CLOSE GRIP PRESS | Triceps | How-To Exercise Tutorial

hey what’s up dudes and girls were here in the gym with a single exercise tutorial and today we’re gonna be doing the Close Grip press now The Closer your press is very much similar to a bench press and as you can tell we’re set up here on the bench press the barbell in the flat position now it’s just much like the name explains the Close Grip press is the close grip press so instead of a normal press where you do slightly outside shoulder-width here there can be closing in the grip just about shoulder width or maybe even slightly more narrow depending on how comfortable it is for you but for me it’s most comfortable if I do just about shoulder width here get a nice grip on the barbell when we go through a couple reps here so you can see what it looks like now you get if you rep here we’re going to kind of go over it down what is the differences between this and a normal press now like we just said of course immediately you’re gonna be closing in the grips that’s one thing that’s different the similar things are you want to of course retract the scapula to bring the chest up depress the shoulder so immediately it’s going to help stabilize that shoulder joint throughout the motion but as you can tell when you’re in this position with the closed grip when you’re bringing that barbell down the barbell is me riding slightly lower than the normal press here has a normal benchpress so as soon as that grip closes in your elbows are going to be running narrow close to the body but also the barbell is then running a little bit lower on the body as well as you can tell I’m normal press here if you down to the sternum just like she’ll and then pressing up is the close grip the elbows are running tight and now can be slightly lowered on the bottom here and get that full press full extension and get squeezed the top position here so immediately the activation is slightly different than a normal benchpress your triceps and the activate is a bit more do the closed position here the lower angle on the body and you want to really concentrate on the full extension the top position to get a nice contraction in the triceps so when you want to try to focus on aiming a bit more strength in the triceps try the close grip bench press here it’s still a compound movement but you’re focusing a bit more on the triceps that way you can feel that in a bit more strength through that pushing motions triceps but still utilize the front delts and also the chest in the movement so that’s pretty much it for the Close Grip press um just make sure Peter flat on the floor it hit securely on the bench you’d have a slight arch in the back but the main point of contact of course is going to be the upper back to keep that push and that’s pretty much it pretty simple exercise you’re familiar with the bench press then you’ll be you know give this down fairly quickly so next time you want to gain some strengthening the triceps in a big compound movement try the close grip bench press and you think so hopefully enjoyed this tutorial we got a lot more coming and we also filmed a lot more in the past so if you have any ones you want to check out this should be in the catalogue and until next time stay Bob we

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  1. Hey BuffDudes, just want to say a big THANK YOU to you guys! Your contents have always been top notch over these years. When I need fitness related advice, I would turn to your channel. Appreciate it!

  2. Hey! Great tutorial series you got here! Can you please upload next episode with technic explanation of Seated delts press with DB?

  3. i've been watching you guys for years, never fail. Keep these up i'd like to see a lot more of these exercises. Even though i've been working out for a while now I still like to watch these and make sure i'm doing everything correctly.

  4. Love the buff dudes but he missed a few things. Retract shoulder blades, dont let bar touch chest to emphasize triceps over pecs, his arms were a little too flared out & he didnt say contract at top.

  5. If you lower the bar further than the sternum it's going to activate more front delt though. French press or OHP is better alternative for triceps I think

  6. Does it matter if i use a EZ Curl bar instead of a normal bar? Because i like to superset these with Skullcrushers.

  7. Is it really worth to incorporate close-grip bench into your routine to increase your bench if your triceps are a bit laggy? Or just stick to more regular bench with more volume

  8. Is it strange that I feel my chest more on close grip bench? I feel it mostly in the triceps, but i also barely feel my chest at all with standard width grip.

  9. I've stayed in the gym for 2 months, 15 days I was doing some generic trainning that the teacher made to me, I got 0 results. But then, out of nowhere, I found this amazing channel, I started doing some of the exercises you and your brother showed on the videos, and oh boy… in 15 days I got + 3 kilos of pure muscle (I think it is 6 lbs). Thank you very much! Next time I hit the gym I know where to find the good stuff.

  10. Hey does this good too for building my inner chest ? is it effective ? because I'm lagging my inner chest
    Nice video as always Buff Dudes..

  11. Exactly what I was looking for. One question – should I use this exercise in the same workout as the regular bench press?

  12. Without a doubt one of my all time favorite exercises and i am so much stronger with a narrow grip than a regular press for some reason.

  13. For anyone interested, this is the exercise that'll change your upper body.

    I incorporated this exercise into my routine about 6 years ago. Up until then, I was using kick backs/rope pushdowns and skull crushers/overhead tricep extension. The close-grip doesn't sculpt but it does generate mass and the strength and endurance you gain in the triceps translate to the normal bench press movement because it is in itself, a bench-press movement. As a result, I was able to lift heavier and do more reps which helped me gain more mass on my chest, anterior/medial deltoids as well.

    Be real careful with any bench-press movement though. Make sure you keep your shoulders down and depressed in the movement and frequently stretch and strengthen your rotator cuff muscles..otherwise you're going to end up with impingement and other rotator cuff tendon injuries. Your stabilizers need to be strong. I screwed up in that regard but I'm rehabilitating that issue.

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