CEOwise Words with Manny Rivera – How to reverse engineer our success with a step by step plan.

You mention we need to reverse engineer success
with a step-by-step plan, growth-plan. How do you go about that, in a nutshell? Reverse engineering is basically, always,
you know what people, what companies do too often is that, they have a model, and sometimes
that model in some forms or other parts are dysfunctional, even if it’s making money it’s
dysfunctional sometimes, ok. You know our personal training income in this
country compared to overseas is less than a percentage of one point. It’s like half of one percent. In America and Europe, it’s between seventeen
and twenty-three percent. So we’re doing something wrong. We need to fix it. Ok, it’s really a system for the rich and
not for the masses. So we need to find a way to close that gap. So, we look at our business, every single aspect
of our business and we realize JustGym, that there was an opportunity for the areas that have
never been serviced, ok, and that gyms, you know, typically would be in like dungeons. So we would under-promise and over deliver
at the right price point, and that was part of that evaluation, re-engineering in the
business, so we had to take our existing model, find ways of creating a fed-out to
build it, but that it’s not gonna break the bank account, and then the membership fees
had to be too high. So we were able to do that, but our JustGyms
are world class, they’re unbelievable, ok, but we ought to do it at a price that we can
charge for that walk-in, something that they can afford, and that’s been a game-changer. So that’s the type of thing we look at when
we re-engineer. Well, that was actually my next question around
JustGym. Is what made you start a competitive brand, but
in essence, what you’re saying it’s not a competitive brand.
No, we just want the entire market, to be honest with you. Listen we have fifty-four men in people I
think the last count, and most of it has not been serviced in terms of many aspects. But we just opened up a Planet Fitness in
Mamelodi and we didn’t go in there with a, we actually went in there with a …, believe
it or not, but in most instances, it’s a JustGym No, it’s a JustGym, I apologize, it’s a JustGym But we went in there with a big club, as big as
this, and we didn’t cut corners, and you know, the market, you know those guys out there they love
it, because normally the guys go in there and they give them like a cheaper product or whatever
it is, and we didn’t do that, we gave them the best actually, and it’s working unbelievably

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