Channel 7 News interview with Scott Hunt, Fitness Enhancement

– [Tom] This isn’t your ordinary gym. – All right, ready when you are. – [Narrator] It’s
custom-built to offer intimate and private sessions for everyday people. – You don’t have to have
the crowd or the weights or the judgement that
is associated with so many areas of our fitness industry. – [Tom] It gave Shari Ware the confidence to start training. Six years ago, she was twice
the woman she is today, and by no means was that a good thing. – Your top being 180 kilos and well going like that forever just doesn’t work. – [Tom] Inspired to be a better Mom, Shari sought help from Scott’s team. – I feel amazing. I feel alive. I can live my life now. – [Tom] A yearning to help others motivated Scott to start his business. He was 19 with just $400 in his pocket. Now in his 30’s, his
company is the third largest of its kind in Australia. – [Scott] Keep going. About ten more. – [Tom] On Friday, he received a Gold Coast Young Entrepreneur award. – We do see lots and lots
of issues with the whole “beautiful body, bikini body”
people are putting out there. A lot of people need to realise that that shouldn’t be the goal. The goal should be just
general health and happiness. – [Tom] Scott hopes as his company grows, he can help more people
live the lives they want. Tom Hartley, 7 Gold Coast News.

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