Chest and Shoulder Workout Finisher (GET JACKED!)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, One dumbbell is all you’re going to need today
for this great chest and shoulder workout finisher. Now, I say ‘chest and shoulder workout’. If you’re going to train your chest and shoulders
together, if you’re doing a push workout, you can do this as a finisher for that workout. If you’re doing a chest workout you could
do this as a finisher for your chest workout. If you’re doing a shoulder workout you can
do this as a finisher for your shoulder workout. And like I said, you only need one dumbbell. The reason why we can do this is because the
proximity of these muscles together – if you look at them anatomically we see that
the front delt runs in here. Actually, I have a muscle marker to prove
it. The front delt runs down, and around here
like this. All the fibers run down this way. Well, we know that – two muscle markers,
guys – that the chest also, obviously, comes in here as well. Like this from the upper fibers here, and
then we have the chest itself. A little hard to draw this way, but the chest
is heading out in this direction. So these muscles are close to each other. They prefer to work together. So there’s a great advantage that we have. Again, depending upon what your goals are
you can use a lighter weight, or you can use a heavier weight here. Metabolically, if I do this I like to go for
about 100 reps. So what you do is, you take the dumbbell here,
and you clasp it with your fingers this way. You grab it with a squeeze grip. The squeeze grip, the purpose is that I’m
trying to push this dumbbell, and smash it right there, between my hands. So here I grab it like this, and the goal
is to activate the chest by pushing my hands together on the dumbbell, and then get my
traps involved as well here, and I go, and I lift up in front of me. So I’m working the front delts, but the front
delts and the chest together, the tie in of these muscles together, and lift it up, and
down. Squeezing it the whole time. Again, metabolically I could go for 100. Don’t lose the squeeze. At the end of any chest workout, or shoulder
workout, or chest and shoulders if you’re doing a push workout; that’s going to be a
brutal killer, but it’s going to be a great way to tie it all together. The abs work at the same time, too. Now, I could go for the heavier version of
this too. Grab here. Again, same thing. Grab on, here, tighten the abs, and squeeze
it, here, up. Remember, with a finisher you can do some
rest pause here and crank out a few more reps. So last thing you’re doing, make sure it’s
your last, best effort. There, you’re done. So guys, something really quick. Again, it has a lot of different uses depending
upon what it is that you just trained, but a great way to finish your workout, and integrating
muscles that like to work together were given that opportunity. Guys, if you’ve found it helpful make and
share it with your other friends that go to the gym. Help them out. Maybe even help them out even more by pointing
them toward our channel here. Tell them to subscribe. In the meantime, if you’re looking for a program
that puts the science back in strength then head to right now and get our
ATHLEANX training program. All right, guys. I’ll be back here again in just a few days
with another video. See you.

100 Replies to “Chest and Shoulder Workout Finisher (GET JACKED!)”

  1. Great channel but I'm sorry you can't get results like this unless your on matter how good your diet, training and genetics are..

  2. Great video, thanks for posting.
    I have a query about headaches occuring during exertive exercise – like this exercise, or heavy weight movements. Even push-ups. Could these be related to coffee intake, dehydration, blood pressure, deficiencies, overdoses, or something else?
    I'm desperate for a solution, as it prevents me from getting more than a minute into working out.
    Thank you.

  3. Help! If I start eating a lot and suddenly grow in size, whilst I'm training strength, will I not be able to get rid of the stomach fat or do I have to add cardio into my workout to fix that?

  4. Ah, the muscle marker. I am always reminded of those pics when someone falls asleep at a party and their "friends" draw all over them with sharpie .

  5. Thanks. This is definitely an answer to my issue. And a lil ab work included is always appreciated bonus. 👍🏻…. still loathe ab workouts. Lol

  6. Is the light weight preferred over the heavier weight? Or visa versa? At what times would I use a lighter weight or use a heavier weight? Thanks, best site on the internet.

  7. i d much rather do something that will actually carry over to a pressing movement. moderate ohp or maybe cg bp, or slingshot.

  8. Hi Jeff, I am a big fan of you.. and tried to buy a plan frm ur site but the site prompted me to put a different address. I am from India. & really looking fwd to working on ur max shred program. Please fix the issues on ur website.

  9. Can anyone help me! What is the area of muscle between the top of the tricep/bicep but below shoulder?
    I have a problem that mine is substantially smaller than the rest of my arm and it bothers me. Thankyou for any help you can give 🙂

  10. I seen this guy on the wrestler sting DVD and he has sting lookin like he did back in the 80s as surfer sting he gives great advice

  11. Bro your a beast im feeling the workouts you show i wish they would do workouts like this at my gym. because what you're doing i dont see one person doing any of your workouts. My whole goal is the get to 190 and BF around 1o to 13 %. I weigh 233 from 258 lbs 8 weeks ago. I want the lean beach body not the NO NECK MUSCLE HEAD no disrespect to those who want that look. I'm turning 50 and just divorced my ex of ten years so this is my new beginning.Im going to florida to see my family and i want to look and feel awesome my friend, and for my future this is going to be a way of life for me Thank you for giving people like me hope.
    Blessings and Peace!!!!!

  12. Jeff could you post a video about corrective exercises for a sway back posture. I'm trying to fix it and there a lot of bad videos on youtube. I'm worried I'm doing more damage than good… Thanks for everything you do.

  13. So wait, how many reps do you shoot for with the heavy version? 100 seems like massive overkill either way, why not just rep out to failure?

  14. Whenever I plan to try a recommended move I just take 75% off the weight Jeff is using because that is one strong dude. So in this case I will use a 2.5lb dumbbell. Just being realistic.

  15. can you do a video showing us what stack of compounds you're using? your knowledge is real bro but you aint fooling us guys that use!

  16. After my humeral hemiarthoplasty(18 June 2017) and damage to my radial and ulnar nerves, the muscles of my upper arm and shoulder atrophied. I have a tendon that helps me bend my arm, because before my accident I was doing the rotator cuff & other upper body Athlene X exercises. I will use these exercises to correct my weakened muscles, hopefully helping my nerves recover more fully. Great vids, man!

  17. Not great if your dumbell handles are not thick or long enough to interlock your fingers… I managed to squeeze the bottom of my fingers together and do it that way.

  18. thanks for another great video Jeff. I love when you use the muscle markers and explain how an exercise or stretch works and why it works. Thanks again and keep up the good work

  19. I love this finisher! Been doing it at end of my shoulder/chest workouts and pump is crazy! Thanks guys for your awesome videos!

  20. That's a very good workout I never done that I usually work out chest and triceps if I do chest and shoulders when should I do the triceps which body parts works better with what can I do chest shoulders and triceps all together which way is the best way to do a body workout like I said I used to do chest and triceps – back and biceps and shoulders and legs what do you recommended

  21. Want to win an ATHLEAN-X program for free, no strings attached? Click the link below to find out how!

  22. @Athlean-X is it possible (more importantly, are there any benefits) to do 1 set of heavy, followed by the lighter, speed reps (but maybe just 50 reps instead)?

  23. Watching a few of your videos I’ve been doing push, pull, leg splits. I haven’t found them yet but have you thought about a perfect push, perfect pull workout video? You have a perfect leg day video and all the bro split perfect workouts.

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