CPE Personal Trainer Testimonial

So I first heard about the Personal
Training program probably back when I was a freshman sophomore at UT. I knew just from past experience that taking an exam and passing a written test isn’t going to guarantee that you’re gonna be a successful trainer. So I wanted a
little bit something more than that. So I chose the CPE Personal Training Program because out of all the programs that I looked at online this one was the
most inclusive. It had a practical and a internship that came along with it that
no other program offered. In a lot of programs, what you do is you read a book and you take a test. This one, you know you work with a actual personal trainer,
you know two personal trainers one for a lecture and one in a hands-on gym practical. It really helped bridge the gap between, you know, working with people, you know, classmates in a very controlled setting and actually you know, real-life clients who are actually relying on you for you know, their well-being. Not only that I feel prepared to pass the exam, but I also gained a lot of
knowledge through the you know, working with the instructors in the internship that carried on into my career now. I got my first job at LA Fitness. I started off as a trainer and then continued to work my way up into management. And so now I’m part of the fitness team that helps manage trainers and their clients. I want to go to medical school, right, so sports medicine isn’t something that’s necessarily focused on. I thought this would be a great way to stand out during my kind of gap year. ..explore a second career that I was really passionate about. But at the same time I’ve really enjoyed how it just made me into a better overall person. You know, before maybe kind of a little shy not really kind of outspoken. But now, you know, put me in front of someone and easily I can build some rapport and I can, you know, be that kind of personal person that, you know, might eventually help me in the medical career as well. So I’m very glad that I actually signed up for the CPE Personal Training Program because I feel like a lot of the information that I’ve learned through the instructors, through the course,.. You’re not gonna be able to find online and in a book, right. And a lot of that you know people can be book smart but a lot of the you know, personality traits, you know, that’s something that you learn that’s gonna carry on with you for life.

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