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Hey guys this is Michele Kolker and I’m
here with Orangetheory Fitness head trainer, Carmen Bellofatto, one of my favorite people on this Planet, at one of my
favorite 92127 locations. Any busy mom that takes their kids with school and works
this is the place to come to get your stress out, bond with the community. Love-love-love it here. Carmen, tell me a tiny bit about the concept for those who might not have
here. Sure, so Orangetheory pretty much means our coaches coach you into the orange zone for a certain amount of minutes. Our
workout is heart rate based, so you wear a heart rate monitor throughout the whole
hour of class so you get to see what zone you’re in throughout the whole hour of
class. We also use weights and we use a rowing machine it’s a water rower which
a lot of people are new to that. We play great music there’s a coach on a
mic there to help you guide you through the the whole workout and you get the
energy of the room and the rest of your members and friends that are there
working out with you. What if you’re one of those people that is embarrassed cause
you don’t work out a lot? What kind of fitness level do you need to be? What really brought me to this workout is it is fit for everybody so you know we have
people who run we have people who power walk we have people with jog even if you
have any orthopedic injuries or things like that we have a bike as an option
for that and our coaches are great they they’re really trained to be able to
give you whatever option you need to really make it the best workout for you
and we realize everybody comes in at different levels and also we love that and embrace that. Just thought of another side benefit, if
you travel they have Orangetheory fitness studios all over. We just
came back from Louisville Kentucky and I passed one (almost went in) so, it’s my
understanding that they have the same workouts across the nation .So you know
what you’re going to get and and yet you’re always getting something different and really
amazing benefits as well. Anyways, do you get just lastly, do you get a
first-time, first week, how does it work for someone that comes in? So for local residents,
your first workout’s always free. If you have somebody who’s a member, you know,
always fun to come with friends or you can bring a friend as long as they’re
San Diego resident, their first workout’s free, so whether you live in San Diego or not, find your local Orangetheory so you check it out and see what it’s all about. Awesome thanks Carmen! Bye!

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