Cleveland Police are searching for a missing 30-year-old EMT worker who is believed to be in danger.

Lachelle Jordon was reported missing Sunday by her twin sister, who last saw Jordan the day before at Jordan’s home, Cleveland police said in a statement.

The sister, Rachelle Jordan, told police that at 6:00 p.m. Saturday, Lachelle told her she was going out to her car to buy something. Later, the sister went upstairs to put Lachelle Jordan’s 8-year-old and 4-year-old children to bed when she realized Lachelle Jordan was missing from the house, where Rachelle Jordan had been staying lately, police said.

The twin sister told police that Lachelle Jordan even forgot her cell phone. Police said the house where the two were staying was also shot at on Sunday.

Lachelle Jordan, who works for City of Cleveland EMS, was last seen wearing a blue and white East Cleveland Fire Department hoodie with the letters ECFD on the back and logo on the front, pants tie-dyed tracksuits green and white with colors of the rainbow. Crocodiles, police said.

Lachelle Jordan has asthma and uses an inhaler, police said.

Her sister told police that Lachelle Jordan has a court case against a man named Michael Stennett and was scheduled to testify against him on Wednesday.

A family member told the CBS affiliate WOIO-TV that Lachelle Jordan was expected to testify in a rape case involving 65-year-old Stennett. He was charged in 2022 with two counts of rape and one count of kidnapping, WOIO reported.

According to WOIO, Cleveland Municipal Court records showed Stennett was arrested Monday after a warrant was issued for his arrest for violating an order of protection while committing multiple felonies, including threatening to stalk.

Cleveland police told WOIO in a statement after Stennet’s arrest: “There is no information connecting him to this missing persons case at this time.”

Cuyahoga County District Attorney Michael C. O’Malley said Monday, “This case was scheduled for final pretrial today, no trial date has been set,” WOIO reported.

Mark Barrett, president of the Cleveland EMS Union, earlier said someone had been harassing and threatening Lachelle Jordan at work and it got so bad that her supervisor took her off the field, WOIO reported.

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