crossfit for veterans

LIVE UP TO THE VALUES THAT IT PREACHES. 3 JIM: AN ORGANIZATION THAT HELPS STRUGGLING VETERANS DOES IT IN A DIFFERENT WAY. IT’S A NON-PROFIT CALLED VALOR FIT. THE GROUP WORKS WITH PRIVATE GYMS TO PAY FOR VETERANS MEMBERSHIPS. THE GOAL IS TO HAVE VETERANS PAY ON THEIR OWN ONE DAY. TROY PETERSON STARTED IT. HE’S A VETERAN WHO DEALT WITH SUBSTANCE ABUSE. LOCAL FOUR’S TAYLOR BOSER JOINS US IN THE STUDIO WITH HOW HE GOT HERE. TAYLOR… 3 TAYLOR: JIM….THE NON PROFIT WORKS TO PROVIDE CLASSES FOR VETERANS IN NEED OF BETTERING THEIR PHYSICAL AND MENTAL HEALTH. PETERSON HAS PERSONALLY BENEFITTED FROM CROSS FIT WORKOUTS AND WANTS TO HELP OTHER VETERANS SEE POSITIVE PROGRESS AS WELL. 3 natsROWINGnatsBURPIESnatsAND MEDICINE BALLS.natsTHIS IS CROSSFIT AT OC3 IN DAVENPORT. Troy Peterson, Valor Fit Founder”It definitely provides me passion. It was something that I needed that was never there.”TROY PETERSON IS A VETERAN WHO STRUGGLED WHEN HE CAME BACK.Peterson”I became a drug addicted alcoholic.” HE ATTEMPTED SUICIDE FOUR YEARS AGO.AFTER WAKING UP, HE KNEW HE NEEDED A CHANGE – AND FOR HIM, THAT WAS CROSSFIT.Peterson “I got my confidence back. It empowered me, uh it created a lot of positive relationships.” HE FOUNDED VALOR FIT – A NON PROFIT PROVIDING STRUGGLING VETERANS WITH GYM MEMBERSHIPS. Peterson”So where somebody would be abusing drugs and alcohol, they can now come to a class and they can be around people and they can work hard and it works out pretty great.” ONE OF THE VETERANS PETERSON HAS HELPED IS NATHAN VAUGHN. Peterson”Nate’s made a big change, lots of changes.” Nathan Vaughn, Valor Fit Veteran “I know I wouldn’t be as far along with my mental health personally if I hadn’t been coming to the gym here.” HE STARTED CROSSFIT LAST YEAR. Vaughn”The biggest barrior to me was just to get past myself and to engage with other people out in the community.” AT FIRST, HE THOUGHT HE COULDN’T DO IT. Vaughn 1:05-1:12″The whole crossfit thing carries a stigma and sort of a culture that I wasn’t sure that I was ready for, um, but once I got passed all that I found that it was a good fit for me.” AND HE’S BEEN COMING ALMOST EVERY DAY FOR THE LAST THREE MONTHS. Vaughn”Physically I’ve got a ton more energy, I sleep great. Mentally, I’m much more focused.” Peterson”This is what people need, um, so it’s pretty great.” 3 TAYLOR: THE VETERANS ARE PAIRED WITH PROFESSIONALS FOR THESE WORKOUTS. PETERSON DOESN’T TEACH ANY OF THE CLASSES TO KEEP FITNESS AND FRIENDSHIP SEPARATE. IN THE STUDIO, TAYLOR BOSER, LOCAL 4 NEWS. 3 JIM: A LOCAL TEENAGERS WHO’S

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