CrossFit Foot and Ankle Injuries – Staying Fit While Recovering | Seattle Podiatrist

Hi. Today I want to talk about CrossFit foot
and ankle injuries. We treat a lot of Crossfitters, I’m a Crossfitter myself, so some of these
injuries I’ve had myself. Some of the more common ones include stress fractures of the
metatarsal bones, ankle sprains, plantar fasciitis heel pain, and back heel pain, Achilles tendinitis.
Actually almost any foot or ankle injury can occur with CrossFit and if you find a particular
injury you have, if you go to the website and just do a search for that injury and get
details on that. What I really want to talk about is how to
maintain your fitness, how to keep working out even when you have a foot injury. First
of all, we do a full page on our website that goes over how to maintain those workouts,
and those include some CrossFit workouts of the day that we’ve modified for people with
foot injuries, and this includes people that have to be wearing a walking boot and even
those that have to be on crutches. So first of all, go to that site and download some
of those workouts and you can see how to maintain your fitness. The other thing I really want to make clear
is that there are just some injuries that do require immobilization or at least decreasing
some of your activities that are putting stress on that tissue. When tissue is injured, it
just needs time to heal and sometimes, again, that means you’re going to wear a boot, sometimes
it means crutches, sometimes just a wrap or even just a particular arch support inside
your shoe. But regardless, you don’t want to push through these injuries, they’re just
going to get worse. So first of all, if you do have an injury,
please come and see us if you’re in our area. If you’re not in our area, find a podiatrist
that specializes in sports medicine or in particular somebody with some experience with
CrossFit. If you want to maintain your fitness, then go to the website, download the page
on exercise with a foot injury, just search for that, and you can print that out. And
then also take a look on that page. If you do a search for “CrossFit injuries” or “CrossFit
shoes,” I’ve got some recommendations on particular shoes that you can find that are going to
give you the best outcome and the best support when doing CrossFit.

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