Coolest Gym on the Planet – Jungle Gym Tulum

hey, where you going Brett? Oh just getting some anabolic steroids really wanna pump it up thats phenominal whaaaaat? One more! what happened? I dunno, that’s the… heaviest frickin’ thing to hold over your head What’s up everybody, we’re here at The Jungle Gym I’m here with my coach, J.J. I’m here also with Michelle and my boy Brett. and we’re going to show you guys what it’s like to have fun in the gym You gotta have fun when you’re working out Don’t ever forget that It doesn’t have to be all serious and oh I’m so serious so we’re just gonna have a good time
lifting some frickin’ foolish weights and smashing it baby yeah boi, you ready? Yeah, we’re ready! Yeah boi! Aw frick, that’s what we came to see Wow! Boom! Aw yeah, he’s serious Yeah! Ahhh! Aw gee, look at this guy Holy smokes! That’s ridiculous Oh that’s heavy, oh gee Yeah! Dude Duuuuuuude Duuuude! Yes, we’re on Oh yeah What do we have here boss? Uhh, one trillion pounds One trillion? (Laughing) One trillion pounds Yeah, the billions are too light now Okay Yes You got this Two more! What you got, M? Boom Who’s doing it better you think Markus? What are those things on his chest? Those lines I don’t know, I don’t have them either Weird, I don’t think I’ve ever seen them before They must be wrong Something wrong with this guy Can we talk about your vascularity that dont make sense, eh Markus? Achooo! Excuse me Holy that was huge Frickin’ brilliant coach We could say that Magnum supplements… …really help Don’t mind if I do! Oh yeah, nice M! Actually the look that you give your arm… …is really important Yeah, nice, yup Aaah! Too good! Nice! Aww, he’s just pretending to get the
lady attention I love this place Where are we? The Jungle Gym! You ready? Yup Nice There you go Classy Classy, Oh yes Markus oh yes Nice! One more? And he collapsed That’s friggin’ crazy Yeah that looks heavy I’m keeping all of the footage in where I was falling all over the place ’cause that was frickin’ funny

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  1. Came from Kenny's video. Would love to try some of your products! Heard a lot of good things about them!

  2. Hey Markus caught your interview on Kenny KO so I be bold like Kenny gimme free stuff awesome content bro.

  3. I came from Kenny's vid but I always enjoy your content. Definitely plan on going to this gym the next time I'm in Tulum.

  4. Came from Kenny’s video! If I win this $250 give away I’ll shout the company out on Instagram AND if I like the supplements I will spend all my money/tell everyone about magnum!! Thank you!

  5. Here from kenny ko's vid 🖐🏽 this gym looks dope! I think its really cool that you're so giving as an owner most companies are only about the money and and dont care much about the people using their products. Much blessings to you man! 🤙🏽

  6. here from Kenny's channel..
    great to see the guy behind the product! hope to win some product 😁👍

  7. How’s it going man? I found you through Kenny’s channel and instantly subbed here and on Instagram. Love your content man. I’m new to the physique competitor seen and being called a fake natty happens a lot. I’m 44 years of age and I picked up weight lifting 2 years ago. I’ve gone from 132lbs to now 156lbs…. I’m a lifetime distance runner turned bodybuilder. Would love to try your products. My transformation video is on my channel. Azheenyte is my Instagram. It’d be awesome if you checked it out. You are an inspiration brother.

  8. I'm going to this gym next week on vacation and I'm here to win that prize pack from the Kenny k.o channel

  9. I discovered you through Kenny's video, here for the giveaway first, but subscribed right away, you're a ton of fun a positive vibes ! Greetings from France. 🙂

  10. Just started going to the gym and after watching this video i want to come here. It seems so much fun and definitely a change from the normal gyms. Awesome.

  11. I’m here just like everybody else from Kenny K.O. looking for a chance at winning Magnum products. Where’s the Jungle Gym located?

  12. Came from kenny’s video! Jungle gym looks unreal too! Love to try some magnum stuffs🤤🤤🤤🤤

  13. Great video, also love the interview with Kenny. Finally someone who can handle criticism with class. Hope I win the prize draw for some products.!

  14. Ohhhhhhh bro just came out of Kenny Ko video!!!! Just love Magnum products a bit expensive cuz I ain't rich 😂😂😂 but they worth the price!!!

  15. Popped in here from Kenny's channel. Love your style, goofy edits in this video and genuineness. Just pure fun and zero bullshit. Keep it up!!

  16. Bro, that looks awesome! How how hot did the weights and bars get though? Glad Kenny turned me on to your channel

  17. You’re awesome man! I came from Kenny’s channel! Gotta get on this lifestyle of yours. I’m a lean guy and would love to build a frame like yours.

  18. A new fan from Scotland, brought here by Kenny K.O. Enjoying your videos bro. Keep them coming. Some VLOGS would be good 😁

  19. came in and subcribed from kenny k.o. you improved my believe that my dream body is achieveable naturally .thanks for that.

  20. Came here from Kenny K.O.'s, enjoyed that interview and what I've seen you do and talk about so far. 👌

  21. I subscribe to your channel though the the KennyK.O video . You amazing. I from a small Island in the Indien Ocean name Rodrigues.

  22. That place is so cool! Awesome video! I want to workout there one day. On my bucket list! You guys are looking great! Always inspiring.

  23. Definitely a gym worth trying!!! But what’s really worth trying are all the hard magnum products! And winning the contest would be fun!!!!!

  24. Came from Kenny KO channel. Really loving both Pre4 and Hard Muscle Builder! Maybe I should try some more supps 👀

  25. Love it and love this gym !! So cool 💪and love you’re products so would be extra cool to win the contest 😁😁

  26. New Sub coming from kenny KO. U seem very humble very bright! Got a new sub here lets see if i can get this Win and keep on getting these products

  27. How amazing is this …with coach JJ and you’ve got team member Brett with ya too! Did you do Hotel or AirBnB? Do you even do AirBnB when traveling as you travel so much. My guess is no.

  28. Great videos also found you through Kenny i wish i could say my body looks as good as yours (no homo) but it's close 6'2" 195lbs very low body fat been training for 6 years and still learning

  29. This is the coolest gym I've ever seen, looks like you guys had a blast! New sub here, loving your channel!

  30. Hey Markus just subbed , we have the exact same body type and I would love some advice on diet and workouts! I’m 6’2 162 – 171 lbs and 11% body fat, check out my insta to see body @its_leavitt_time. Thank you so much! I’ve never seen someone quite built into what I wanna become! ❤️

  31. quando o pre-treino bate KKK parabéns Markus Kalius

    when the pre-workout knocks KKK congratulations Markus Kalius

  32. Canal do Markus kaulius uns dos melhores canal de conhecimentos e entretenimento, mas por favor dar uma moral para o nosso brother Leandro osti, aqui do Brasil
    Obs: Quero meu magnummm

  33. Yes.. Just watched your Kenny KO .. Would like to try a chance for one of four prizes of magnum.. .Vegadon here… Doing it natural and loving it..

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