College InstaModel Gets Chiropractic Adjustment Loud Crack For Knee Pain

Hi this is dr. Scott Hoar and this week’s
treatment Tuesday we’re gonna be with Brooke Lewis Brook is a student at
Florida Atlantic University and she also does a little bit of fitness modeling
and she’s been telling me that she’s been dealing with a couple of knee
issues So Brooke, tell me what’s going on Yes, I have really bad knee problems it
stops me from walking across campus too far, I’ll start to have knee pains.
There’s limitations to my workouts I can’t do squats if it’s not on the Smith
machine just to catch me in case my knee gives out on me and I can’t do lunges
with too heavy like too much weight on the sides because my knee will give out
on me. There’s constant cracking and rubbing and I literally can crack my
knee every time I like bring it up and down Wow Yea Okay was there ever a mechanism of injury like a trauma? I been a cheerleader and I ran track so I
think it was just like wear and tear it just progressed over time Have you ever gone to a doctor that diagnosed your knee with any particular injury? I’ve been to multiple doctors and they all said nothing was wrong with my knee
and seems like something’s wrong with your knee yeah I mean and what have you
tried? I wear knee wrap I iced my knee. it’s
definitely discouraging, to say the least. I feel like it just sets me back when I
get older. I feel like it’s only getting worse. it’s not it’s definitely not
getting better so I just don’t want to have like future problems with my knee. You like working out a lot? Love working out How do you have to change your
workout because of the knees? I have to go lighter in weight, I stay away from squatting, I stay away from dead lifting I stay away from hip presses I don’t want to completely cut those exercises off, those are the best ones Right, those
are those are important compounds yeah How does the knee impact you in other
parts of daily life? I’ll just have random knee pains even when I’m sleeping. I’ll wake up in over my knee I can’t go on long runs and this is both of your knees yes I think I could think I could say that my right is worse Have you ever received chiropractic care before? I have not, I’ve never been to a
chiropractor Okay, are you nervous or anything like that? Definitely nervous but I have a lot of hope in you Good, what in particular are you nervous about? I can go paralyzed for all I know Right, okay, it’s just like fear something
catastrophic. Yes we’re gonna do a full examination and check you out and and
give you appropriate treatments so hopefully you’re not gonna let
any catastrophic happen with you today I’m really excited to get this started
and I want to crack my knee right now! all right well let’s get started Okay so I’m gonna start by feeling around with the muscles of your neck and just seeing
how you’re doing we’re gonna go all the way head down to toe as we work towards
your knees okay good and I’m gonna start just by feeling for
tension in the muscles so you can calm down it’s okay that’s normal too and so
this is a myofascial release technique so what I’m doing is I’m feeling what
muscles are tighter than other muscles that could be impacting the movement of
your neck and she did say that she’s got some stiffness and some discomfort in
both her neck and her lower back so we’re gonna be addressing that on the
way down to treating her knees yeah releasing so so with a myofascial
release as I’m feeling for which muscles have the tension I’m actually releasing
it as well that’s why she’s noticing that it’s
feeling pretty good a lot of the tension in those muscles huh yeah good am I still like fighting you right
now no you’re doing great and now what I start doing is feeling
for the movement in the joints and whenever you have restrictions and the
capsule of the joint that that impacts how you move and control your body so I
want to know can you tell this when we go to this side your neck moves really
nicely and there’s even some balance at the end it’s great when we go right over
here yeah that’s why there is that release
but I would actually like to do in that cajuste Minh to that segment right there
all right are you comfortable with me doing that yeah okay cuz you’re allowed
to say no no why would I say no some people do alright so we’re gonna go
right over here and then though there’s gonna be a little thrust okay oh and now
you feel that bounciness we’re good that’s that’s cleaning up that joint and
the movement in there good and there’s a little bit right there you feel that
yeah you ready yeah good yeah just a little
guy all right all right so now I’m just feeling around
here plenty of stiffness right there oh you feel that I’m talking about okay so I’m gonna give a little thrust
over here as well good I’ll bit right there
breathe out okay head back to neutral you doing okay yeah
how are you liking this three okay alright I’m gonna see how your hips are
moving little stiff right there not too bad try to relax I’ll tell you what I’m
gonna do something I’m okay alright I actually do want to mobilize your hip
down a little bit like that as I go into external rotation cuz I’m not really
liking your hips ability to move and since we’re about to be dealing with
your knees how your how your hip moves has a huge impact on how your knee feels
all right muscle test I’m gonna push down like that don’t let me go oh yeah
and ready go not so good pushing there ready go a lot
stronger right yeah okay so what we’re gonna do is do an adjustment to the
segment where the nerves that come out of there actually control the hamstring
so it’s indicating your hamstring being weak is indicating that hey there might
be something going around here and you’re going on in your lower part of
your spine so I want you to turn on your side this side up facing me so this is
your first little back adjustment huh yeah can you can you tell you just seem
nervous it feels really good yeah yeah it’s cured yes alright so like I said
the l5 segment which is right here that’s where the nerves come outside
control that hamstring so what I’m gonna do is bring you over here and there will be a little thrust okay
deep breath yeah go facedown let’s see what it did
muscle test push in there don’t let me go way stronger yeah alright bring up
bring your knee up no just like that I’m gonna push it down into the table don’t
let me do that go not good again this guy pushing down let’s do both of those
again pushing down okay and this guy down a little bit more pushing down
super weak huh alright turning this head again so that
time your glutes tested weak alright so the nerves that come a little closer out
of the spine kind of towards the sacrum is is what we’re gonna want to adjust
this time and deep breath breathe that out good
pace down so notice there wasn’t that big release big crack and let’s test
here freeze up pushing down don’t let me go but it was way stronger so the crack
is not the indicating factor that hey this was a successful maneuver this was
not a successful maneuver so great why don’t you flip round on your back all
right I’m feeling for how your hips move don’t like this your right hip is a
little stiff into external rotation okay if your hip can’t move well it puts
abnormal torque on your knee so that’s probably a contributing factor to what’s
going on here so I’m going to do a quick little adjustment where basically I take
your hip and then I’ll do a little gank like that okay relax I’m trying good
and you’ll notice already it externally rotates a little bit better yeah it
doesn’t mean it’s fixed but it’s important to get a little bit more range
of motion especially for the second phase of your treatment today the
progressive rehabilitation since we’re taking some of these imbalances in your
body and we’re producing them and then we’re going to start changing kind of
your muscle memory how you control and move your body which is going to make
the lasting difference for you okay muscle test pushing down don’t let me
ready go again this one ready go not stronger right yeah so turn face that
way perfect turn your head up yeah good so what tested week there was the
rectus femoris okay which is one of your hip flexor muscles and most of the
innervation comes out of right there so we’re gonna do little manipulation
okay breathe out good and lay on your back push in there don’t let me go
Wow much better huh good pushing down out like that don’t let me okay
that’s really bad down and out don’t let me nothing there okay
both of those were weak I’m gonna pull just this leg towards me like that don’t
let me ready go okay wait do that again I wasn’t
concentrated ready go alright this guy ready go
both of those felt a little weak to me I’m gonna push down and in don’t let me
go not good down and in don’t let me know
I’ve been living well really that’s a good question like is this the worst
you’ve ever seen not even close oh wow pushing out like that delight me
ready go again not good okay I’m gonna spin it out like that
don’t let me do that ready go again so that was a little stronger than this one
wasn’t it yeah okay turn on your side face so what we’re trying to do is get
all these nerves and all these stabilizing forces of your lower back
your pelvis and your hips firing first before we worry about your knee because
there’s probably a lot of contributing factors to your knee issues from
instabilities in your low back and core deep breath hey then out good man you’re
back pulling out like that and allow me ready
go and it was already better wasn’t it okay let’s test some of these other ones
that were weak earlier pushing down now don’t let me ready go
strong yes yes down it out ready to go much better pushing down and don’t let
me good wow this way good okay so the left ankle doors he flexes a lot
easier than the right angle have you ever noticed that no I’ve never
heavy did you ever injure this ankle no not that I know of okay that could very
well be a another contributing factor we’ll do some muscle tests I want your
foot up and in like that hold it right there
I’m gonna push from this side doing that don’t let any go good point and in hold
it right there I’m pushing from right here don’t let me
okay ready go and that’s not strong is it yeah okay feet are little flat not
too bad I’m gonna do a little navicular
adjustment here see if we can’t get your foot function improving a little bit so
hold on to the table I’m gonna yank you’re here like that don’t let me okay
mm-hmm and relax your foot okay let it go Sam focusing on so much yeah it’s
okay good okay now point and in hold it right there I’m
pushing from right here don’t let me ready go
and I would say that’s not improved so I’m gonna grab activator device hold on
one second it’s just a nice instrument that I like using because it’s very very
specific yeah let it go till now nervous oh okay
pointing and in hold it right there push him right here ready go that’s a
little bit better it’s not perfect up and in hold it right there I’m gonna
push him right there don’t let me go that’s great
pointing and out I’m gonna push him right there okay don’t let me ready go
yeah that’s good all right so still a little bit weak really towards your your
posterior tibialis posterior muscle over here in your foot which does attach up
to the calf so it impacts the knee that’s probably why my calves are small
you have small calves yeah they won’t grow all right I’m gonna do one more
adjustment here okay on the foot try your best to relax okay it’s not easy huh no I’m really ticklish
oh that’s what’s happening oh yeah tickling good all right
and now we check your dorsal flexion which is way better already
good and I’ll point it in hold it right there push from right here don’t let me
ready go and that’s stronger Wow there you go
let’s check on the other side here up and out hold it right there I’m pushing
from right there don’t let me great pointing and out push from right there
don’t let me great pointing and in push from right here don’t let me uh-huh same
one was weak wasn’t it mm-hmm up and in push from right here don’t let me again
and that’s kind of weak too okay relax okay we’ll do the navicular adjustment
try to relax that foot okay Oh relax is that what it is is that what you work
not really I don’t think so that thing scares me yeah point and in
hold it right there push him right here don’t let me a little bit better
pointing and in push him right there don’t let me go good and I’m gonna give
you one more little gank here okay okay let it go let it go there you go all
right good okay now finally we get to the
knees all right so your your flexion range of motions awesome
so is your extension it’s actually a little hyper any discomfort when I do
that no okay I’ll check you over here to same deal so the range of motion is just
fine we’ll do a little bit of orthopedic testing to make sure you have integrity
with your ligaments try to let it go relax that’s fine so I’m gonna do another muscle test here
with your foot it’s kind of turned in here I’m gonna spin it out don’t let me
do that go and that’s a little bit weak same sort of thing turn foot turned in
I’m gonna spin it out don’t let me go that’s just a little bit weak okay so
we’ll do a quick little knee adjustment there and now we’ll do that same muscle
test spinning out don’t let me readygo and that was a little stronger one
they’re a lot stronger same deal over here good let that go good I’m gonna
spin your foot out don’t let me go much stronger all right so that’s a good
start now I’m gonna actually check out the meniscus within the knee and see if
there’s any fixation or restriction right there it’s moving just fine let it
go here so it’s pretty good there we’ll check another spot of the meniscus it’s
almost like it goes too far you feel how far it’s spinning yeah there’s a certain
amount that your shin bone the tibia should be able to spin or rotate on your
knee yours is going too far so I need Martian bone you need more
stability in your knee to limit the inappropriate motion good that’s fine
all right let’s check out this knee does that make sense yeah I go what
you’re saying too much motion is that common common okay that means no well
sure it’s common that doesn’t mean it’s okay yeah cause people with knee pain
yeah all right good so now what we’re gonna
do is we’re gonna start your progressive rehabilitation and make sure we’re
giving you exercises that allow you to stay with a neutral good posture of your
knee while moving it versus rotating all over the place okay okay
sounds good all right let’s go okay so now we’re gonna start our progressive
rehabilitation we went through the chiropractic treatment and we found
plenty of imbalances right in in how she was moving her body and we got a lot of
things firing so that’s good there’s this little window for about 30 to 60
minutes where her body is moving really really well so now we want to do the
progressive rehabilitation so that we can actually change kind of her muscle
memory her posture so we actually have lasting positive benefits going forward
so obviously what I was saying was the rotation of the knee is excessive and
not helping her meniscus and I really do think that’s what this issue is this is
a meniscus yeah I think I used to say I tore my meniscus yet it never came up
sure and so what we want to do is make sure her hip moves as well as possible
so that it minimizes extra forces rotational forces on her knee what did
you think of that first exercise the single leg glute bridge I didn’t think
it was gonna be hard at first I’m like okay I always like this is easy work for
me and then it ended up being harder than what I expected
definitely a lot harder yeah could you feel the difference in this stability
from one to the other yes for sure and then we did the
correction where I had you push from the outside yeah so that’s we call that a
core activation once you turned on those core activators suddenly you’ve had way
better stability and control yep right and it became easier you don’t actually
have ideal posture and positioning while you’re moving
true cuz sometimes I fall over when I’m doing like lunges not like fall over but
I’ll lose like my balance yeah okay so pop your pelvis up good and now
what I want you to do is go forward with your pelvis the second exercise the side
plank what was that like for you deadly literally broke out of sweat I
struggled with that is neutral okay and it was so foreign to you yeah to get in
that position and you could feel gravity is trying to put lateral movement into
your spine into your hips into your pelvis even into your knee right now and
you’re learning to have the stability and the control to not allow it so this
is lateral stability and control got it so this is a good exercise for you to be
doing I think I’ll have ABS back to those well it’s actually a wonderful ABS
actress yeah seriously okay what do you think I feel like a million bucks
yeah like seriously I feel a lot better I can’t wait to like go and workout but
you have some stuff to work on right now yes I do I’m gonna go home and work on
my exercises so what would it be like for you to actually have stability and
control in your hip I feel like it would be life changing for sure because I’d be
able to do everything I can’t do and that’s the reason for it all after all
glad we figured it out yeah we did find there was some instability in the in the
right hip as well as some stiffness in the right hip well that’s what happens
and you know it’s not unique to you yeah as we live our daily lives whether we’re
super active like you or we’re inactive we develop these imbalances yes and if
you don’t have somebody to go to to find them out then they just become bigger
and bigger imbalances to the point where they they can cause either pain injury
premature arthritis and degenerative changes and that sort of thing
identifying these dysfunctions but then being able to address it yeah it’s just
a big deal I recommend you do those exercises daily right now certainly do
them before you’re active that way it kind of Prime’s your stabilizers so you
can actually move better cool got it what does your life look like going
forward with with healthy knees feel like I’ll become stronger
just in general I’ll be more toned to everything everything that I’m like
trying to shoot for I’ll be able to do not just like like lifestyle activeness
all of it yeah I’ll be able to go on walks and not struggle I’ll be able to
do the weight that everyone else does so coming into this experience you were
pretty nervous what was your experience and how do you
feel about it now that you’re on this side of it it literally didn’t hurt at
all I was even asking people like asking my friends like hey have you guys ever
been to a chiropractor how bad does it hurt and like even some of them are like
uh it depends like the hips hurt blah blah blah blah saying like different
things so even when you were like well I’m gonna rotate your hip I was like oh
god this is the part where I’m going to scream it did not hurt like on a scale
of pain wise one to ten it was like literally a two okay and hurt it was
more of like a relief feeling like I literally feel like I lost weight from
all the air bubbles no matter pressure yeah going down in your system I
definitely recommend it that’s great yeah right well thank you so much thank
you our patient today I hope you feel better as a result of this and of course
if there’s anything we can do for you going forward please let us know you can
find Brooke on Instagram it’s Brooke Lewis with 3 s’s and of course thank you
for watching don’t forget to hit the like button leave a comment below and
hit the subscribe button look for our next treatment next Tuesday

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  1. Hey Doc, i really like your videos. You Are doing a great Job! My question might seem odd, but after watching this Video in particular I was a little curious. When you are treating these ladys and touch them for example in the butt area or stuff like that has there ever been someone that was like „whatcha doing“ or do they all know and expect that its part of the treatment? Dont call me a weirdo, i was just wondering and maybe im not the only one 😂 Love from Germany 🇩🇪

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