Crab Walk

If you’re having difficulty with your muscle-up due to mobility, this is the drill I want you to warm up with every single
day. Number one, it’s gonna be a crab walk. Sit down first—look
at his hands, his fingers are facing sideways. If his fingers are facing
backwards or forwards, he’s going to put too much pressure on his extension of
his wrist—we don’t want that, we want to have more play with the wrist. Now he’s gonna place his hands sideways—hands are shoulder width apart. He isn’t that guy that’s putting his hands extremely wide because that’s not gonna help him here. We want shoulder width like a chin-up. Now from here, he’s gonna lift his hips as high as he physically can—in line with the shoulders—and begin walking forward with a nice straight arm.
So if you’re having trouble getting a muscle-up due to mobility, this is your
drill because it’s gonna start working on the shoulder extension. Arms have to be
straight. Take a break. If this is easy for you and you’re still having trouble with the muscle-up, chances are it’s probably strength. So hips nice and high, slowly push them up, feel the pressure from your shoulder, feel that shoulder extension.

16 Replies to “Crab Walk”

  1. i get easiely cramps in my leg biceps by doing this. I don't think this depends on a lack of magnesium or minerals in general. What can it be?

  2. Instead of teaching questionable movement because of bad wrist mobility, why not lock that in first? Unfortunately, lots of movement comes with prerequisites. If you can't locomote with your fingers pointed forward, guess what….

    You have work to do.

  3. I have shoulder impingement. Will this excersice strengthen muscles to lock shoulder n ligaments in place? or basically, will it help to realign everything in the shoulder? I have tried many things already

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