Couple Confidently Building a Crossfit Business and Family

Courtney and I actually met at our CrossFit gym in California. I Facebook stalked her a little bit, and
sent her a message and just said, “Hey, I’m in your CrossFit class, I think you’re
cute.” And then she turned me down instantly. Then we started hanging out as friends, and kind of developed the relationship there…. So we came back to Wisconsin… Marriage was exciting, and then all of a sudden
a couple months later we’re opening a CrossFit gym, we had seven members… It was really scary. You’re paying people and you’re paying
yourself to live and all that stuff, it’s a challenge, but compared to the other stuff
that I’ve been through, this is nothing. Within less than our first year of opening
the gym, we found out I was pregnant. And so that’s, like, a gasp. So, our son, he’s a handful, and he’s
a little CrossFitter, running around the house, terrorizing us. Kyle’s definitely helped us plan for anything
that happened to us, You know, big picture stuff. He has helped us lay out what our goals are
and how to plan for those goals. From just thinking back to our first meeting
to now, it’s just amazing the growth that they’ve had personally, professionally and
financially. Kyle basically told us “What do we want to
grow first?” We’re entrepreneurs, but we kind of need someone
to guide us along, too. We’re looking at getting a larger space.
From there, within the next year we really want to buy or build a house Maybe more kids, but we’ll see. Small baby steps. We’re just handing this guy first. if I can be that guy that kind of keeps them
on track it’s even like what they do with people that
come in to work out. At first, they’re not in the best shape,
month by month, year by year becoming a better person I think, definitely, my life is where I want it to be for sure and the most important thing to me would be that I push myself on a daily basis and I challenge
myself We’re not okay with fine. We’re never okay with just like, mediocre, we want to be more successful. And, we’re just… We’re ready.

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