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The people I love always leave my side. You killed him. You die! Die! Die! I must not love anybody. I missed you. I wanted to run to you. But I couldn’t. What if you get hurt because of me? When it comes to relationship, it’s more comfortable to
start in convention. Do you want to go out? I’m not poor. The part-time job. I started it
so I could endure my family. If I didn’t like my family,
I could’ve just left. But I was scared. Becoming alone without any money. Don’t leave me. Please don’t abandon me. Now there’s nothing
I’m deceiving you about. It felt like I was starting love with a lie. It was uncomfortable. What are you doing this evening? I want to eat ramen. The ones you make it
in nickel silver pot. Come here. I like people who are earnest. I like people who keep in contact
in any circumstances. It won’t happen again. See you at the parking lot after work. This is my first time
going to your house. Should I buy something? Do you want to hear something
cheesy like I only need you? No. Go. Okay. Hey, Deputy Choi. No way you’re dating a part-timer, right? Deputy Sung. I hear the rumors that
you’re on Executive Director’s side lately. Did you think you would be
the only one on the golden ladder? You’ve come, Director. Don’t worry about me and carry on. Director Yoo. Greetings. I’m Deputy Sung Tae-sik. I’m a colleague of
Deputy Choi Joon-gi. So tacky. Didn’t you introduce yourself before? Do you remember? Are you greeting me twice in case
I don’t remember? If you do this,
I can’t inspect this area properly. I’m sorry. Are you not selling this? We are. Have you tried the chicory wrap? If you make a wrap out of chicory,
it gives pleasantly pungent taste. Give me one. What are you going to do
if it doesn’t taste pungent? It does! I’ve eaten it before. Your taste and mine could be different. Then bring it back. I’ll give you a refund. How can I bring it if I ate it? Can I just give myself to you instead? Why? Are you speechless
because it’s so cheesy? Showing super interest at first
but then cutting off all contact. That’s so cliche. So? You missed me, didn’t you? Yes. I like this about you. Being honest in this kind of situation. Here you go. Bring it to me later. How can I go around with this? Where should I take it? Handam-dong sent it to you. I think it’s herbal medicine. She has no clue. Should I throw it away? From now on, I’ll only treat
humans as humans. It’s not like I’m pregnant. I don’t know why I’m craving so much. You made the leek kimchi so well! It tastes like the ones my mother
used to make me when I was young. What about rice? The potato pancake and
rice are about the same thing. They’re both carbs. I’m not going to eat dinner. I’m going to go to the gym and take a look around the department store
and then come home. It must be a delivery guy. The department store was
sending the clothes that I couldn’t buy because they weren’t in my size. Who is it? It’s Seongbuk-dong. It’s a man. He says he’s from Seongbuk-dong. Seongbuk-dong? What is he doing here? Open the door. She said to sit there and wait. Excuse me, it’s over here. Please clear this. Hye-soo. What brings you here? It’s too dirty for me to
speak to you here. Who is she? Play stay outside. Come back in after 30 minutes. No, make that an hour. Yes. You vent through other people’s hands. Indeed, a true nobility is different. Please have a seat. I sent that to console you. Did it offend you? After Kyung-joon died, I was… Since you’re not in a good condition,
I’ll let you hit me once. Please sit. Hye-soo! Hye-soo! Why are you doing this? Why is my Kyung-joon’s name
coming out of your filthy mouth? Did I kill Kyung-joon? What are you doing this to me? Kyung-joon isn’t dead. Go to a psychiatrist! Seeing you suddenly
acting this strange… Should I burn your face with an iron? Scared? You said so yourself. You said if you were me,
you would burn their faces with an iron. You should’ve acted like human
when I treated you like one. In the past, there were a lot
that I had to protect. Now I have nothing to lose. I still have enough power to do
something about you! How dare you glare at me? You vulgar and shallow thing! I’ll come back. Next time I will come back with an iron. The old torturing iron is an iron
for clothes now, right? I’m going to come every day. I’ll come as long as the years
you’ve spent with my husband. I’m going to wait for my son. Pray that my son Kyung-joon
comes back alive! So this is why people use violence. It feels good. A wife of chaebol is nothing much after all. She was a human just like me. I thought she was incredible for staying so calm even as I purposely
got on her nerves. I envied her. Indeed, educated women
sure are different. Distinguished families are different. Concubines and devoted wives
sure are different. Not just anyone can be the
wife of a chaebol. But, we’re the same. It’s the same. At any rate,
we saw each other naked. Let’s fight. All your life, you’ve been clothed. Try to live naked now. Do you think living
naked is that easy? I’ve come this far with my body. I won’t just sit and take it. Sit. It’s okay. Here. It must be true you like me too. There’s a separate team for deliveries. You didn’t have to come yourself. It’s all because of
that stupid street lamp. Do you know how much it bothers me
whenever I go in and out of my house? How powerful do you have to be to
put street lamp in front of my house? This girl is overreacting. If you call the district office,
they put it there for you. Really? You said you liked our country. Your beloved country set it up for you. I see. Hey, do you marry everyone you date? No. Then why can’t you date me? Dating and not getting married and dating knowing it won’t lead to
marriage is different. While dating, you might realize
you don’t even want to marry me. That’s right. That is so. That’s right. I thought it over carefully. There’s no reason for us not to date. That’s right.
There’s no reason not to date. I told you. But are you going to eat this chicory? No. You eat it. Okay. Work hard. You’re just leaving? Then what do I need to do? We decided to date. Let’s go to dinner. In my style. I’m a man who wins
during the day as well as at night. I’m a woman who loses during
the day as well as at night. We’re a perfect fit. See you later. Okay. I checked Taejin Group’s stake situations
at the Stock Exchange Market. There’s nothing special, right? The thing is… Is this Jang Yoon-ha
my younger sister for sure? Yes, I confirmed it. Why did she buy stocks? How did she get the money to
buy this much? It appears the late VP Jang Kyung-joon
bought it for Jang Yoon-ha. I underestimated Kyung-joon. It seems he was having
a close relationship with Yoon-ha. But they were forming
an alliance behind my back? Besides the shares
VP Jang Kyung-joon bought for her, there are some Jang Yoon-ha
has bought herself. 0.1%. What do you mean 0.1%? It’s 2.1% when combined. What did they even think of
doing with that? There are rumors that the Chairman is transferring some stocks to
Ms. Jang Yoon-ha. What? There are rumors that she’ll be designated as Director of the Planning Department
in Chinese headquarters. Rumors, rumors. They’re just words that wander
from mouth to mouth. What has she done so far to
deserve a directorship? Director Jang So-hyun of Planning Department
didn’t do much to get there either. Do you know why the
previous secretary was fired? I do not know. I’m looking for my person. I’ve been watching you for a long time. You’re also a junior
colleague of mine as well. I will serve you whole-heartedly. In the Chairman’s generation,
my father had retainers. Those retainers took care of things
beforehand what my father wanted but couldn’t show. They killed someone
if he wanted them to be dead. If he wanted a girl,
they brought her up to him. You at least have to do that much
to become my person. Yes, Ye-won. What are you doing right now? I’m not doing anything. Let’s meet up. I can’t. Why not? I have an appointment. You said you were not doing anything. When is the appointment? I will see you later. Are you hiding something from me? No. Then why are you avoiding me? Why would I avoid you? You’re going to come home, right? I guess so. I’m on my way there, so see you at home. Go with them. What should I do about the contract term? Till I die, request on one more place. Make them compete. It’s better to compete than
just making one place do it. When the results come out,
will you accept them? Yes. Mom, I’m home. Okay. Have a good talk. What is it? I requested an investigation of
Kyung-joon’s incident. What incident? I’m not convinced. Nothing makes sense. There’s no body found. Mom, that area is notorious
for a lot of accidents. Every accident there was marked as death. The yacht was completely destroyed. How are you going to
find him in that vast sea? It was his mistake to ride a yacht there. Leave if you’re going to say
those kinds of things. I know how you feel more than anyone. I have a child too. I know what kind of son
Kyung-joon was to you. Do as you see fit. I will help you in any way. Just lean on me, Mom. Okay? Does your family know
you’re working part-time? Only my brother knew. Then what did you tell them
you were doing while part-timing? Aesthetic treatment, fitness center,
skin care clinic, cooking class. There are a lot of excuses. I guess you can be busy having fun. I drove my car out and parked
in the parking structure on the opposite side of the department store. Then I walked to the department store. That’s unique. The idea to do part-time work. While doing part-time work,
it opened my eyes to life. Before then, I didn’t know
why money would be a problem in life. Is there anything else you want to know? Ask me anything. I will tell you. Little by little. There’s not much movement
from Deputy Choi. He’s all fired up because of
the increase in sales. Continue to watch him and report anything
that is related to Director Yoo. Yes, sir. Should I report on personal matters as well? Personal matters? Like what? It seems like Deputy Choi and Director Yoo are both dating
part-time workers at the Food Market. Ah, those rascals. They’re guys after all. Should I keep reporting on them? You’re more clever
in a bad way than I thought. I’ll let the HR Department know. Thank you! Who is the part-time worker
Chang-soo is dating?

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