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CrossFit KMK stands out because of the fullness of the service that we provide we’re not just here to teach you how to be a better exerciser we’re here to teach you how to be better at life. The hardest part about the CrossFit workout is getting through the door whether you’re a soccer mom or you’re looking to be a competitive CrossFit athlete anybody is going to benefit from the work that we do in the gym. We strive for a strong healthier body not necessarily pushing the limits of human performance The community is definitely the reason I keep going back there are people I’ve met here that I would never met in my day-to-day life it’s great to have this common core set of goals that you’re all working towards. We’re like a giant family you feel almost obligated to to come each day to work out because you don’t want to let your other teammates down. You could be in a class with people that you’ve never seen before and anyone is going to give you a spot help you out push you through the workout if you feel like you can’t get through it. If we didn’t have all the friendship between everybody that comes in to work out this place wouldn’t be what it is will be standing I don’t we’ll just be an empty empty garage. The coaches care about you as individuals it’s just amazing how they know which buttons to press to get the best out of you got a lot of places have that level of professionalism in the coaches. They’re all very generous in their instruction their personalities and all the information and advice that they have. I’m the oldest member here doing crossfit with a bunch of 20 something-year-old is a little intimidating but always called welcome, I think they’ve done a great job bringing me along. They’re so motivated yeah making sure that you’re always in the gym, if you’re not there really concerned about you as a person and they’re really all there to help you know not only as coaches but as your friends. They really cater to you if you want to make it strenuous you can if you want to scale it back you can there’s no pressure to push you beyond your limits of what you can or cannot do. Anybody can benefit from from doing a CrossFit workout it’s universally scalable for anybody that wants to get it done. We are able to modify everything to fit the individual we’re not gonna take a highly technical movement and put it into a beginner class because they’re not gonna get the same kind of benefit that they would from a less technical movement where we can have them move a little bit more efficiently and get the same workout. For people who’ve never done CrossFit I really think it’s worth a try, and the beauty of this is that you start wherever your level is so it’s really open to everybody. The gains I’ve seen the changes in like my physical body and as well as the way approach problems even outside the gym has changed dramatically All I have to say about the CrossFit KMK Fairfield CT is come on down it’s it’s a really fun environment I promise you’ll like it. I think anyone that comes here will see positive results and be glad they did. I have a philosophy this should be the best hour of their day, the best hour of their day should be here the goal is always to reach as many people to help as many people as you can you want people to live happier healthier fuller lives so it’s not just a gym it’s kind of a lifestyle change.

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