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  1. I never saw that spiderman workout. Man, that's just straight up awesome! What a great way to use a kid's imagination to spark a healthy lifestyle outside of movies and video games.

  2. Eres uno de los hombres más guapos y sexys que he visto 😙💕😙💪🏻💪🏻 You are my Platonic Love 💝 My only wish is can meeto you someday 😍💓😍💖😍🔥😍🔥💗 Your fan from #Ecuador🇪🇨🙋🏻‍♂️🎄

  3. This year was great, because I found your channel and thenx channel. Thanks to you, I got the extra motivation to start training properly again. So thank you so much! Let's make the new year as good as this year was! Be safe and stay healthy Chris! Men love, peace out! ♥️

  4. I’ve been following you for a year now and loved all of your workouts. You have accomplished so much since then. I haven’t fully committed to just calisthenics but I will soon. I workout 2-3 times a week but I wanna do calisthenics for so many good reasons. I’m 32 and I have 2 kids. I need to be feeling younger and stronger at my age and as I keep aging, I just wanna feel stronger and stronger.

  5. I've been working out for a little over 2 years now and I've tried only weights and I got bored quickly then I saw Chris and what he did and I got hooked then from that day I never looked back only calisthenics baby and I proud to say by watch your vids man I can now do handstand and L-sit on the floor. Dude you truly changed my life can't to what to have in store for 2020

  6. hey Chris Heria, I'm a big fan of the channel and I have been using a lot of your videos to get myself into shape but I have also been using USN supplements and I'm getting mixed opinions on the dangers of using supplements, in your own opinion, do you think it's a good idea to use supplements, bear in mind I'm 16 years of age

  7. 52 weeks in the year and you had 51 videos. Does this mean there was one week you didn't post a video? Let me fire up the super computer and let it do the number crunching and i'll get back to y'all.

  8. Hey chris, you're a big Inspiration for many people. Keep making such a great content. You deserve the huge Amount of fans! Have a great start in the new year.

  9. Este canal es de lo mejor que he descubierto este año sin duda, seguí la rutina de Abs y logre ganar fuerza y marcar mi abdomen, y muchas mas rutinas geniales, gracias chris te seguiré durante 2020 y espero rutinas para mejorar Front Lever :p
    Sin duda 2019 un buen año

  10. @chrisheria
    Sir i m from india and i am your huge fan.. I just love the way you inspired people.
    Thank you so much for inspiring us.
    Lots of love from India..

  11. Last year i decided to start working out but .. im back know and i will never give up .thank u Chris u all ways inspire me wich me luck in 2020 puce .

  12. You changed my life forever man ,thanks for that I’m 13 and I’m gonna try to try to be an elite calisthenics athlete

  13. At the beginning of when I started watching you witch was in like May I could only do like 20 pushups now at the end I can do 50 non stop

  14. Congrats Chris on all of your success thus far! Just discovered you and became a fan only this year. The first video I saw was what you eat for the week. You help motivate me to hit the gym consistently and make better food choices. Let’s get Chris to 1 Million on IG! May 2020 be even better!

  15. แต่หน้าไม่ฝรั่งนะดูแนวเจ๊กนรกมากกว่าจับฉ่าย

  16. Chris Heria, the man who inspires me and all the THEN X Warriors out there to live in the best shape of our lives! 2020 will be another year. I and the rest will look forward to on another video of Chris and we will do what it takes to be at our best! Thank Chris Heria! Si yuus ma asi, salamat po, arigato! 😀

  17. Seen A Lot Of Improvement From You Man. Thank you for helping me in my fitness journey. Good to know you had a great 2019 and I wish an even better 2020 for you.😉

  18. Hi Chris! I reckon you're the most famous (the biggest fan base) calisthenics athlete on Youtube. Please never stop doing your great work. Also, it'd be great to see more skills tutorial in 2020, just like the old days of ThenX (before 2018), not just "fat burning" stuff. Thank you for reading and considering this 🙂

  19. Hope u have a good new years eve homie; best of luck 4 next year in your channel… I need to loose weight and I know 4 sure your videos will help me… Hope God blesses you w. More work, health, and a happy family…💯🍺🍻

  20. Definitely, he opened a door for me. I salute him for that, callisthenics is in my heart. I never knew it until I stumbled upon his videos 👍🏻

  21. Chris just wanted to say Thank you so much Watching your workout videos had really made me come into a better shape of my body and had made a better person Thank you so much bro keep doing what you’re doing you’re such an inspiration for me 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

  22. Chris, in 2019 I found your videos and, to be honest, that's the best thing that's ever happened this year. Because it helps get out of depression… You 're my inspiration. Thanks for being you.

  23. Amazing, I watched 90% of the videos, from workouts to tour, Hell workout to cardio, and techniques , I am a beginner but not for long time and thanks for that, most importantly In enjoy all your workouts, love you thenx atheletes, 2020 would be at whole another level

  24. Thank you for inspiring so many people to work on themself. Not only their physique, but also as a person. You do a great job, keep it on bro!

  25. Ay thanks so much man,
    Last year I used to weigh about 182 pounds at the age of 17 and didn’t have a life at all, Like I used to sit in bed and go to school and that’s about it.
    Early Jan of this year I saw your vids and started getting into calisthenics heavily, about 11 months later I’m 18 and happily at an all time low of 106 pounds.

    As I said, Thank you

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