100 Replies to “Chumlee Goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex”

  1. He coulda bought the same vans anywhere else for like 60 bucks I have the same pair in black not leather but still they were like 55 the fuck they charging 115?

  2. the most shittiest episode ever 😂 bought two pairs of shoes worth a hundred bucks, tried them on in the fucking store 😂 the store only has a wall full of shoes 😂 joe la puma looks young asf but wears the latest sneakers and no cap this video is 5 minutes 😂

  3. until I find a person who buys tennis because he really likes them, not like others who only do it because they are superior. buying ugly and expensive collaborations.

  4. Dude don't know his shoes. I saw the episode where he scammed the dude for the 5s. He said mj won his first title in them…no. Everyone knows it was the black 6s. He's a goofy fucker anyways

  5. Why am I watching this I've never brought shoes that were more then 30 dollars LOL. Plus I only have 2 pairs of shoes which the total cost combined are like 40 dollars 😅😅😅.
    Sorry that's my final price I'm not going any higher then that. Ok then I give in its a DEAL . 😅😅

  6. this is lowkey one of the best sneaker shoppings. doesn't get as much hype as some of the others, but you can tell he really loves the game.

  7. i dont get it ..these dudes are millionaires amd coming thru and spwnding like 300.00? wtf ..if i got mills and we on tv..best believe im droppin a bag!

  8. Who doesn’t collect sneakers but they watch videos of people collecting them

    Like if u do

  9. Este wuey ni sabe de nada el conductor solo le da el avión jaja pinches tenis viejos que llevo se paso de verga que no mame

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