CrossFit Frostbite Free Anniversary Workout!

Hey gang! What’s going on!? It’s Charlie from
CrossFit Frostbite I just wanted to give a little update on this saturday’s
anniversary workout i want to show the area for some people who might be coming
here for the first time you’d be driving around Crestview Court you’re gonna get
off GPS should get you fairly close you guys can drive around look for these “Fuego” takis looking trucks building it looks like this we got parking four days
nobody else will be here just us jamming up the space and this will be or most of
the workout takes place I spin around this way this is us OOP right there
pretty hard to miss once you see the red truck you’ll see the Frostbite sign out
front but I wanted to show you guys the space in case you haven’t been here
before or maybe you have you just haven’t had a 29 year old the selfie
stick show it to you before so this could be a new angle for you to walk
aside just like so dog won’t be here to run out and show you like this
unfortunately too many people you got the day off on Saturdays to built into
our contract but you walk in here you’ll see somebody sitting at the front desk
out of myself one of the coaches somebody who helps out around here you
guys are just signed in there if you’ve never been here before us on a quick
waiver takes two minutes and you guys have come back here to the gym look at
this state-of-the-art gym space abstracts an art right? so I’m technically not
wrong so this is where you guys be working out again is Saturday 10:30 this
is a workout that can be done anybody just starting across this is an
intro-level workout but also can be scaled up for even up some of the
biggest hitters people who are looking to increase their fitness and
performance so again workout on Saturday 1030 anniversary celebration food and
stuff like that to follow Hope to see you out this Saturday, it’s gonna be a good time, bye!

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