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today’s video we’re gonna be mixing things up a little bit I’m in the run-up to my holiday and typically on this week I’d start to be a little bit itchy and need a bit of change of scenery and to mix up my training I’ve done quite a lot of running so today we are gonna spin out for a few miles just real warm up and when I get back I’m gonna be starting with a water which is a workout of a day from the CrossFit community I saw it online last night from someone I follow on YouTube it was actually called hero WOD which is basically has been designed to honor one of the fallen military troops from America who was killed in action on the 22nd March 2019 in Afghanistan now I think that just holds that we’ll wait and they’ll probably you know you just got to do a bit of justice so I saw the work done I thought there’s something I can do at home I haven’t quite got the right ways but I’m gonna run through it when I get back from my run I think he’ll be a hard one it’s gonna be quite a long one probably about half an hour’s worth of work I think it could be longer but I think it will be a great workout and the great honour to do it so let’s get running and I’ll see you when I get back [Music] [Applause] [Music] okay so that’s it run done 3k just short for 20 minutes as you see I’m dripping the sweat already who knows what I’ll be like by the end of this workout now it’s time to transform this lounge here into a little workout area and get a job done [Music] here we are we’re ready to rock’n’roll that lounge spins transformed I’m ready to run you through this workout as I mentioned before this one is a special hero Ward I met today it has been dedicated to sergeant first class we’ll Lindsley who sadly lost his life earlier this year in action now has been dedicated to him with the following workout so it’s ten rounds of time it is three devil presses 22 alternating lunges and 19 escorts that was a date unfortunately he lost his life on the 22nd of March 2019 the the RX the recommended weight is actually to wear a weight vest slightly but very much heavier dumbbells and I’ve got but this is all I’ve got I’ve got these these dumbbells I’ve got no weight vest but I’m gonna go hard no rests we’re just gonna get it done as quickly as possible I’m gonna run you through it and you’ll see if don’t know what the movements are already you’ll see me doing them any other tunes on get sweaty and get this done [Music] [Music] okay round 10 [Music] ya know it’s hard look at that sweat that was amazing was actually really really enjoyable workout I think first couple of rounds I was thinking how am I gonna get to the end of this but found my rhythm had to move the camera around a few times to capture that one for you guys but pretty please got it done under half an hour as you just saw ten rounds by far the feed lunges were the worst I think they always got to sort of like 1819 they already started to burn but managed to push through was a nice mix of workout so if you get the chance to give it a go give that one a go I think you’ll really enjoy it all you need is a set of dumbbells ideally a weight vest with their wires that have one as you can see it’s done magic for me buzzing great monix workout I hope you enjoyed that while I’m hit enjoy the different style sometimes it’s good to mix things up so do let me know if you do it drop me a comment below I’d love to hear about it and if you did like the video drop a thumbs up and a comment and even a subscriber the end and I’ll see you the next video [Music]

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