Core Exercise: Dead Bug

For this exercise, you will be
lying on your back. Bring your arms straight above your head,
perpendicular to the ground, along with your knees and hips
both at 90 degree angles. Start by lowering the left arm and
extending the right leg, both stopping just before touching
the ground, and then returning to your starting position.
Throughout the movement, maintain position of the
opposite arm and leg. Keep your core tight throughout the motion
and when you return to the starting position, you may relax
for a moment before tightening again. To make this a bit
easier, you can also perform this exercise with the arms
only, keeping the legs in the air with the 90 degree angle at
the knees and the hips, lowering the arm towards the ground and
just before reaching the ground, pause for one to two seconds
and then return to the starting position. You may also do this
with the legs only while keeping the arms perpendicular to the
ground. Extend one leg and right before the heel hits the ground,
pause for one to two seconds and return back to the starting
position. If any of this is uncomfortable, painful, or
recreates any of the discomfort that you feel, you may
discontinue this exercise or only move in the range of
motion that is comfortable. One repetition includes both sides.
Complete three sets of 10 to 12 repetitions.

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