Chrissy Metz’s Incredible Transformation

We’re checking in one one of the stars of
This Is Us, with a look at Chrissy Metz’s weight loss journey, along with the positivity
and gratitude she brings to every day of her life. On the sidelines When she first moved to Los Angeles, Metz
saw acting from a totally different viewpoint – that of a talent agent. According to Marie Claire, she became her
agent’s assistant after spending a few years auditioning for roles. Although it was a job, it wasn’t Metz’s reason
for moving to LA. She told Harper’s Bazaar, “Scheduling auditions for the talent was like
watching your boyfriend take out another woman every single day.” “When is the universe gonna give me a damn
break?” Luckily, Metz didn’t give up on her acting
ambitions. Landing Kate It’s near impossible to picture anyone else
playing Kate Pearson on This Is Us, but Metz had to hustle for the chance. “I think I was a lot like Kate in my earlier
years, before I was really secure with who I was and really knew that our bodies don’t
define us.” She told Deadline, “I desperately wanted an audition and begged
my agent for the opportunity to read for casting. This was a role that finally broke down the
real issues behind weight; inadequacy, codependent relationships and living in the shadows.” Contract deal “You have to wonder like ok, are people trying
to help me, do they really wanna help me, or do they wanna benefit from the situation. Maybe it’s both.” Although there has been speculation regarding
the details of Metz’s This Is Us contract, she told People that it includes nothing demanding
that she lose weight. “There were like a hundred strangers and I
was basically naked. So that’s a little nerve wracking. Very liberating however, but very nerve wracking.” But Metz revealed that healthy weight loss
was discussed as a part of her character’s journey. She told Ellen she was looking forward to
the challenge, saying, “Like most actors right, like we are chameleons,
so we play different roles… So I was kinda like, oh, I hope I get to lose
weight, cuz that’s like a win-win for me.” She shared with TVLine that having that accountability
to the show would help keep her on track with her – and Kate’s – health. Showing the love This Is Us not only features heartrending
topics, but it also highlights different perspectives. “A woman reached out and said oh my gosh for
the first time in my life I felt confident after seeing you.” “Wow.” “What?” “That’s terrific.” “It’s amazing!” Metz summed this up during an interview with
The Wrap, saying, “The show is educating people in that people
who are overweight don’t just sit in a corner eating themselves into oblivion. The food is the symptom, it’s not the issue.” And the show does even more for its audience;
it comforts them as well. “I cry in bathrooms with strangers. True.” “Really?” “Yes.” “That’s nice of you.” “I can’t help it. These stories that they, you know, tell me.” Metz says that’s exactly what TV is for – to
let fans know they’re not alone. “No, I’m always prepared to cry. For the record, it’s always right here.” Unapologetically herself As Metz becomes an even more influential voice
for women around the world, she continues to speak out for herself, as well. According to People, after appearing at the
MTV Movie & TV Awards in 2017, she received some negative comments on social media about
her look. But Metz fired back at the haters, tweeting,
“For the record, I wear what I want, when I want. News flash it’s MY body. Thanks tho.” This award-winning actress knows who she is
– and she stands up for it. Everyone can relate Life isn’t perfect – but that’s what makes
Metz and her show, This is Us, so special. Each character portrays a vulnerability that
many fans can easily recognize in themselves. Metz told Ellen, “I think everyone has shame about something,
whether it’s a lack of a relationship with a child or maybe their weight or a lack of
communication within their marriage. […] Everyone can relate to that.” “We’re all going through something, it doesn’t
matter how tall, thin, rich, y’know, poor we are, that we all want the same thing.” Metz, in particular, has been so open about
her own journey in life that it seems nearly impossible not to relate with her. And according to Glamour, her fans have been
vocal with their support. But don’t think that all of this success is
going to change this humble star. She told the magazine, “Sometimes I cry on the way to the set still. There is something that happens when you are
grateful: You continue to keep receiving blessings. So I will always be grateful.” “It goes beyond TV and it just goes to like
the human connection, and that for me is why I started acting.”

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  1. Hey guys! First comment 😂, can ya'll please check out my account. You don't have to but I'd highly apreciate it and would check your channel out too if you ask 😊❤ thanks guys x

  2. She's so pretty and I'm not just saying that to make people obese feel good. She honesty has a beautiful face. But I think I'm a way that people think if they gain weight thy will look like that but not always.

  3. Finally! showing that not every woman is a size 2>>educating media that we are amazing talented women just as Chrissy is ! The "Kate" role fits her like a glove! GO Chrissy..we love ya!

  4. If she helps just one person feel good about themself she has made a difference. All those being nasty.. when did you make someone feel good? 🙄

  5. I'm sorry but she needs to loose weight! It's not healthy to be that heavy. It appears her character isn't trying to loose weight anymore and that's sad. This isn't a slam on people who are large, it's a fact that the heart can't handle pumping that much blood through a human body when their weight exceeds the normal size. I'm not saying she needs to be a size zero just a healthy size so that she can live a long life and have a long career. Just my thoughts.

  6. You know that shot from her show when they show her getting on the scale, topless from the back? Did they photoshop that or something? It looks really strange all smooth like that. Fat people have rolls on the back; even people who are just overweight have rolls. Where are hers?

  7. The transformation is from agent’s assistant to actor. Not from morbidly obese fat person to a healthy, sustainable, weight. Sad, her lifespan is going to be severely limited by her significant obesity.

  8. Fat bitch hasnt lost a single pound from start to finish all bull shit proper-gander. Perfect candidate for a stroke or heart attack but in todays society shes a beautiful confident healthy positive woman. Disgusting, John Doe said it best in Se7en. If that bitch sat opposite you in a restaurant you wouldnt be able to finish your meal. She needs to drop 200lb at least.

  9. Only the Liberals will try to convince you that it's ok to be fat as fuck. They try to kill you in all different directions, what a crock. Also, when you are that fucking fat and you say, I'm comfortable in my body, seriously, are you being honest with yourself. Do yourself a favor and work hard and lose the weight or blow your brains out, please don't stick around being a blimp saying it's ok and being a bad example and influence. There is enough bullshit in society now than to add another lie to it.

  10. She needs help now. So many scary health issues, foot, back, heart, diabetes. I don't understand eating disorder but surely she can afford help now.

  11. It is crazy how most of you are so worried about someone else's problems and putting the next one down.. yet then we wonder what the hell is wrong with America!! If only yous can focus all this energy on to your own damn life….. Everyone of us are flawed somehow!!! Worry about your own kettles before stirring the next ones 🙂 !!!!!! Sure she is a bigger lady. But her face and her heart is as pure and as beautiful as the next!!!!!! Like reallllly…Put your nose back on your own damn face..!! And be kind!!!! This world has enough issues and chaos without stupid unnecessary comments about ones looks!!!!!!!! My goodness!!!!!

  12. Not sure how accurate about women being confident seeing her……………..She needs to work on her weight issues. Being morbidly obese may not define one as a person, but it will affect the quality of life. As it is why she's somehow defensive.


  14. How come everyone who is morbidly obese says, “why do we have to be defined by our body size ?”
    NEWSFLASH !!!!! Because your body size is disgusting !!

  15. Chrissy has the face of a model gorgeous eyes, perfect skin, glowing, love her confidence, that said I do hope she loses weight for her own health because I admire her as an actress and want her to be around for a long time.

  16. When your a big girl it takes time and at Chrissy's size to lose all that weight. Most likely about a year to get Chrissy where she wants to be. You just don't wake up one morning and 200 pounds are gone ! Anyone that's had 50 lbs or more to lose knows that it takes time. Lay off and give Chrissy time, she'll get there. She's going to be stunning because Chrissy is already beautiful. Can you imagine when you can see that Chrissy's body starts to get shapely ?! Go girl do it for "You" no one else. 😁👍🏼💕🎉

  17. Me, me, me sounds like a super obese person. You have to eat and eat to stay that size for sure. She was just on Jimmy Fallon and she's bigger than ever. You have to move more than you take in it's not rocket surgery.

  18. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone this big in person. I’ll bet she’s 600 lbs. I don’t know how she can stand up for more than a minute or two. I hate it for her. Wish she’d get serious about this but she never will. And she will probably die of morbid obesity.

  19. I love her, she’s absolutely stunning! so I hope we don’t lose her at an early age due to health issues..I feel it’s a matter of time due to her weight.
    I also thought I read that she had a contract to have/ and go through bypass for the show, so it shows the transformation

  20. The title was misinforming. Transformation to me means look at how I was then and look at me now. She's beautiful and sweet & very talented. But let's not act like we dont see what we see. The transformation is in the other direction.

  21. Saw her on a talk show before the show started this year and she definitely looked bigger. It is a shame because she is beautiful and a great actress. Being morbidly obese is one the most dangerous health conditions though and I am praying that she helps herself to get at least half of that weight off…..hey, Melissa McCarthy did it. 👍👍👍

  22. sadly, she is so obese that her life will be cut much shorter.  your heart can't take that kind of weight and, as young as she is, it is sad.  she is a beautiful woman….

  23. What transformation?? She's still as massively HUGE as ever! She has plenty of money to hire personal trainers and anything else she wants, so WHY doesn't she do anything about her extreme obesity?? It's ridiculous.

  24. I love the scene when the character of Kate goes with Toby to a restaurant to meet his co-workers and they opted to sit in a booth and she acknowledges the fact that waiting for a table is because she can't fit in a booth

  25. She seems like a lovely person but her weight is going to give her a heart attack. Overweight is one thing but she is obese. I don’t know how she gets around

  26. What's amazing is that she is still breathing….Her obesity will put her in an early grave. Oh well, live and let live. Eat on Metz.

  27. Having been over 300 lbs myself I have wondered where she gets the energy from & how she can do those long hours of acting work. How does she even get around at all? I would think with her income & insurance that they would be helping her every way possible to get her healthy & thinner. Great that she has self confidence but she also needs health.

  28. Finally something about mental transformation and self-accepting rather than a body transformation! You go girl!!!

  29. I don't know ! too much political correctness is doing nothing but hiding the truth and hurting everybody. I don't see any transformation whatsoever, the woman is obese and if she keeps going down this path she will die sooner than later. So keep on lying to her …. with this weight her future is dismal

  30. Another land whale, living in fantasyland on the corner of denial and shame. It's so fabulous and inspirational not being able to wipe your own ass..

  31. Absolutely Love her! She is sweet on this is us and seems just as sweet in person! They picked an amazing cast for This is us and I am hooked!

  32. I love her but her weight is getting worse. It’s just not healthy to be that obese. I certainly could lose a few pounds as many of us could but it’s just not the image that should be put out there. There’s overweight and then morbidly obese.

  33. She is beautiful. I have shame or guilt about my failing to lose weight for my health. I want to self love ❤️ a lot more to last longer , move easier and without so much effort. Also, I believe my body was designed to feel better. That said, I keep trying . One day I’ll get there. I don’t have a drop dead gorgeous expressive face like this woman….but whatever my face looks like, I’m glad to have it because it’s all mine.

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