COVID19 & Vanlife | what would you do?

Well, hello friends, welcome back to another episode here and man what a crazy week this has been I mean my goodness just with the whole a Coronavirus thing. I’m sure no matter where you are in the world at this point You have heard about it and on top of that I’m filming is currently on Wednesday, March 18th and in Salt Lake City today Gernon up in Park City. We had a 5.7 magnitude earthquake the largest earthquake the city has experienced since in 1992 what are the odds that literally an earthquake happens amongst? Everything else so and then on top of that it’s snowed as you can see. I was clearing off the snow and blast episode I was literally talking about how hasn’t really slowed up here lately and this morning it was blizzarding So this morning it was a blizzard. It was we had an earthquake and then you know this whole thing that’s going down I’m not really sure like what the future is gonna hold right now But I just know I want to do my part as much as I can in terms of you know trying to slow this whole thing and also being healthy on my end just so we don’t I Just think we have a public duty to the human race and to ourselves to be healthy at all Times not just there in times of this Which means you know eating well exercising unis taking care of yourself, man That was a lot that I just said, but I think it warrants at this based on everything that has happened today so they let us out of work early today just because there’s been So much going on today between the earthquake and then this whole virus thing so it’s a great day for me to kind of clean the van out and Kind of get it ready. I’m still on the fence if I should go to a national park this weekend But either way I want to clean this out and just get it ready So we’re ready to go to ever we want to go For me YouTube has always been a way of Escaping everything and making videos. It’s been just my the tool I’ve used to just kind of go off in my own world So I appreciate you guys hanging out with me again today as we just kind of clear up the van again I haven’t cleaned it in a long time It feels like I’ve been done a lot of desert adventures or I haven’t really given it a deep-clean So I want to pull the bed up even change all my sheets and stuff like that and just sweep this off Give it a nice deep clean. So first step Let’s see What should the first step be the first step is? definitely taking the sheets off the bed here and then getting this whole thing crunched up so I can really Clean the floor and everything else. So cue the time-lapse of Doing what I just said So here’s my like honest dilemma and I would really like want your guys’s thoughts I really value the community that we’ve been building here and I just I don’t know like one if it’s selfish of me To go to like a national park this week and like am I not fully doing my part? In this coronavirus outbreak if I were to go down to a national park developments are honestly changing like which seems like literally every 12 hours in terms of who’s getting affected the amount of people getting affected and By the time I’m making this and talking to you guys It might change in 48 hours by the time I was kind of planning on going somewhere Got cold Oh said really quick. It was snowing a little bit. I think it still is just briefly coming down I took my shoes off. So I didn’t keep you in the floor dirty. My feet are absolutely freezing I’m almost done with the clean. The last thing I want to do is just grab some like Disinfectant wipes and Lysol wipes and give this baby a good wipe down I Think that’s enough cleaning for tonight the temperatures just dropped super much super much. I don’t even know if that works I don’t even care it is snowing again right now. It’s getting late I’m getting hungry and Just getting all of the things so I’m gonna pull out some of the sheets bring them inside to wash those charged up my lights Wash them the dishes all that super fun and exciting stuff to watch in a vlog I want to wrap this up and just kind of say my final thoughts and really get your opinion on stuff So I’ll see you guys back Well guys just to wrap this video up I would really appreciate your thoughts your feedback on basically The question I’m posing is like what would you do? With everything that’s going on right now with the Cova diene virus here. Would you go and venture out into a national park or Do you think it’s just better off to stay put where you are essentially in your community? I’ll kind of present both sides of this so we have the context of everything to make the best Decision we can make first off I would be stocking up completely here in Park City meaning I would not be going to a grocery store down in Bryce, Utah Which is a very very small town If anything I would maybe be getting gassed there on my way back which isn’t necessarily any better But I would not be going into the grocery store Or even the gas station if I could help it Secondly, I would not be going to a campsite I would not be staying in a lodge or hotel or anything like that I would just be staying in the van like we have seen in my other videos. I’m not taking a shuttle in anywhere I’m not in the super popular hike say something like angels landing in Zion So that’s kind of that’s kind of how I’m positioning it. However, the negatives are just kind of twofold I think one it’s just I want to be doing everything in my power to helps stop the spread of this I don’t want to be a contributor as we know even if you feel completely fine You may still be carrying the virus inside of you And the last thing I want to do is transmit this unknowingly or knowingly for that matter. I mean having it affects someone’s grandma grandpa Parents anyone really because what we’re seeing is even young and healthy people can be affected by this illness so that’s the last thing you want to do is is Spread this because I didn’t do my my part secondly and kind of along those lines is these small towns a place like Bryce? Or saw a place like Moab for instance. They can’t handle any sort of outbreak right with all that being said man I feel like I totally just put a you know a low no on this, but I want to document my life and You know, this is an important time for all of us. So thank you guys so so very much for watching I wish all of you guys You know great health not only for you, but for your clothes once they healthy stay safe, you know Count your gratitude this morning tomorrow morning, whatever and let me know what you guys think more than anything in the comments I appreciate you guys watching take it easy Fam, and I’ll see you guys in the next one. Peace out

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  1. Utah is high on my list of places to visit when I get in my van and take off. Moab, yes, but I like the lesser known locations. It was a bit of a shock to see snow in your video because I live in Minne- SN❄️W -ta and, remarkably, all of ours is melted! Our last snow was on February 17th! Praying for those affected by the added stress of the Utah earthquake on top of everything else.

    To answer your question: No, it's not selfish of you to go to a National Park this weekend. We're in the "panic stage" where the trendy buzz word "social distancing" is king. You can't do anything to help anyone else unless you know of an elderly person/couple, or someone else who's normally home bound, and needs assistance. So, right now, the best way to help others is for you to stay healthy and look after yourself. That way, if opportunities come up later where you CAN help, you'll be in a position to be able to. WARNING: Before heading to any National Park, check with your LOCAL parks office first! Their information is changing almost hourly about whether or not they're open. Many are actually closing for the foreseeable future.

  2. A pretty hot topic right now for obvious reasons. Its my understanding that protocol amidst everything going on right now is social distancing – meaning no large groups and remaining at least 6 feet from each other. I think this is getting confused with total isolation and staying indoors? I would love to hear your honest thoughts on the matter! We all need to stand strong throughout this and do our part of being healthy, exercising and eating well to strengthen the only defense we have from a foreign virus – our natural immune system.

  3. Go for it dude ! Less people than any place in town anyway 🙂 I tried to climb Mt Olympus yesterday, barely 10 folks in 5hrs of hiking ! Keep your distance from humans & keep the adventure rolling !

  4. I say you can go!! The biggest thing is getting away from other people. I’m even allowed to go outside I just can’t be around others!!

  5. Just go buddy but keep yourself away from others and isolate as much as you can having to fill up on gas or something you can’t help so don’t worry. Just disinfect as much as you can and keep as clean as you can good luck

  6. Hey man. I live in SL. Randomly stumbled across your channel! I like to get out and take my 4runner to the desert in these weird times. Just stay to yourself and use a napkin when getting gas. Love your videos. Keep it up.

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