Crossfit 18.3

Today we’re knocking out 18.3
of the Crossfit open workout. (upbeat music) What’s up crew? Jeff Thornton here with Land of Lean. Be sure to subscribe to this channel, make sure to click the
notification bell below. Also be sure to like, comment, and share if you enjoy this video. And today we’re back at it again, man. Another Friday night lights workout over there at Crossfit PHX. Today we have 18.3 workout. It’s a pretty long one. I mean the workout
itself is only 14 minutes but I’ll have to post exactly what it is. It consists of double unders
which is the jump ropes, overhead squat, some more double unders, ring muscle ups, dumbbell
snatch, more double unders, and then some bar muscle ups. And that’s why I have these wrist bands on because I tend to sweat a
lot during these workouts. And when I do I wore these gymnastic grips and they get super wet. So I don’t wanna really slip on the bar because you can either
choose to do a naked bar with handgrips or a taped
bar with just bare hands. So I think I’m just gonna
go with the grips tonight. We’ll see just depending how I go. It’ll be like a game time
I guess we can call it. But that’s why I have these wrist bands on so when I have the gymnastic
grips and start sweating it won’t go into my hands and
so we won’t slip off the bar and have any accidents in that way. But I’m super excited about this workout, it’s gonna be fun knockout over there. It’s just one of those things man, just grind through it, have
fun and just get it going. Let’s head over there now to Crossfit PHX and see what’s poppin’. (upbeat music) Here live at Crossfit PHX right now for the Crossfit 18.3 open. Everybody’s getting stretched
out, ready to rock right now. I’m feeling good, man. It’s gonna be fun. I’m gonna go in heat three. I think I’m just gonna stay
with heat three this entire year of the open. I’ve been liking that heat, man. It gives me enough time
to get warm, get loose. Let me put this stand down to
get my body where I want it. So I’m gonna stick with heat three. The homie Nate, right here. He’s gonna go in heat
number three as well? – Yeah, we’re in heat three. (chatter)
(laughter) – We’ve been talking this whole week. He said he’s gonna wipe
my name off the crossfit leader board. – Off the board here.
(laughing) Jeff who? – Just totally forget about me huh? (laughing) So. (mumbles) This is it baby, this is the one. If it’s gonna be any week it’s this week. (laughing) So between every one of the
movements you’re basically sandwiching the double unders. So there’s a hundred double unders. So you start with that, then
you go to the overhead squat which is 20 reps, double unders, 12 ring muscle ups, more
double unders which is another 100 reps. A dumbbell snatch. I think that’s 20 reps of that. And then double unders
and then you do ring, or a bar muscle ups. So it’s gonna be a long workout. It’s supposed to be two rounds
total of those movements. But looking at those guys
yesterday who were doing it, who did it the, and they’re
Crossfit Games competitors and one of them was like
a games champion for the 35-39 division. He didn’t even finish two rounds. So we’re gonna look at it as, as an AMRAP, as many reps as possible. And just get through it man. It’s gonna be fun. It’s a lot of double
unders, 800 dubs total. If you can get that far in the
workout but we’ll just take it as it comes man. A nice way to test the
body and see how we feel. So I’m gonna get stretched
out and get loose and ready to rock. The homie K is about to go. How you feel K baby? – Nervous AF.
– You got this. – Nervous AF. – Two rounds.
– One. Shoot for one, like one is
legit, I’m shooting for one. – Tell them they can follow
you before this workout. – You can follow me at what is my thing, kelala_seichi yes, yes. – Okay, got you baby. Taking some time right now
to warm up, keeping it light. Starting out with the barbells
right behind, got the dubs. Doing the double unders over here. And just a little bit of
light dumbbell movement. Because they’re doing
the first heat right now and since I’m in heat three
I just wanna make sure to get the body flow, excuse
me, get the body flowing. Get the blood moving through the body, get loose a little bit. And just make sure I have my
movement patterns down the way I want them. The only part that I’m
worried about in this workout is basically the ring
muscle ups at this point. I can do ’em, I just wanna
be sure I can stay efficient doing them. Especially for that amount
of volume so it’ll be fun, it’s a nice test to push
yourself and see where you can take it. Alright crew here we go. I have my bar set up behind me. (chatter)
Right there. We’ll see what we can get to. We got the ring muscle ups
coming, I’m feeling good. I think we’re gonna stay
on this path over here, See we’ve got my man Kelala
right here in the back. Getting some filming done so I feel good. Overall, see him right
here, my man Kelala. So I’m gonna get this thing going. 14 minutes crew, let’s rock it. (chatter)
(intense music) (laughing) (chatter)
(intense music) That’s it. (chatter)
(intense music) – [Man] Time! (cheers)
(intense music) (chatter) – That didn’t go as planned at all. That was not good crew. I did terrible. I only got to oh my gosh. (chatter) 230 reps. And I think I had like two
more ring muscle ups left. That was terrible. Ugh, I’m not happy with
that workout at all. My arms got heavy. – You did great.
– Huh? – Did you even see me in your camera? – No. – I was in his camera wasn’t I? (laughing)
– I was looking at the lens. – And I was just like.
(laughing) – That was so rough. I mean, my shoulders
and my arms felt heavy. So I did terrible on
the dubs starting out. (chatter) And then, not too well
on the ring muscle ups. Oh well. Appreciate you judging
me, Toni, much love girl. Oh man, I’m frustrated with that one. (chatter) Hey. We’re wrapped up. Everybody did well tonight man. That last heat I judged Bo. He crushed it. And then Billy, Billy
went through I think, what did he get to? Billy got to the second
round on the overhead squats, did a fantastic job. Everybody in here crushed it tonight man. I had to sit back and just
cool down a little bit. I’m not even lying man. Like I’m frustrated how
that turned out for me. I know I don’t really
like, I’m not gonna be like competitor status but damn. I’m frustrated. How you feel Derz? – I’ve been up since 4 a.m. – Tired.
– Tired. – No Mexican food for you tonight huh? – What I’ma eat. – Are you gonna go eat?
– Oh yeah. – Way to hustle tonight
man, you did a good job. (mumbles) Good turnout as always my brother. As always. But other than that crew,
that’s it for the night. Go chomp it up with the crew for a bit and that’ll be it. As always I appreciate
the love and support. Make sure to subscribe to this channel. Be sure to like, comment, and share. Also let me know what
other videos you wanna see on this channel and we’ll
bring it your way crew. Have a great night, catch you soon. Live lean, peace. (funky music)

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  1. 🤷🏽‍♂️ 18.3 didn't go as well as I expected, but we'll regroup and do better next time. Hope you crushed it!

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