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  1. Great Question, I always have found that my palms closer to my thumbs to the most work. But for some it might vary , when doing hand stands I do use my fingers a lot more. So the I am over my hips are are over my should the I apply my fingers.

  2. @myksgrl
    i train bjj and i was wondering how do you become a personal trainer. im 18 185 imma go down to 165 to compete at 155 for bjj i gotta get stronger, i have a mcl injury thats holding me back on progressing in training i got a couple more weeks left it sux. i got protein and creatine and a multivitim is that enough t get stronger im not tryin to be bulky but lean muscular . plz hit me bck

  3. You should always have training days and a rest day or two. When resting your allowing your body to heal and become stronger, so if you think about it you training those days as well

  4. Truly depends on what your doing, do not do chest mon and tues but you could do chest mon and back tues etc. I train jiu jitsu 5 day a week and take weekends off.

  5. Hey Mike this was after your surgery? are you able to workout after this hernia surgery? I am still refusing to have this surgery done but , I am still going to the gym although I feel frustrated as I cannot workout as I used to. Damn!
    tell me….are you fully recovered now? no sequels at all? Thanks in advance dude !!!

  6. @rabsny123 No this was way before I even had a hernia. I found out I had a hernia I was getting cut opened with in 2 weeks. I know how you feel not being able to do what you used to do in the gym. So the challenge is do nothing for about 2 months than make your way back or just train injured hoping the hernia does not get worse. I know how you feel, but now I'm all healed and back to where I was before 1.5 years later. It wasnt ez but I had to do it so I could be my full self. Best to you bro

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