CEOwise Words with Manny Rivera – Passing up a cushy job offer to start Planet Fitness.

I just wanna go back to just
the moment before you decided to take on or to start on your own you were offered a cushy job, you were offered a full-time job. What made you turn that down in order to
start Planet Fitness? You know, Planet fitness is like my fourth child basically I have three kids, okay, two boys and a girl and this is like my fourth child really,
to be honest with you. I can’t work for someone, that’s not my personality. I’m an
entrepreneur and I love building, not building with my own hands, because I can’t even hang up a picture, I’m not very good at that, I’ll tear the wall down, but I
like building the brand I like building the business and see it from the first
brick to fruition and whatnot and you know the last time I had I was twenty years old, it’s not my personality to work for someone, it just isn’t. I’m just that kind
of driven person, you know I trade. You know I started trading when I
was five years old, lemonade on the corner, to earn some money and obviously your parents would feel sorry for you so they bought from you anyway, and I used to trade baseball cards when I was a kid to win and whatnot so that’s what
I do. So working in a corporate environment I’m not that type of guy I’m
really not.

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