CrossFit Efficiency Tips Box Jumps with Matt Chan

we all know how to box jump okay but one thing that I want you to consider there is a more effective way to complete a box jump people typically think get from the ground to the top of the box I want you to change that switch the paradigm around a little bit and I want you to start from the top of the box and get back to the top of the box okay slightly different technique but what we’re going to do is this is your resting point this is where we’re starting and even though he already got one rep we’re still thinking this is the first one and what he’s going to do is spend as little time as possible on the ground and utilizing that stretch short mean cycle because what happens is if Eric lands on the ground whew now he needs to regenerate that power by bending his hips using his arms and then he’s going to end up having to rest there as well now the least efficient thing that you could possibly do especially when we start using taller boxes is step down it seems natural right to slow it down like that you’re like oh it’s easier I can breathe but it’s incredibly hard because of the amount of eccentric loading and the speed at which it happens so what we want to do is utilize that technique where we drop and jump as quickly as possible boom let your heels kiss every rep again allowing the tension to release a little bit from the from the Achilles tendon thank you Eric as you get tired people start to look at the box ok what does that change right and I start to land lower okay so if this had was a squatting workout we’ve run into some troubles there deadlifting hype it’s all last year in the regionals so what we want to try to do is keep the box and our plane to plane of vision it’s going to be within our site like I can see this huge whitish color thing in front of me I can jump to it I know it’s there ok there’s no need to look at the box

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