, like the ginger joker in the TikTok video, (which contains a profanity in its caption) they just occasionally like to have a bit of fun, it’s most likely because it’s in their nature.

“One of the things cats do best is attack,” says animal advice site The Dog People. “Cats have evolved to be superior stalkers. Before their days as coddled creatures in our homes, cats relied on their pouncing skills to both feed and defend themselves.”

They also love to play and attacking is often just another form of this.

“Attack play is most common in younger cats who will attack pretty much anything: you, kitten friends, plants, toys, toilet paper rolls, shoes, shadows…you get the idea,” according to The Dog People.

Users on TikTok found the video hilarious.

“The way he peeped around the corner before jumping,” wrote one TikToker.

“He’s an absolute menace and I love him!!!,” commented another.

“HOW CAN PEOPLE NOT LOVE CATS?? This was amazing! My cat would do this too every time I walked out of the bathroom!, said a different TikTok user.

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