Crossfit Games: Nutrition

so west point we have couple courses
that we take there’s when we take our sophomore year when we take our senior
year and within those courses they they go through the breakdown of like how
many how much fats carbs and protein you should have in your diet percentage-wise
based on the level of activity that you’re participating in and give them
like that groundwork of knowledge and then also what I learned from
manipulating my weight as a wrestler I’m able to pretty well adjust on the fly
how much of each macronutrient I need to consume based off of where I’m at in a
particular training cycle so for Team competitions since I’m not a big athlete
for CrossFit team style competitions about normal size for individual but
maybe a little small for the team side I normally find myself dropping a few
pounds that way I can be a little bit better in the gymnastics realms because
I’m normally the smallest guy my team and I’m expected to complete the biggest
sets of gymnastics pieces that we were faced with
but for individual competitions I will try and drop away some during the
summers where I need to work a little bit more on maintaining the ability to
move during times of high heat and then there’s a certain way to like to be at
during the winters that I feel I operate a little bit better at so I’d say it
changes by the season and then based on the type of event that I’m competing in

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