Correcting Loss of Lumbar Curve

So here’s what’s gonna happen: I’m gonna show you how Courtney can help herself with this plate. Now I’m not gonna have her rely on this plate, but she’s just gonna hold it out. I wanna see a squat, looking through the
hole, putting her butt back, all the way down, and then come on back
up. Now, this is a 15-pound plate so it shouldn’t be an arm exercise. Can you grab a 10-pound plate for me, Jenna? This is gonna be a lot of
assistance for her, but where are our eyes? They’re right on the lower back. So bring that plate up for me, Courtney, and squat, hips back and down. Push your knees out. Good, stay there, now chest up a little more. Good, now come up a little higher, not too much, a little lower. There! But now what I want to see is is
there any improvement on the initial squat that we put in? Is she still rounding as excessively as
before or can we get her in a better position by herself? So Courtney, you’re gonna do one more squat for me but you’re gonna go slowly, OK? So put those arms up. And try not to do this, Courtney, because it rounds your back. Hands wide. And slowly down, watch that back, slowly, slowly, slowly, chest up, chest up, chest up. Yeah! And stand. Was it better than the
initial one? If you don’t agree, you can say “No, it wasn’t.” I think so, too, it was better. Now where do we take Courtney from here? We have her keep doing that work. I’m
gonna show you guys squat therapy at the end, but I’m really happy with where Courtney
is and, better yet, she feels where she should be.

14 Replies to “Correcting Loss of Lumbar Curve”

  1. This seem more like a test to see whether the loss of lumbar curve has something to do with stability.  Would be nice with a longer video about the underlying cause and how to fix it? I mean, you are not gonna be able to walk around with a 15 pound plate in front of you all the time, so I'm not sure how this is a correction. At least from what we saw in this clip, maybe she explained it later in the session.

  2. i respect denise thomas professionalism and coaching style.  great drill for this young lady!!!  nice work!

  3. Question: Does correcting the lumbar curve just consist of arching your back and raising your chest?

    The camera wasn't at a good angle, so I didn't see the difference at all.

  4. Just keep your butt up and out and there you go. If shoulder width stance is to difficult just do a wider stance and build to it.

    Seriously making it harder than it looks.

  5. This is fucking horrible. There was absolutely no improvement and the lady coach just said "Yeah. If you don't agree you can say "no it wasn't"" It fucking wasn't you blind bitch!

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