Chris McDonald on Training Frequency

So as far as training frequency throughout the week, so like three days on, one day off, five days on two days off —as far as training frequency goes, a couple things that you have to expect is that people people have lives. So you know, what we’ve seen is generally you know, your first day coming off your rest day you feel pretty good. Day 2, starting to get a little bit sore, Day 3 can be you know, OK, now we’ve got multiple workouts we’re still recovering from, and then if you have that fourth and fifth day, it’s going to be hard to really bring intensity. With that said, obviously people’s work schedules, you’ve got to be accommodating in certain senses, but you also need—again coming down to coaching and having conversations with people—if they don’t have the ability to withstand the rigors of a CrossFit intent and work out five days in a week, then, you know, that fourth day you might need to program them some skill work to do on their own or some recovery work that they’re getting in there, and that’s again building the leadership inside your facility that people can trust you, it’s going to make your life really easy when you say, “Hey, dude, you don’t need a fourth workout, you need to go spend some time on some flexibility or working some hollow holds or work on your muscle-up progressions. Spend some time doing skill work because everybody can get better at that stuff. There’s so many things— you know, that’s a beautiful thing with CrossFit, is that you’re only limited by your creativity. And you spend some time around the adaptive community, that’s a very a big eye-opener. So if you have people coming in five days a week you know make sure you’re in touch with them and watch them. You see Day 4 and Day 5 and they’re just struggling through workouts, then five days of workouts probably isn’t appropriate, it’s not appropriate for me. I know for me, working out five days straight is rare, it rarely happens in a year for me. You know, sometimes every once in a while, it happens, but I’ve also been doing CrossFit for almost 10 years so I’ve built up the rigors of handling the intensity a little more than a lot of the other people that have started. So generally we see that three days on works really well, one day off and then three days on. That’s what has shown us for people to be able to psychologically and physiologically recover, so they can get intensity, and I think that, you know, that’s where as coaches and leaders you need to be able to have conversations with people and give them the why, of why sometimes it’s just totally appropriate to walk in push a prowler around a few times, spend some time rolling out, spend some time on some flexibility, spend some time on some skill work and go home and be good with it. But, you know, if you have a hard time communicating that or if you haven’t built that trust, you know, it’s gonna be tough.

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  1. Dude , you are so wrong,,, everyone can work out 5 days a week. It does not take years to build up. Americans need to quit being a bunch of pansies. Too bad coaches are driving this snowflake pansie mentality. Take off if life needs that, (family,friends, self , or rest, ) but not because its too much. What a wimp. I can only train 3 days. CT fletcher would laugh at him and so do I. Waiting for a response???

  2. Oh my , why do I have to deal with silly comments with no brains or common sense. You can get injured training on the first day. Frequency does not cause injury. improper technique , bad work out plan, and lack of proper stretching and warmup is what causes injury. Taking a day off does not prevent injury it just is a day off. Rest , relaxation , or family a day off is important but not to prevent injury. Injury is prevented by using wisdom in the workout.

  3. And yet games athletes can train 3/4 times a day after only doing CrossFit for a few years. I wonder how they do it lol. CrossFit doping policy link incoming.

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  5. 3 days on one day off if you continue this you wind up lets say M/Tu/Wed/ off/ Fri / Sat/Sunday. / Off Monday/ Tuesday Wed/ Thurs/ off Fri/ Saturday Sunday/ Monday.
    Here's the thing … Most crossfit boxes are closed on Sundays and have limited hours on Saturdays. One of the things I find annoying is that some places don't allow you to train on your own. It's almost like "enforced" community. I'd like to see more flexibility ….. but I'm new to crossfit but have been gym rat for over 50 years. I'm 73 now and crossfit rocks

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