CrossFit Coaching | Rick Callahan | Everyday Hero Episode 022

welcome back and thank you very much for
joining me again my name is Swardiq myongja and this is the mañana
accredited news network we are on another episode of my everyday hero
interview series where I interview someone in your life or someone in my
life that makes us smile that does not get the credit they deserve again I get
the pleasure of interviewing across the coach there is no justice when so few
have so much and so many have so little how to Rick very thank you very much for
joining me so absolutely happy and Harden so like I
do every time who are you and why crossing so Rick Callahan and why cross
they can do a little background I can’t oh yes yes yes
so in 2008-2009 I had lived with my cousin at my house in Watertown to use
interning at the Arsenal and he was a huge fitness buff like really into
everything body with bodybuilding powerlifting stuff like that two years
older than me so I basically was just tagging along I wanted to copy him
everything he did I thought was like going to work with and make me big
strong Jack Jack didn’t tan and handsome and all that stuff so I did pretty much
everything he did for a couple summers and it was it was fine I enjoyed go to
the gym I was always kind of a fitness buff I always liked sports but after it
goes a couple of summers went by where I was like this is fine but like it’s kind
of boring it’s not much for me anymore I don’t know what to do and he was a
little more tuned in with the fitness world and was like hey I don’t quite do
this thing but I’ve heard this cross the thing you should like look it up and see
if it’s for you yeah and so I just in 2009 or so so it
wasn’t really like at the ESPN and level you people hadn’t really heard of it so
it was pretty new I searched it there having be a gym in Watertown I was like
oh I’ll give this a shot talked it through and I was convinced I was just
going to do this like a couple times a week maybe so play basketball still do
my little like my bicep curls whatever got to get them curls with sure I was
convinced I was news once in a while for fun yeah and the more I went along I
started up I got much much more into like oh like it’s almost like you know a
bright light showing I was like oh this makes much more sense there’s only an
hour a day I really enjoy this I love the people and kind of went from there
as for I don’t know we keep going but with a coaching I think I had been
absolute that’s forever CrossFit in Watertown and I was there for like six
to eight months or so while is kind of getting up to speed and one of the main
coaches there at the time Jake McDonald was doing a tour duty in Afghanistan
yeah and he kind of point of me was like hey just you know when I go we’re gonna
need people to step up and coach and sometimes I keep in the back your mind
and I was really intrigued by it so I wanted to kind of get up to that level
as well okay so just real brief real real breeze because we did ours man yeah
this will be what would you like big picture what is crossing so definition
that the nurses they would be constantly varied functional movement formed a high
intensity for me it is a very efficient very widely scalable fitness program
that is fun Lou the helpful I love it I absolutely love it so we’re going to
uncomplicated because I think one of the biggest things people that even when I
talk to people outside of the CrossFit community it’s just it’s they find it to
be like a different world of itself and and a lot of it comes from the lingo and
the language so I’m going to try to go through and there’s a few acronyms that
we CrossFit is use that people just aren’t familiar with sure it’s a whole
different jargon it’s like exact you feel like when you walk in the first day
it’s drinking from a firehose trying to learn out
like one of these people you’ve been talking about but once you break it down
it is pretty simple and the intention is simple but it’s a lot to kind of take in
all at once alright so most important wad what is a
want wad workout of the day pretty much the
challenge presented to you could be anything could be 30 minutes of running
could be 1 rep max deadlift whatever the workout chosen for that day Wow so what
is just another way of sending it to work on yes
of the day so it’s one yeah Imam what is Imam Imam every minute on the minute is
a style of kind of interval training typically present a body of work whether
it’s one lift two burpees 100 meters of running and every minute you start that
body of work and then whatever time is less when you finish you rest and on top
of the next minute you’re going again and then so Imam use every minute on the
minute is that like like as much as you can possibly do it well then how does it
there’s different styles there are some where it’s like every minute on the
minute for a 10 minute and you say hey we’re doing this for 10 minutes going
sometimes every minute on the minute until as long as you can laughs and once
you can’t do that move yeah there’s that number of reps or that challenge but
weight or that amount of like meters of running or rowing or whatever and once
you’re done it’s over it’s over okay I’m amrap amrap as many reps as possible or
as many rounds as possible is a style of workout where you give an amount of time
safe MRAP four minutes you say in that four minutes you’re going to try to do
as much of something as possible it could be something simple like 10
push-ups 10 pull-ups and you just kind of go back and forth tune to 2 as much
as you can whatever it specifically the fits list of the Imam yes then you get a
specific time and then you told do as many as possible where the Imam is in
this set of time you should do this the other both kind of time-based but it’s
like Iman is like you know you’re starting something new every minute the
AMRAP is like here’s the entire body of work don’t want the clock start you’re
in it for whatever minutes it is all right this one I actually didn’t know
for a really long timing doesn’t come up it’s like a like
a section of a workout during court like it’s a type of workout for across it but
I never talk about it it’s not a said much but metcon metcon is metabolic
conditioning man I think it’s pretty much just like they’ll work out if it
gets your heart rate higher its conditioning typically it’s a higher
intensity or interval or something really I don’t think that’s a CrossFit
term that’s like I said yeah you have everything
yeah that’s an everything time it’s not it isn’t there all right so PR or PP PR
PB is a personal record or personal best yet and it’s the most you’ve ever done
of something being a weight or the fast you’ve ever done like a track run so
you’re a track guy you barely go to a foreign meter you used to do in a minute
now you do in 59 seconds that’s a PR exactly and then so these two are hero
logs and girl walk you please spend a little bit of time on this because it is
super interesting and I love to these two categories of workouts
sure I’ll start with so the hero odds are a subset of workouts across the
developed it was kind of early on primarily a military or like police
force training program and what they would do is if someone you know passed
away in the line of duty they honor them or you know have a memorial for them by
doing a workout kind of like almost suffering in their name as a way to
honor them yeah and those are typically much much more high caliber really
challenging longer workouts and that was just kind of the way they gave back and
I don’t know if everyone has like a great way to grieve but that’s as good a
way as any eyes I mean these human wants are tough I mean they’re just like
they’re the hardest workouts I’ve ever like I mean into the talks yeah it’s
just difficult and then the girl wants the girl was I believe it comes from a
Greg Glassman quote where he said if you know hurricanes or tornadoes or whatever
can have a higher have a have a name a girl name that
leaves you know ruins wherever it goes finished it one of the girl was it kind
of like the classic one that leaves you know there’s bodies in the ground
when is wedding getting there maybe ice as we saw it is like those leaves you
know quote-unquote destruction just like in a silly kind of joking way and
they’re like a like one of the toughest the hardest ones in the frame and that’s
like a sure definitely I would say definitely the most popular but it is I
mean these and the threat it it’s just a workout and there’s no time limit but
you do it as fast as you possibly can and it is devastated really hard yep so
do you know it on the top of your head what is the framework out so Fran is a
descending red scheme where we do 21 reps than 15 and 9 of thrusters and
pull-ups roster is like a squat to an overhead lift and pull-ups we know and I
think it’s the really brutal combination of high range of motion and a lot of
speed a lot of movement packed into a really short amount of time and it just
is a an ass-kicker sure I mean it’s painful so what is it
Tabata Matamata Tabata is an interval style I believe it’s developed by like a
really really smart Japanese doctor who was doing a the o2 max and like
metabolic conditioning studies and found that this rubric of eight rounds of 20
seconds on 10 seconds off was like the best way to develop like a really good
metabolic conditioning state and it’s 20 seconds of as hard as you can go at
something be it sit ups be it squads whatever it could be could be running
actually anything and then 10 seconds of rest and you’re just going you know
balls out for four minutes yeah and then it catches up to you real quick real
quick real quick I mean it comes it comes so I also want to talk rx vs.
scale what is our X and what is scale sure Rx is simply like how you get your
prescription CBS whatever rx is prescription and that’s the way that a
workout is written is designed to be done in its totality as if I say the
workout was five rounds of five deadlifts and
push-ups mhm and you would set like a weight recommendation for the deadlift
that would be like the rx version of it and those are the way I kind of see the
RX want is it’s for like your upper upper 10% of athletes or so to get a
really really good workout or really good challenge from that body of work
and then scaling it would be whatever the workouts written as scaling and we
also say modifying sometimes you change something about the workout via the
number of reps or a shorter time or a lighter weight or like maybe a limited
range of motion something to kind of simplify it for someone who might not be
as experienced an athlete as strong as condition whatever it may be
so the RX is like the kind of the pinnacle like what you’re aiming for
yeah but if you’re not quite there yet you’re a novice you’re new whatever
maybe you would do the same prescription of the workout just modified in some way
I think since we’re on this rx vs. kale if someone when do you as a coach decide
or suggest for someone to do the rx is it strictly they can lift the weight do
the rx or is it I want you to do it throughout they’re like how do you make
that it’s a really tough it’s very case-by-case of an athlete an athlete
I’d say when you’re coaching people you get to know their you know their
patterns they’re kind of the ways they move their tendency stuff like that most
programs any reputable gym will have on-ramp or an element style program just
to get people kind of a taste of what’s going to come on try to teach them the
basics it’s like you have to learn your ABCs before you read more in peace
exactly like kind of basics like that so when you’re making the decision of
should this athlete do this rx it takes a little bit of trust but it’s always
the idea that you can start a workout and all right you can start with a given
weight or given number of reps yeah if they get part way through and you notice
like you know their form is degrading it’s not looking good or they’re really
slowing down or struggling you can only strip weight off you can always change a
table view that’s kind of a good job of the coach is to recognize midway through
if they are not doing as they should but that is very very case-by-case
yeah and it definitely is case by case and like I know when I started CrossFit
it was I was like I need to do all right like if I’m not doing rx I’m not doing
the right things right you know if it’s like a point of pride especially yeah
like yourself who were former athletes and other things I noticed this a lot
there’s the guys who are like especially ex-military exactly for them it’s like
oh I should be doing it at the highest level whereas most people that come in
that are more of a beginner and anything fitness or like oh I want to do it the
lowest possible easy way to make sure that I don’t die out here and now that
they’re going to or anything but they see it very differently depending how
you come in it’s kind of an ego check stuff but it also is up to the coach you
to help people just respond like you know what you are really fit but this
might not be the right weight for you yeah because you can’t be starting out
deadlift big 300 hat yeah you got to work your way up you got to work your
way up yeah and to my example you wouldn’t give a first-grader one piece
you guys you have to read soccer so yes kind of let’s start there but I do like
that you said we mentioned form when you were talking about are they able to do
the rx yeah because a big thing with nonprofits
is that they see crossovers and they see them doing all these swinging is things
on the ball or ACS doing handstands and all of this crazy stuff but specifically
with the pull-up from like a regular pull-up you know the strict pull up to
of kipping and then to a butterfly explain what that is so the strict pull
up is the classic strength building movement where you pull yourself up
anything that involves the calf and uses the rest of the body is much more to be
used as like a conditioning movement or it’s like if you watch gymnastics on the
parallel bars in the Olympics that’s how they get up to the bar to start moving
around using their entire body so I think it’s just kind of
they’re both actively pulling motions but
for the kit usually more for going fast and getting a lot of reps in but using
your whole body instead of just your arms but I think people see it and don’t
know what it is why is this person waggling around tomorrow for so it takes
an education to learn what’s going on but I totally get that it looks it looks
ridiculous to the untrained eye originally first and then the butterfly
butterflies kind of like think it’s a play on the
Kip it’s more of a cyclical motion instead of like a test shape it’s more
of like a circle shape and I’m going to have videos really what they’re doing so
like yeah so I know that when you start you want to get it to the Kip and then
if you do get to kick down you can get into the butterfly and the butterfly is
the most efficient yeah for for a workout style for sure but it’s not for
everybody I think for if you want to be a competitive crossfitter I’ll get the
butterfly something you want to learn for most everyday Joe’s people that just
want to be fit and want to be able to lift their grandkids up probably not we
don’t need it we don’t need a butterfly it definitely it matters for what the
clientele looks like what the person wants to do and what their goals are I
think that’s very much we talked about case by culture stuff so you look old
and I know at forever confident it didn’t let you guys know but that’s how
I know link because I went to a lot of town gym and he was the coach there as
forever CrossFit he was actually very very very good I loved it it was good
time but you weren’t just a coach you set up the workout program yep so either
the program week by week you know so explain to me because it does seem like
a very very difficult thing and I would walk into the general ecology is like
it’s trying to kill us because the program itself is just very
difficult and you have to you have to set up a program that will work for
someone who’s you know training super super hard and they want to compete and
for the regular yep I just want to pick up my grandkid yep and that is a big
challenge that definitely I spent a lot of time thinking about that before I
even put pen to paper and it goin but the the program should
be written such that you’re doing long workout short workouts light heavy
weight lifting running like a whole Knicks I kind of see it
I think CrossFit is sort of organized chaos I get booked there’s a lot going
on but really a lot of thought going into it in terms of time domain the
movement types and like you don’t want to do push-ups five days in a row you
might do something that’s a shoulder day here a leg day here not in the classic
bodybuilding sense but just with like a focal point on certain you know muscle
groups let’s say yeah but I think the main you to your question about how you
scale for like you know the d1 football player or the grandmother exactly it
could be in the same class doing the same workout but the modifications can
be pretty infinite whereas the football player might be doing a 400 pound
deadlift and 400 pound benchpress the grandmother might be the same exact
workout just with an empty barbell exactly and their stimulus would be
equally good if that’s kind of what they needed so it varies quite a bit but in
the same class everyone’s all totally rooting for each other exactly a really
are and you do go into a class if you do see literally that difference you see
how people who have no marble sometimes you see people with like a PVC pipe if
they have an injury or something and then you do see the same person in the
same class of the same workout with the 350 400 pounds on the barbell and I love
it you know you see everyone the entire spectrum but when you do set up these
workouts I’m a nurse and a big concern people have and I don’t know what the
research says or the studies say but a woman poklis a lot of people say Olympic
lifts should not be done many with many repetitions yeah I think that is a big
kind of like butting heads point the Olympic lifting community in the
CrossFit community yeah I think it’s just about like the need for what
they’re doing so if you’re lifting for the Olympics they’re trying to live the
heaviest possible thing one time and that’s their goal and that’s what they
do that’s why they get a gold medal if they do it for us we’re using it for
partially for that for a strength building or speed building or
you know your range of motion but it’s also the component of conditioning and
you can do anything fast you can I can write really fast I can run really fast
you can do power cleans fast but the weight of which I do that will be
nowhere near what the Olympic guys are doing for one rep so it’s kind of what
you’re doing it definitely is and I obviously you know if he’s doing
something wrong it doesn’t matter me doing it faster than I’d be doing it
slow if he doesn’t matter be doing ten and he does not even a hundred reps if
you’re doing it wrong you get them hurt yourself right into unless you have just
an incredible like genetics that we’re just putting vincible like a Bron James
but like I think most people yeah if you’re doing it wrong the prescriptions
typically and you’ll see this anywhere in the Internet its mechanics first then
consistency of an intensity any coach is going to look for someone to have their
foundation super super solid before they have an intensity to it so like if I’m
doing something with a new person I don’t want them to go as fast as they
can doing Olympic lifts for example here I
want them to do a couple slow make sure it looks good with a light weight and
then we kind of start adding that in once they show they can do it and I
think that’s definitely the way you should do it um one thing I absolutely
love about CrossFit it was the first group exercise this exercise program in
general that stresses so much which sometimes I hate but at the end of the
day I love but it stresses so much on stretching and mobility oh my god so the
first time I started Crossett it was like these weird really really weird up
with world stretches made you feel but at the end of the day but I never seen
as any other yeah exercise i think crossfit tens of Steel like the best
things from lots of places like your steel gymnastics with steel power
looking deal under lifting and it kind of the same ability they steel like the
best stretches from yoga the best like mobility or soft tissue work from
massage there’re things like take all the different things that kind of just
use I guess like the best little ones that we can kind of make
work but there it’s really important to prep your bodies the event I like is
your muscles are like play-doh and if you take play dough out of the
fridge and try to move it it’s going to break if you warm it up a little bit
kind of get it mashed out it stretches it moves and moves better so yeah and I
mean like I mean when you when you setting up your workouts and you’re
setting up your workout program to the class or the gym do you always have to
set up the stretching or do you leave that up to whoever the culture did it
leave it up to the coach unless something I really want them to hit on
you but in general we do like a general warm-up and then a more specific warm-up
to what the movement of that day might be and they say like the best way to 1/4
squat is to squat but there’s certainly some prep work you can do for the people
it’s the whole whole thing so you let’s talk about you now sure what are your
cross adults because we did mention that there’s all of these things and there’s
crossing gates and it’s on ESPN are do you personally want to compete or a
competitor I say as of now no but that’s definitely gone through some absent
flows when I first started it was like at that time I was substituting across
the classroom or like going to baseball practice or going to whatever sport I
was used to going to so everything was a competition I had that I had be the
fastest Citiz whatever and I was great and like I like competing some of the
local competitions here and there and as it’s gone by I think just with my time
and life and stress and enough problems going on I use it now more for like
stress relief for fun to stay fit and stay active
I don’t really use it as a competitive outlet anymore but that definitely took
some kind of down ramp time to do because the thing is big and crossing
athlete it’s like being any other kind of athlete it’s not like it’s just as a
family very difficult you have to dedicate your life to it it’s changed a
lot now even when it was early on everyone was like thinking they can go
to the game that’s the way whether you could I think
just walk up to sectionals in 2009 and just like sign your name and you could
just go now it’s like out of hundreds of thousands of people or have people to go
or total cyborgs that it really are and it’s their job I think the whole
landscape just changed as if anything are you signed up for the open yes good
for you congratulations so yes you are the coach you are coach
all of these you begin across it is you don’t compete though right what I like I
do really appreciate and it’s just easier to have a coach to have someone
teach you something while they do it how much of that do you take as a
responsibility like I should know how to do a muscle-up I should know how to do a
handstand yeah all those things I think there’s ever something to being able to
demo what you’re trying to teach people but I think a lot of those super high
level movements you can do and you can try to teach but like ultimately I don’t
I don’t care if I have ten muscle ups and a big deal to me yet but this time
people don’t want to learn it so I focus on learning the progressions to know how
to teach the progressions whether I can do every single high level thing
perfectly might not be entirely realistic but I can do it great yes
so some so you don’t it’s not like a segment you have to know how to do on
the first raise my hand and say like yeah I can’t do this thing or no I I’ll
teach it I’ll help you guys but if I can’t do something I would never say
like oh yeah no I’m not going to take it to UM naked I know what I can do I know
what I can and then so so Crossman is supposed to be this world like all type
of functional movement right and I do remember active across it there was a
few times that you had these stadium Spears you are Hispanic harmonizing yeah
that was like a fun long like a field trip yeah they’re like either the like
the gym was closed or was an off day or people just wanted to get outside cuz it
was sunny we the Harvard stares brighter in the
morning that brutal um anything that you wish you had more access to because I’ve
liked swimming or bike or any of that stuff is there anything you wish you
could do with your classes that weren’t so I’m gonna be super fun
definitely I never really talked about so this now there’s not a lot that I
think we need I would be nice since we’re in New England and it snows and
get dieting stuff I wish we had almost like a makeshift
treadmill sometimes we could run it I often end up taking like three-month
breaks from yesterday and I go to run like marksburg oh my god what am i doing
that’s not for you to say because I do remember as soon as it would be runnable
it would be 5k we would go no 5k we don’t like type cake if you don’t like
it but um your favorite movement and your favorite workout want oh man
favorite movement I’m kind of a sucker for the super simple stuff I like
push-ups I like rowing I like deadlift like kind of a mean to pay those guys so
be really showy stuff but like you much made this that the basics are worth that
like the basic yeah ah what about the Burpee love/hate relationship with your
Lord okay what’s your favorite workout do you
have a favorite workout not sure I really like the hero workout typically I
like Murph I like the kind of the basic ones like that that everyone knows but I
don’t I have one exact David I have some that I like more than others but
typically anything with running I tend to dislike anything with some sort of
element of lifting or I don’t know I like but like box times like jumping
okay and I know what when you want when you make your workouts when you make the
program do you make the workouts is it like you’re made what account or do you
take from you know the cross AB website it’s a mix there some like the classic
ones like I’ll mix it up like OAB Goods do ran on Monday that fits in well with
the rest of the week but I think you always have to look kind of two days
ahead and two days behind of what else we were doing to make sure you want to
you know make someone do same thing over and over again so it’s
always kind of differences coming up and then we favorite I’d like to leave
statements please favorite I’ll say if it just wanted save running I just like
running the moon running in general I like sprinting in sports like that’s
basketball football but I feel like in CrossFit running as always my absolute
downfall and I was kicking my butt even the Pepsi did that kind of no that’s the
worst that’s the largest the way yeah no I I don’t mind running even the full
hundred in closet because unless it’s a workout where it’s like one four hundred
and men like as many dead list as possible
yes like you know as many rounds as possible or five rounds of whatever and
there’s a four hundred in it I’m good anything over four hundred that’s when
I’m yeah 400 less I’ll do 400 over I break down sure too much and I just
removed my whole work out because I don’t anyway so but I’m advice and I
really like to do this because you’re your coach and then coach how long
you’ve been a coach for so this is year six you’re coaching so did five years in
forever CrossFit now do some across that watch City and yes it’s six years of
coaching so six years of coaching I want you first to give advice not to the
athletes but to other cultures well what what advice do you have to other
beginning cultures or people who want to become crossing cultures so I thought
about this a lot actually and when I first did my certification to do
coaching we were lucky enough to have Greg Glassman there and I asked him the
same question see what is the one piece of advice you would give a new code yeah
and he said to give a shit and obviously my curse but I said of
course so and I thought that was interesting because I thought it would
be like some really technical thing or something that’s like very specific to
you know fitness or whatever maybe and as all these years have gone by that
remains the next advice I pass on to someone you know beneath me is that you
just have to care you have to give a shit because you can’t really teach that
someone just has to care elastics yeah you’re right because you can’t teach
Canada it’s really hard and you can’t like put that on someone I know but like
I just I haven’t seen coaches that don’t right like it’s hard to find and closely
it’s almost a prerequisite to do the job anyhow like unless someone want to do it
just for for money or for fame what it may be but most people that want to work
with athletes want to teach they want to help they want to be part of it and
beneath that typically is what you have to care on some level how much they do
you know some that variable I guess but um and then and then so how do you deal
with the athletes that come to your gym and I know there’s a lot of positives
who who go and we’ll go to across a gym but just don’t do any of the programming
right and they want very personal life do you do you care for like not care but
do you tend to those need it isn’t it dependent the goals if someone wants to
like break three hours running the Boston Marathon like they could do
CrossFit for sure a supplement but they might mean mean more specific and
grinding trains we could work with them on that yeah someone wants to win
Massachusetts sectionals powerlifting again you could do CrossFit as part of
it but you probably need to ramp up the power lifting so it depends on what
someone wants to do if they just want to play sports like play you know company
softball and basketball in the weekend I think Ross that’s the perfect tuning
program just to do it’s now our day it’s not a huge commitment of time but you’ll
stay fit yeah I do what do you see as helping crosses do it through yeah I
think the version of CrossFit that I do will change as time goes by and like I
said I’m a sucker for the basics so a time goes by tend to i pare down like
more and more of the super complex movements that either you’ll leave me
sore be getting older like some of the things that leave me is like in shambles
I’ll do less of that and more of the simpler stuff but yeah I could do it
till I’m 70 80 whatever maybe just whatever version makes sense for me and
that’s the great thing about crosses because you can and yeah I said it’s
just a scaling yeah and I modify it well and so am I like biggest heroes are the
people that show up at 5:00 a.m. at 60 of age that are still doing this and I’m
like you’re amazing incredible you truly are you truly are so you you
at the oxygen you did various times do you have a favorite I do
I like the 5:30 a.m. group and the reasoning is because people who show up
at 5:00 a.m. to do burpees rarely complain about anything else and
basically their attitude like alright I’m already here let’s go so you go
Yukos process at 5:30 a.m. and then you go to work yeah that’s amazing that is
amazing it’s rough but you make sure that you work out five days six days
seven days a week oh I called you more like three or four
than five or six now but that’s just because of life schedule demands but I
also I have like some equipment at home so if I get home late at night and I
can’t make the jam or a mic it doesn’t drive with a class time I have no
problem doing a workup you know solo just kind of getting it done do you have
any books videos anything that you want people to know that would give them a
better understanding of process are you a big believer on you just do it
it’s two parts if you want like the background the glass an article of just
what is cross but it’s like a three page thing it’s not too much of a crazy
reading that’s really good starting point but besides that I think they’ve
always said like CrossFit pretty experiential like imagine trying to
explain to a vegetarian like what a steak tastes like it is like you can do
it you have to kind of come in and do the thing and you could do what s like
it’s at the very most beginner level and have the coach kind of walk you through
the basics yeah until you’ve got it I think it’s hard to totally grasp it well
right I truly do appreciate you coming through
and like I have made and like I say to everyone out there who doesn’t do
crosses who you know is thinking about those bosses you really should do it I
the result has been so positive community
like not just like I look better I feel better if I like the center makes us the
bonds you make exist it’s just been a great experience
yeah thank you very much yeah and Russell my eyes in the sky gazing far
into the night I’ll reach my hand and the fire but it’s no you if you
can’t stop it from shining through it’s true baby that’s a lie oh yes you believe do that done

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