Conscious Evolution

Namaskar. Today, I’d like to
talk about conscious evolution, how to
evolve consciously. According to yogic texts,
the goal of human life, the goal of human
being is to run after and attain limitlessness. It means the final
purpose of our life is supremely positive. Human beings, we are
different from all other beings, whose minds
are dominated by instinct and they’re not
aware of their existence. In Sanskrit, the word
for a human being is “manushya” – a mind
preponderant being. So we are aware
of our existence. However, sometimes we
act in such a way, you know, seeing all the suffering
and injustice in the world… Some people think, actually,
we’re even less evolved than animals, because of
sometimes our behavior and the way we think. So in this video, I’d like
to outline what the yogic texts describe as the
3 levels of human being, evolutionary levels and
how we can transcend or grow from
one to the other. Although, we’re all the
same, we have the same – 7 billion human
beings on this planet – the same body, torso,
arms, legs, hands, feet… We’re different mentally. And that mental
difference is what distinguishes us
one from the other. And in the yogic
texts the 3 levels are: human in animal form,
human in human form, human in divine form. I will explain
them one by one. So most us, we… it’s
safe to say, that we have this… we’re dominated
by sensual pleasures or physical pleasures like
animals: eating, sleeping, procreating… And, so, many of
our activities in our leisure time are
related to that types of… those types of activities. Whether it be drinking,
smoking, taking drugs, watching TV,
video games, playing video games and
gossiping and so on. And the other
time of our life, out of our leisure time, we’re
normally working and providing
food for our family, our dependents,
our loved ones. So mostly our
whole life is a physically based existence. And some people use
their life to harm others, cheat others,
exploit others. So, this physical based
existence is because our current world
philosophies do not point in any other direction,
they’re all materially based. And so, we don’t have
a new way of thinking or new direction
to go otherwise. And this ignorance
has led us to the current crises we face
on this planet. Whether it be
climate or energy, water, economics, health…
just to name a few. So the yogic texts,
they say that one… when one develops
a strong desire to step out of this or to know
what’s beyond a physical based existence,
that material existence, they start to ask the
questions “Who am I? “Where have I come from? “What is my purpose in life? “What is this
universe?” and so on. Otherwise, we remain in
this physical level and we live mostly in this
way, in varying degrees. Not everybody is
exactly the same, but in varying degrees
dominated by sensual and physical pleasures. So when these
desires are this… That’s why in the
Ananda Sutra the text says “Muktaya
kayumkaya Sadhguru prapti”. It means when there’s a
strong desire, a vehement desire for liberation,
to know the truth, then that person comes in
contact with a true guru, a true preceptor,
spiritual teacher that points the way
towards the attainment of limitlessness. So, this is a
significant moment in the life of that person. They may learn a spiritual
technique of meditation, they’re introduced
to the 10 principles of conscious living,
which are in this channel called yama and niyama. And they begin to
practice their meditation. I remember when I was 19,
I was very dissatisfied with the knowledge that
I had from, you know, my background, my
upbringing and I started to search for more. I had everything
physically, there was no problem,
mentally, academically, everything was okay,
but there was a type of dryness, a type of
vacuum or emptiness inside. Something spiritual was
missing and so that caused me to search
looking for more meaning. So, I studied
Eastern philosophy and I experimented with
drugs to see if there was some answer there also. And one day when
my university friend said “Would you
like to come to a talk, “there’s a yogi
visiting the University?” I said “Yeah, let’s go,
let’s have a look.” And then when
we went to the talk everything he
said it was answering many of my questions. And I was really,
really satisfied with what he had to say. And from there I
learned meditation and until today, I’m still
practicing that meditation. So this is a significant
moment in our life and we start to live as
human beings should: loving others, serving
others, loving ourself, not to be greedy,
keeping cleanliness, the 10 yamas and niyamas. Briefly, they are
non-injury, truthfulness, non-stealing,
non-greediness, non-attachment and
cleanliness, contentment, serving others selflessly,
studying and understanding spiritual literature and
meditation on the universal consciousness, daily. These are, briefly, the
10 yamas and niyamas. So as we do
meditation, we start… our whole
outlook of life changes. Our psychology
changes slowly and gradually. We see ourselves in a
more meaningful way and our role
becomes more clear, what we should do. So, our life takes on
a more rich relationship. We’re starting to
experience nice feelings in meditation and we feel,
actually, that there’s a higher power that
guides us and loves us. So, this stage
is called VEER ACHARA or humans in human form. And it’s signified by the
word veera – means brave. So, although we,
you know… ‘Cause we come from
that evolutionary status of enjoying sensual
and physical pleasures. Naturally, we have
inborn weaknesses. And yoga calls them the
Ashta Pasha and Shadripu. Shadripu are the 6
enemies and they are: lust, anger,
greediness, blind attachment,
jealousy and pride. And then the 8
bondages, the fetters that keep us bound. And those are:
shame, hatred, fear, doubt, backbiting,
vanity of culture, bondage of lineage
and general vanity. So in this stage,
human as human beings, we realize we have
these weaknesses, but we confront them. We don’t allow them to
depress us or make us, you know, defeated. And we are brave
to face them and we realize that our whole
life is the type of journey to replace those
negative tendencies and qualities
with positive tendencies. We all have, because we
know that this brings us more peace, more
joy, and we’re moving towards that
state of limitlessness. So as we continue our
meditation and all of the other practices that we
can learn in this channel, like the yoga
asanas, the vegetarian diet, the fasting,
the kirtan dance… Slowly and gradually, it is
a gradual transformation of our mind, the way
we think and the way we behave with others,
it becomes more refined. And eventually, we
reach the third state – human in divine form. Now for many people,
they think that’s impossible to reach and that’s
because, you know, there are very few
examples today and even in our world history
there’s very few examples, but you can
look at it, the reason for this, in two ways. One is that because
within ourselves, we have this shankha, this doubt, one
of the 8 fetters, a doubt. “Oh, I’m no good, I’m a
sinner, I’ve made so many “mistakes, I have so many
defects, I’m not worthy…” So this inferiority complex
prevents us from thinking that we actually
are much greater than what we think we are. And the second reason is
that, you know, as a human species on this planet,
so far, we’re lowly evolved. And it could explain
why we persecute or kill our world teachers
whether Socrates or Jesus or Buddha or any noble
soul that tries to show us a better way to live. So we continue
our practices with the meditation and the
complementary practices. And human in divine
form it doesn’t mean that we, you know, we don’t…
we stop eating, sleeping, procreating, no. It means we
control these instincts. They are not the
end of life, they’re not the be-all and
end-all of life. They are the
means to a higher end. So with that control
and channelizing of these natural – they’re natural
instincts, which are part of us, we should not kill
them or suppress them – we can concentrate
more on those higher aspects and those
practices that will help us to enjoy and run
after limitlessness. And so, in the final stage
of this meditation and this movement human
in divine form, we start to feel long
periods of inner peace. We start to feel that
glimpse of limitlessness. And the more we go
deeper in meditation, we feel unending
peace, unending joy, unending happiness,
unending inspiration. So we become assets
and activists to create a new society, a
universal human society, exploitation-free. And, actually, when you
think about it, although our current situation on
the planet is quite grim, there’s also never been
a greater opportunity than now to step out of this
lower level of existence and to step into a
higher and more pure level of consciousness. Actually, it’s happening
silently, invisibly all over the world,
that is the process that’s taking place. So, the yogic texts,
they say that this is our birthright. Our birthright is
to realize our higher nature, our true self. And so, like air it’s free. That’s why all the
teachings and the practices in this channel
are taught for free. So, I encourage you to
utilize them, learn them, practice them and move
joyously along this path, which is truly
noble and joyous. Thank you. Namaskar.

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  1. I have been watching your videos lately and think they are quite helpful for the betterment of my physical and psychological well being. However, what I do not understand is what you are promoting is very universal and has roots within human nature and yet you try to integrate something very local such as Indian terminology, mantras and ideology. This makes a very broad and objective way of looking at existence and life very narrow and culture based. I do not understand the need for a certain type of clothing certain type of saying hello and goodbye. You are giving an amazing message and using the same method as any religion does. I do not have respect for what limits in my language and behaviour. Because that control how i think and experience life. I need your input i would love a response.

  2. Hi friends,
    I would like to read about those yogic texts that Dada comments, apart from the Dhammapada, what else would you recommend?

  3. The mind is really so unpredictable!!! This past 6 months I was able to “trick” my minds through meditation… I wanted to learn a new languaje and tried different stuff you may learn in school… super happy to say that now I speak English fluently and I owe everything to the power of the mind and meditation!

  4. Thanks a lot for another very inspiring video. May I ask if I could find the music at the end of the video anywhere please? Many thanks 🙏

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