100 Replies to “Crazy Gym Horror Stories (MATCH GAME)”

  1. did enjoy the show as whole until this episode. the gender and women power bs from the pissed at the world cow in the denim coat was/is un-needed. Now let all the beta's flame away, troll from your moms basement….

  2. I’m surprised you guys didn’t mention anything about Kobe in your main episode. Are these recorded more than a few days ahead of time? I know you guys had him on the show before and Rhett having played basketball I’m surprised. But I may have just missed something. But I’m not saying you HAVE to say something, not at all. You don’t. I’m just saying I’m surprised you didn’t since he was on the show I was expecting something is all

  3. Omg yes, Chase. When I was little the pool had a hollow plastic rimming around the edge and wasps would nest in there. They’re smart enough to follow you when you swim away under water and sting you when you surface

  4. Between the asthma teaser the handwritten card and the conversations you could tell if something went very wrong the first time they tried to film this

  5. Did anybody else feel Between the ear biscuits conversation and them praising some roach witch God as the one and only God like I know it was a joke but it made me kind of uncomfortable like cringy a little bit

  6. Can we just talk about how the girl with the red hair is also the girl from wizards of waverly place. The crazy 10 minute sale episode!!!

  7. Video idea: You guys try a bunch of milk alternatives in coffee or something and determine which one is the best tasting replacement as far as creaminess, neutrality, etc. Suggestions (preferably the more common ones that coffee shops will have): almond, coconut, cashew, macadamia, rice, oat, soy, hemp, etc.

    A lot of people are making the move away from dairy and this would be very helpful!

  8. They should do an episode of would I lie to you, where the crew take turns telling "facts" about themselves (some of which are lies) then the guys ask them further questions of the stories to divulge if it’s true.

  9. My gym horror story was this middle aged guy telling my (male) friend that he was preventing potential suitors from approaching me. The back story is that a few days earlier the guy came up to me and asked if I was married, not if I was single.

  10. Chase, you totally misunderstood the bees! It's your superpower, they are attracted to you cause you are such a glorious flower. You are their KING. Chase – the Beeman. 💪

  11. I love GMMore just is much as the main episode. This one was extra epic! Rhett at 3:29, so quick with great responses! And when he stopped everyone to talk about the font! I could watch for hours

  12. If Im not mistaken, Link talked about the butt incident on an earbiscuit as well! I would have been horrified 😂

  13. Its hilarious that every motivational speech becomes a deranged insult session or personal story and deranged insult session.

  14. Bodies are bodies. Until an individual 15 years older than the other individual may or may not be staring at you. Multimedia situations never work in “our” society. Give it up.

  15. “Bodies are bodies” said the person who is so fixated on how she looks and is constantly just staring at herself in the monitors and not being in the moment.

  16. At the gym I used to go to, everyone wore their workout clothes in the sauna. I was a little embarrassed the first time when I went in in a towel and nothing else. I went with the status quo after that.

  17. Idea for one of these guess the crew members where they all write the same sentence and R&L guess who's handwriting it is.

  18. I think link got the putting his bare butt on a mans back story from that one Modern Family episode. Its completely identical to his story.

  19. Ally: “We need to be comfortable being naked. Bodies are bodies!”
    Also Ally: “I don’t like to smile, I’m self-conscience about my teeth.”

    Me: uhh… umm… you… nvm.

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