Correcting the First Pull in the Clean with JP Bolwahnn

Not bad. On the clean—just slow it down. So there’s three pulls when we’re doing weightlifting and Olympic lifts. The first pull is from the ground to about mid-thigh or right above the knee. Second pull is that jump and we’re trying to get as much speed on the bar as possible. Third pull is when we’re pulling ourselves underneath the bar. That first pull—which is what I’m concerned with right now with you—make sure it’s nice and patient, it’s a posiitoning pull. So we want to make sure we get in the right position so that when we jump, we’re starting off well, right? We don’t want to start off bad and try to get good, we want to start off as good as we can and stay as good as we can as long as possible. Make sense? So try to make sure you have patience, don’t just try to jump from here, have patience to get into here and then jump. Does that make sense? Good, let’s do it one more time.

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